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April 25, 2005.
Kristy Moon, editor.

Some (Unsolicited) Advice on Preparing for the Bar Exam

--Beth Williams, Law Library Intern

There was a time when springtime meant thoughts turning to lighter things. But for law students – particularly 3Ls – Shakespeare may be more appropriate than Tennyson:

Now ‘tis the spring, and weeds are shallow-rooted;
Suffer them now, and they’ll outgrow the garden,
And choke the herbs for want of husbandry.

It may seem odd to liken the bar exam to a threatening weed, but I doubt that those who have experienced it would disagree with the characterization. I think the advice is well-taken: it can’t hurt to start planning ahead. Besides, if you’re anything like me, a little preparation goes a long way towards taming anxiety about looming events like the bar exam. So whether you’re an incredibly conscientious (read: euphemism) 1L, or a justifiably nervous 3L, here are some resources that may help you in your preparation for the bar exam.



  • Don’t Stress the Bar Exam: 40 Tips to Balance the Experience, by Michael J. Moiso (KF 303 M64 2001 in the Reference Area).
  • The Bar Exam in a Nutshell, by Suzanne Darrow-Kleinhaus (KF 303 .D37 2003 in the Reference Area).


  • The American Bar Association Law Student Division’s magazine Student Lawyer regularly publishes articles about preparing for the bar exam. Here are a couple of their recent offerings:
    • Laurene Sorensen, Secrets of a Bar Exam Survivor, Student Law., April 2005, at 32.
    • State Bar Exam Directory: July 2005, Student Law., Feb. 2005, at 27.
  • Student Lawyer is at KF 287 .S77 in the Reference Area (older issues are in the Classified Stacks under the same call number). Some articles are available for free on the ABA Student Division website at

I will end with the obvious: there are as many opinions about how to prepare for the bar exam as there are people who have passed. I’m not shy – I passed – so here’s my best advice:

  • If possible, don’t work during those 8-10 weeks.
  • Book your hotel room for the test dates early and include the weekend before the test (trust me on this one).
  • Include a little time each day in your schedule for a treat (mine was a one hour after-dinner walk with my husband, but he may not be amenable to your schedule) – those little rewards can really help.

Good luck!

2005 National Library Week Winners

--Ann Hemmens

Thanks for helping us celebrate National Library Week (April 11-15). We hope you enjoyed the candy, contests, flowers, and book display.

Count Chocula Candy Counting Contest

Did the mixture of plain and peanut chocolate candies throw off your counting strategy? We had a total of 187 entries in the contest. The guesses ranged from a low count of 118 pieces of candy to a high of 6451 (we did have one outlier at 96,721 pieces!). The average guess was 1079 (excluding the outlier). No one guessed the actual number of pieces of candy in the jar (1211), but someone came very close. Congratulations to Eric Kinyon who guessed 1206 – just 5 short of the actual number – and won the jar of candy. The next closest guess was 1221.

Crossword Puzzle Contest

We had 15 entries in the Crossword Puzzle contest this year with 3 people submitting completely correct entries! Congratulations to Danika Adams, Heather McKimmie, and Todd Wilder. Since we only have two UW Book Store gift certificates to give away ($10 each) we had to draw names – Heather and Todd are the lucky winners of the gift certificates. But we have a bag of lollipops for Danika! Please stop by the Reference Office to pick up your prizes.