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Jan. 3, 2005.
Kristy Moon, editor.

Welcome Back!

We hope that you had a restful holiday season and are ready to start the new quarter renewed and recharged.

If you are taking BLS, Legal Analysis and Research, Legal Research II, or Advanced Legal Research course this quarter, remember that you can ask questions about legal and non-legal research from the reference librarians and interns.  In fact, reference service is available to anyone, including the larger UW community and the public.

The Reference Office is open Monday through Friday 9am-8pm, Saturday 1-5pm, and Sunday 1-6pm.  You can come by in person, call 543-6794, or use the email reference form at

New Copy Center Hours

Beginning this quarter, the Copy Center on L2 of the library will be reducing its hours permanently.  Check the Library website-- coming details or contact the Copy Center at 685-2623.

Recycling Is Divine

The New Year is an opportune time for starting with a clean slate.  And what better way to make a clean start than to resolve to keep our environment clean?  So if you’re not already in the habit of recycling, consider making recycling one of your New Year’s resolutions.

The University of Washington Administrative Policy Statement 56.3 states:

The Waste Not Washington Act (Chapter 70.95 RCW) directs government entities to implement waste reduction and recycling programs, purchase products made from recycled materials, and purchase products that are recyclable… The recycling program's success depends on the cooperation of faculty, staff, and students. Every person on campus plays a significant role in responsible waste management and the preservation of our state's natural resources.

In the Library, you can find recycling bins both inside and outside the Bogle and Gates student lounge, next to the staircase on L2, and at the Library entrance doors.

In case you’re not convinced, read what the winner of UW Recycle Report’s Spring 2004 Recycle Competition had to say about recycling: 

Imagine if UW had a week where they didn't pick up the trash and only recycling is collected. This would provide direct evidence of how each individual may reduce the amount of trash by recycling…Would you rather that a piece of paper end up in a landfill or would you like to take an active part in the paper's reincarnation? This idea could be illustrated by following the life of a piece of paper and the two destinies that await it…One image of a piece of paper as it is dumped in a landfill and another of that document reincarnated as recycled paper in the shape of an origami bird… Promote reincarnation by helping one piece of paper at a time achieve nirvana through recycling! 

For more information about UW’s recycling program, visit