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Nov. 21, 2005.
Kristy Moon, editor.

Past Exams

Itís that time of the year. The exam period is around the corner (December 12-17) and some of you may find that looking at old exams motivates you to study harder or helps you to study smarter.

The Law Library keeps an exam archive on its Web site,, organized by professorís name and course title. These exams are restricted to UW users, so youíll need to log in with your UW Net ID.

For exams from law schools other than UW, see a previous Law Library News column at or

Professor William Andersen has created an interactive online tutorial, "Writing Better Law School Exams: The Importance of Structure," available at The CALI website also has many subject-specific lessons including all the first-year courses and many upper division courses. To obtain the CALI password, contact the Reference Office (543-6794, or Computing Services (

What Do You Want to Know?

-- Mary Whisner

Do you want to get some information? Maybe the Law Library staff can help.

Reference librarians can help you with all sorts of research, not just legal research. Of course, we arenít specialists in other disciplines such as medicine, economics, or engineering, but we know how to find and use appropriate databases and we can also refer you to other libraries on campus. (By the way, weíre pretty good at legal research, too.)

Stop by the Reference Office or call 543-6794 Ė thereís someone on duty 60 hours a week. And whether the Reference Office is open or not, you can always send us your question by email. Just click on the link in the lower left corner of the Libraryís homepage. There is also a link from the Law Schoolís website.

Maybe others have looked for the same sort of thing youíre looking for and weíve already prepared a research guide. Check out the list of legal research guides -- there are over 100 of them!

Suppose you want to get some information about legal careers or one particular employer. Take a look at Getting the Scoop on Jobs and Careers.

What if youíre trying to come up with ideas for a major paper? See Writing for and Publishing in Law Reviews.

And if youíre interested in keeping up with a particular legal field, try Resources for Keeping Up and Staying Current.

Book of the Week: Washington Legal Research

--Robyn Hagle, Reference Intern

There is a brand new resource for legal research in Washington State. Washington Legal Research, by Julie A. Heintz, takes a process-oriented approach to legal research and offers a logical guidance on how to approach legal problems.

The content of Washington Legal Research is similar to that of the Washington Legal Researcherís Deskbook, a publication of the Gallagher Law Library staff. Both cover:

  • the process of legal research, including strategies and organization
  • online and print sources of Washington State law
  • statutes and constitutions
  • case-finding tools
  • administrative law
  • practice materials
  • legislative history
  • common acronyms and abbreviations

Having a hard time deciding which resource to use?

The inclusion of chapters on Indian Law, non-legal sources, historical and archival sources, and managing your library remain unique to the Gallagher publication. Discussions of civil procedure, the hierarchy of the U.S. court system, and other basics of the American legal system make Washington Legal Research a helpful choice for those new to legal research or in need of more context and background information. The small size of Washington Legal Research makes it suitable for every day use on the run. However, it is the Washington Legal Researcherís Deskbook that offers the most thorough coverage and a clear step-by-step strategy for nearly every aspect of Washington State law. Because of this, it remains the go-to source for trustworthy and reliable guidance for legal research.

Washington Legal Research by Julie A. Heintz. KFW75 .H45 2005 at Reference Area & Reference Office.

Washington Legal Researcherís Deskbook 3d, Penny A. Hazelton et al. KFW75 .W37 2002 at Reference Area & Reference Office.