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September 29, 2003
Sarah Hollingsworth, Editor.


We welcome all new and returning law students, LL.M. candidates, and visiting scholars to the remarkable new home of the Marian Gould Gallagher Law Library in William Gates Hall.  The purpose of the weekly Law Library News column is to acquaint you with existing Law Library resources, to inform you about new services, books, journals, and databases we have acquired, and to tell you about research strategies and techniques that may help make your law school experience a little bit easier. We like to have fun, too---so be sure to look for our famous trivia contests, many of which are combined with our equally famous fabulous prizes! 

There are many exciting things to share with all members of the law school community about our new facility, but details about the Law Library will be left to upcoming editions of the Law Library News.  For now, please note that our hours are:







Monday -Thursday

8 am � 11 pm

9 am � 8 pm

8 am � 8 pm

On Call


8 am � 6 pm

9 am � 5 pm

8 am � 5:30 pm

On Call


11 am � 6 pm

1 pm � 4 pm

11 am � 5 pm



11 am � 11 pm

1 pm � 6 pm

11 am � 5 pm



Tours of the Law Library will be offered on a regular basis during the first few weeks of Autumn Quarter.  They are currently scheduled Monday through Friday at 12:30pm and again at 3:30pm, and on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:30pm.  Please join us on one of these guided tours so that your use of our new facility can be as enhanced as possible.

Library Website

Finally, a tremendous amount of information is available on the Law Library website, located at We invite you to explore it thoroughly in the days and weeks ahead.

Closing Thoughts

The library is the proper workshop of professors and students alike; . . . it is to us all that the laboratories of the university are to the chemists and physicists, the museum of natural history to the zoologists, the botanical garden to the botanists.

--- Christopher C. Langdell, Speech at Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass., quoted in 3 Law Quarterly Review 123, 124 (1887)