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May 31, 2004
Sarah Hollingsworth, Editor


Once again, the Library will remain open an additional three hours on the Friday and Saturday immediately before exams begin, i.e., there will be key card access only from 6:00 pm until 9:00 pm on June 4 and 5.

Additionally, carrels on the first floor of the Library will be designated between June 1 and 11 for law student only use for studying and exam-taking.

And if you are planning ahead, you might want to mark your calendar for the upcoming Library closures:  June 12, 13, 14, 19, and 20.  Regular (summer) hours will begin June 21 and continue through August 20.



--Judy Davis, Resource Sharing Librarian

 Where will you be this summer---New York? Rome? Canberra? If your summer plans take you beyond the reach of the excellent resources of the Gallagher Law Library, you may still be able to get what you need to research those articles or briefs you’ve been looking forward to writing over the summer. The Gallagher Law Library is a member of two library consortia that give you access to resources when you’re not in Seattle.


As a member of the Research Libraries Group SHARES partnership, faculty, students, and Library staff have on-site access to the 86 SHARES member libraries. This means you can use the collections and services at other SHARES libraries.  For example, if you’re in Boston you can use the resources at the Pappas Law Library at Boston University or you can take a short jaunt across the Charles River to the Harvard Law School Library in Cambridge. Take a look at the list of SHARES libraries at to see if you'll be near one this summer.

 When you arrive at the institution, you’ll need to present a currently valid Husky card and, at some locations, a photo ID. If you think you’d like to use this service, touch bases with me ( before you leave so I can contact the other library and, in return, give you contact names at the institution you’ll be visiting.

 At SHARES member libraries you'll be able to use the materials while you are in the library, but you will not be granted borrowing privileges. Also, when libraries have restricted stack access, SHARES visitors will receive the same degree of access accorded their peers at the host institution. For example, UW Law faculty would be accorded local faculty stack privileges. Should you need access to special or restricted collections or materials, you will need to make those arrangements in advance.


Many of you have used Summit, the catalogue of the Orbis-Cascade Alliance, to request books from other Summit libraries. Gallagher’s membership in the Alliance also permits you on-site access to any of the Alliance Libraries. In addition, you can now pick up your Summit books at any Orbis-Cascade Alliance Library. So, if you’re in Portland this summer, not only can you use the library and check out books at Reed College, you can also request items via Summit and have them delivered to Reed College for you to pick up there. For a list of Orbis-Cascade Alliance member libraries see

 We hope you’ll use these membership benefits to your best advantage wherever your summer travels take you.



A common meaning of the word bridge is "a structure that spans or provides passage over a gap or barrier."  And this is precisely what the annual Bridge-the-Legal-Research-Gap Program is designed to do.  The program was begun with the goal of helping law students who are gearing up for summer jobs to make the transition from academic learning to "real life" legal practice a little bit easier.  How is this accomplished?


Well, take a quick look at the afternoon's curriculum on the Library's website,, and you'll find the answer to that question.  What you are in for is a whirlwind recapitulation of things you ought to know before you put that "lawyer suit" on and head out the door for your new job.

Once again, Gallagher Law Library and Seattle University Law Library have combined forces to bring to summer associates in the Seattle area this FREE, popular, and highly informative program.  Courses will be taught by distinguished faculty, including Professors Donaldson and Hazelton, and legal reference librarians from both Seattle University and Gallagher Law Library.

The program will be held on Wednesday, June 23, 2004, from noon until 5:00 pm right here at Gates Hall.  Registration details are available on the Law Library's home page,  Space is limited, so take a minute and fill out that form right now.   We hope to see you there!




A big part of the job of the Gallagher Law Library is to facilitate the legal research needs of our UW Law School students.  And for many of you, the summer ahead will provide an abundance of new legal research challenges.  If you find yourself up against a "brick wall" research problem but you can't make it down to the Library for a quick consultation, what are some of your other options?

The Reference Office will be staffed throughout the summer from 10:00 am - 5:00 pm.  Both graduates and 1Ls and 2Ls can call and speak with a Reference Librarian at 206.543.7672 during those hours.  Returning students can also use the Email Reference Form found on the Gallagher Law Library Homepage,

What about after hours?  Your best bet, by far, is going to be one of the Gallagher Law Library Research Guides.  These are condensed online resources that provide information and advice about the best legal research strategies in over 100 topical areas ranging from Administrative Law Research to Washington State Legislative History.  The guides also span the gamut from basic legal research problems, e.g., Drafting Contracts, Cite-Checking and Library Research, and Internet Legal Resources, to more complex legal problems, e.g., Finding Guide for Federal Tax Materials, International Environmental Law Research, and Federal Legislative History.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg.  To access the entire list of research guide topics, go to the Law Library homepage,, locate the Research heading and click on the link to Legal Research Guides.

The staff of the Gallagher Law Library hopes that we have been able to facilitate your legal research needs during this school year, and we look forward to assisting each of you, as returning student or as alumni, in the years ahead.