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Feb. 6, 2006.
Kristy Moon, editor.

Drinks Allowed in LRTC

--Ann Hemmens

Drinks (in covered containers) are now allowed in the Legal Research Training Center in the Law Library. So feel free to bring your covered coffee drink to the next research class you attend in the LRTC. There is no food allowed in the LRTC.

Now we have the same policy throughout the Library -- drinks in covered containers are allowed, but no food is allowed (exception: food is allowed in the Bogle & Gates Law Student Lounge (L113) and in the group study rooms on floor L2). Enjoy!

Circulation Notice

You can return books to the Circulation Desk or to the Gallagher Law Library's book drops whether you've borrowed them from here, from any other library on campus, or through Summit. If they belong here, we check them in and reshelve them. If they belong somewhere else, we send them on their way.

Because of the very high volume of books coming through, once in a while there's one that goes astray. If you get an electronic overdue notice from a library two or more days after you've returned the material, please stop by the Law Library Circulation Desk. We'd be happy to search our stacks to be sure that the material hasn't been shelved in the wrong area or shelved in the Law Library by mistake.

Book of the Week: Student Lawyer

--Kristy Moon

Actually, Student Lawyer is not a book. It’s a journal published by the American Bar Association, Law Student Division. But because it contains helpful information for the law students, it’s worth highlighting it here.

It is published monthly from September through May, and includes articles about legal education, social/legal issues, careers, and the practice of law. Here is a sample of recently featured articles:

  • Help Yourself and Others with Pro Bono (February 2006)
  • The Rewards of Government Employment (Lawyers for public agencies describe the many benefits of their work) (October 2005)
  • A Capitol Effort for Law Student Loan Reform (The ABA advocates for easing educational debt for public interest lawyers) (October 2005)
  • Explain Your Behavior (Improve your job search by getting to know the “behavioral interview”) (September 2005)
  • Secrets of a Bar Exam Survivor (Hints on how to pass the bar from someone who’s done so in seven states) (April 2005).

In addition to feature articles, there are regular columns. The “Jobs” column gives job-related advice (it recently focused on, for example, networking (December 2005), older and second-career law students (October 2005), and nonlegal careers (April 2005)). The “Hot Practice” column highlights different fields of law. And beginning with the October 2005 issue, you’ll find a new column called “Legal Research.” So far, it has covered regulations (October 2005), hornbooks (December 2005), and the American Law Reports (February 2006). The issues conclude with “Division Dialogue,” which contains news and announcements (e.g., writing contests, internships, scholarships, etc.) from the ABA Law Student Division.

Student Lawyer is shelved at KF287.S77 in the Reference Area and in the Classified Stacks (older volumes). Recent issues are also available for free on the ABA Student Division Web Site at Student Lawyer is indexed by LegalTrac, available on the Legal Databases & Indexes page.