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Law Library News for Nov. 27, 2006

Law Library News Archive

Cheryl Nyberg, editor.

Library Lifesavers

Tuesday, Nov. 28th is the next to last session of Library Lifesavers for Autumn Quarter.

The time is 12:45-1pm and the location is Room 119.

The topics are:

12:45-1pm, Summit, ShareLaw, and Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

You can borrow books (for free) from academic libraries in Oregon & Washington (Summit); from major law libraries including Yale, Berkeley, Texas, and Pennsylvania (ShareLaw); and from around the world (ILL).


Learn about the law firm and attorneys you will be working with this summer using the free online version of the well-respected Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory. Special features include firm comparisons and power searching.

Staples . . . Yeah, We Got That

The Law Library has installed a new electric stapler in the Copy Alcove behind the Law Student Lounge on L1. Its capacity is 30 sheets.

New hole punches have also been placed in both Copy Alcoves on L1, along with manually-operated staplers.

Go to the Circulation desk to obtain staples and dry erase markers (for use in the Group Study Rooms on L2 only).

UWLS Exams

Exam preparation is in high gear for most students. So here’s a timely reminder: you can find past exams from UW law professors on the Law Library website. Click on “Go to the Law Exams Website” and type in your UW NetID.

The list is arranged by professors’ last names. To find an exam by subject, click on Andersen and then use Ctrl + F (Edit > Find) and type in the subject.

Also useful is the Gallagher guide on Law School Exams, with links to other schools’ exams on the web and other material on preparing for and taking exams.

Exam Time Specials

December 4-10, the study carrels on L1 are reserved for law students.

The week of exams, December 11-15, the study carrels are reserved for law students who are taking exams. In the evenings, the carrels are reserved for law students. If you cannot find an empty carrel in which to take an exam or study, please notify the staff in the Reference Office or at the Circulation Desk.

And the Law Library will be open to UW law students exclusively on Friday and Saturday, December 8 and 9, from 6-9pm. The Library will close as normal at 6pm; all users will be asked to leave. Then law students may re-enter by using their Husky cards.

Please note that the Group Study Rooms on L2 are still reserved for groups of two or more. Students should not use the Group Study rooms to take exams.

How Do You Spell Relief?

Ease the stress of exams with some funnies. Visit the Law Library’s page on Judicial Humor. Here you will find published court opinions written in verse; containing puns; and involving animals, unusual plaintiffs, and odd circumstances.

Or take a detour from your studies to one of these sites: