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Sept. 27,  2004
Mary Whisner, editor


To all new students -- 1Ls, LL.M. students, transfer students -- welcome! And to all returning students: welcome back!!

The Gallagher Law Library has many services and resources to help you in your studies. Books! Journals! Databases! Staff! Check our website,, for hours, research guides, and links to great law sites on the web.

Looking for a place to study? We have a variety of spaces -- whether you like open tables, secluded carrels, or cushy chairs. Although the library is open to the University community and the public, some spaces are just for law students. Use your law student Husky card to open the doors to the Bogle and Gates Student Lounge on L1 or any of the twelve group study rooms on L2. (If you're studying alone, please leave the group study rooms to groups or students who need the VCRs.)

You may have drinks (in covered containers) anywhere in the Library. You may have food only in the areas that are just for UW law students (i.e., the lounge and the group study rooms). Please recycle bottles and cans; there are recycling containers inside and outside the lounge and outside the Library’s entrance.

Watch this column for more about the library and its resources.

Book of the Week: Black’s Law Dictionary (8th ed. 2004)

-- Mary Whisner

Black’s is the leading American law dictionary. Law students and lawyers have turned to it – in various editions – for over a century.

A new edition came out this summer. You might think that not much would have changed since the last edition in 1999, but this one has thousands of new definitions. We can still look up the old terms (like "jurisdiction," "certiorari," and "trespass quare clausum fregit."), but we also find new terms ("Amber alert," "same-sex marriage," and "stored-value card," to name a few).

Returning students might remember that the last edition of Black’s had a red cover. This new edition is … black! We have several copies in the Reference Area (KF156 and on dictionary stands on top of the low shelving).

Black’s is also available on Westlaw. The "Law School" tab includes a search window for Black’s in the gray bar at the left of the screen. You can also choose the BLACKS database and run a search.

Profiles of Local Lawyers

The Bar Bulletin, published by the King County Bar Association, regularly profiles local lawyers. Reading these articles can help you think about what path you'd like to forge for your own career as well as acquainting you with some outstanding members of the profession. Here's a sample:

  • John Hempelman (Cairncross & Hempelmann, P.S.) – land use, real estate development, natural resources – Aug. 2004.
  • Jim Frush (Gordon Thomas Honeywell Malanca Peterson & Daheim) – public disclosure commission cases, criminal defense – July 2004.
  • Leslie J. Savina (Domestic Violence Legal Fund) – representation of victims of domestic violence – June 2004,
  • Robert Anderson (solo practitioner) – maritime law – March 2004.
  • Caroline Davis (King County Family Law CASA Program) – advocate for children in family court system – Sept. 2003.
  • It's not just the regular "Profile" section that profiles attorneys. For example, Amy Stephson (sole practitioner) was named volunteer of the month in Sept. 2003 for her work with immigrants, And the prosecution and defense teams in the Gary Ridgway case were collectively given the Outstanding Lawyer award in June 2004,

    The Bar Bulletin is available in print in the Law Library -- current issues are shelved with other newspapers on the shelves on L1 just east of the stairs. Stop by and browse!