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Oct. 2, 2006.
Kristy Moon, editor.

Library Lifesaver

Tuesdays at 12:45 pm, Room 119.

Bring your lunch and learn from the wonderful Gallagher law librarians! Each Tuesday at lunch time, we’ll offer two 15-minute sessions that cover practical research tips and technology tricks.

This Tuesday Oct. 3, topics are:

  • 12:45 – Library Catalog, MARIAN
  • 1:00 – Choosing LexisNexis & Westlaw Databases

Next Tuesday, Oct. 10, topics are:

  • 12:45 – Google Tips
  • 1:00 – Finding a Paper Topic

Join us at 12:45 or 1:00. We’ll provide light snacks and helpful library lifesavers. We hope to see you there!

LexisNexis & Westlaw

Register Your Code/Password – Don’t forget to register your Lexis code and Westlaw password. Your Lexis code will not work unless it is first registered.Your  Westlaw password  will expire in 6 weeks from the date of first use unless it is registered.

Printing – Send yourprint jobs to the Lexis and Westlaw printers in the Computer Lab (Room 222) or to the Lexis printer in the Library Copy Alcove L2. (Please refrain from printing to the Lexis and Westlaw printers in the Library Reference Office which are for faculty/staff use only.)

Training for 1Ls – Westlaw training will take place on Oct. 4 & 5 and Lexis training will take place during the week of Oct. 23. All training will occur in the Legal Research Training Center (LRTC) inside the Law Library. For a detailed Westlaw training schedule, log in and click on the "Westlaw Training Calendar" link. For a detailed Lexis training schedule, log in and click on the "My School" tab.

Online Tutorials – If you want to explore these systems on your own, tutorials are available at Lexis and Westlaw lawschool pages. For Lexis, log in and click on the "Learning LexisNexis" link. For Westlaw, log in and click on the "Westlaw Training" tab.

Free UW Parking

If you plan to study at the Law Library on the weekends and drive to UW, you’re in luck. Parking on campus is free on Saturday after 12 noon and all day on Sunday. Note that some lots on campus that have signs that restrict the lots’ use at "all times on all days" to particular permit holders. But if there is a Husky football game, all bets are off (home games are on 10/14, 10/28, and 11/11).

Book of the Week

by Ann Hemmens

The Law of Electronic Commerce, 4th ed., by Jane K. Winn & Benjamin Wright (KF1357.5.W753 2001 at Reference Area). Updated in 2006.

University of Washington School of Law Professor Jane Winn is a Director of the Shidler Center for Law, Commerce & Technology. She is also co-author, with Benjamin Wright (an attorney in private practice in Texas), of the 4th edition of The Law of Electronic Commerce. This publication was originally published by Benjamin Wright in 1991. Professor Winn became a co-author in 1998 and she is predominantly responsible for the semi-annual updates to the title.

This resource will help you stay current on the changes in cases, statutes, regulations, model laws, and commentaries in the vast field of electronic commerce. The impact of the Internet on e-commerce is detailed in this reference work.

Sample of Topics Covered

  • Jurisdiction and Choice of Law Issues
  • Formation of Electronic Contracts
  • Consumer Electronic Payments (e.g., Credit and Debit Cards)
  • Copyright & Anti-Circumvention Technologies
  • Software License Terms
  • Internet Gambling
  • Internet Banking
  • Wireless Network Security
  • Taxation of Electronic Commerce
  • Counter-Cyberterrorism Initiatives
  • Hearsay Rule and Electronic Evidence
  • This one-volume looseleaf work is very easy to use. Each chapter starts with an "overview," a paragraph or two discussing the topic, followed by a detailed analysis of applicable laws, regulations, and statutes. Each chapter ends with "practice pointers." These "pointers" do not include sample forms or documents, but they do include practical advice and concrete examples for attorneys (and researchers) to consider. You will find, for example, sample questions to consider when drafting electronic contracts and recommended steps for creating and distributing a company’s information privacy policy. Finally, the appendices contain copies of select laws (e.g., UNCITRAL Model Law on Electronic Commerce), regulatory documents (e.g., IRS Revenue Procedures 97-22 and 98-25), and topical articles (e.g., "Disavow P3P Liability: Deploy Cookies with Legal Peace of Mind Under Internet Explorer 6" by Benjamin Wright).

    Finding aids include a detailed table of contents, index, table of statutes and related resources, and table of cases. A glossary of terms is included. Did you know that "cybersmear" means "an unsubstantiated charge or accusation made on the Internet" or that "five-nines uptime" is "a standard used in network services agreements to require that services will be available 99.999% of the time"?

    Attorneys and scholars reference this work. The Law of Electronic Commerce was cited in American Girl, LLC v. Nameview, Inc., 381 F.Supp.2d 876 (E.D.Wis. 2005) (owner of "AMERICAN GIRL" trademark sued registrar and unknown registrant of "" domain name for infringement and typosquatting) and by approximately 56 law review articles.

    If you are researching electronic commerce law or if you are simply interested in seeing Professor Winn’s scholarship, The Law of Electronic Commerce is available in the Reference Area KF1357.5 .W753 2001.