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May 26, 2003
Sarah Hollingsworth, Editor

Future Interests

    Bridge the Legal Research Gap

    Final Notice---Lost and Found

    Goodbye to Condon Hall

Online Redux:  Summer Access to LexisNexis and Westlaw

Book(s) of the Week:  Finding Balance

Closing Thoughts:  On Finding Unity in an Infinite Perspective


Future Interests


Brought back by popular demand for its eighth consecutive year, the Bridge the Legal Research Gap program is co-sponsored by Gallagher Law Library and Seattle University Law Library, together with the career services offices of both universities, and partnered by Westlaw, LexisNexis, and LoisLaw.  This year's program features our own beloved Sam Donaldson, speaking about contract drafting, as well as presentations on a wide variety of legal research topics, including:

      o        Federal and Washington State Legislative History
o        Administrative Law Research
o        Researching Secondary Sources
o        Washington Practice Materials
o        Internet Legal Research

We hope to see you there!


Online Redux:  Summer Access to LexisNexis and Westlaw
-- Nancy McMurrer

Access to both LexisNexis and Westlaw are restricted during the summer to job-search databases. However, if you are:

        �        taking a summer law school course
working as a research assistant for a law professor
serving on the Moot Court Honor Board
working on one of the law school�s  journals, or
participating in a public interest externship for which you receive law school credit

then you may sign up with LexisNexis and Westlaw for full access to their services for the summer.

For summer access to LexisNexis, go to Scroll down until you see the SUMMER ACCESS paragraph. There you will find more information and a link for extending your ID.

For summer access to Westlaw, go to Scroll down until you see the EXTEND YOUR WESTLAW PASSWORD paragraph. Click on the register here link to keep your Westlaw password active all summer. Note: you MUST register before June 20, 2003. Registration is available right now, so take that step before you forget. In addition, you will need to enter your �real� Westlaw password, rather than one you may have created. If you have forgotten it, please email or contact the reference office, either in person, by telephone at 543-6794, or by email at

One last note about extending your Westlaw password: Full access is available for those participating in externships that satisfy the public service requirement. Ignore the statement at the Westlaw registration website that suggests the contrary; it is not applicable to the public interest externships at this law school.


Book(s) of the Week:  Finding Balance

In the Condon Crier at the end of last March, Dean Knight described a study that reported a direct correlation between the journey through law school and a decline in one's sense of well being.  Over time, the report concluded, students' levels of emotional response decreased "with respect to professionalism, physical health and professional satisfaction."  Dean Knight challenged our law school community to explore some of the ways we might combat this significant trend.

Now more than ever, as you begin your first summer or permanent jobs in the legal profession, there is a need to remember the sense of professionalism with which you began your legal studies, to find positive ways to ensure lifelong mental and physical health, and to demand for yourselves the highest possible quality of life.

These are not easy challenges.  If you are interested in being proactive about meeting these challenges, in understanding the historical decline in professionalism, in creating a better balance in your professional life, or in teaching your students how to meet these challenges head on, you may find guidance this summer in some of the following books, all of which are available at Gallagher Law Library.  (And remember---students and faculty will be able to request and check out books even when the library is closed.)

Arron, Deborah, What Can you Do With a Law Degree?  A Lawyer's Guide to Career Alternatives Inside, Outside & Around the Law (KF297 .A872 1997 at Classified Stacks).

A What-Color-Is-My-Parachute career approach for lawyers that identifies the roots of dissatisfaction many find in the practice of law and examines alternative ways to address out-of-balance areas in one's professional and personal life.

Bennett, Walter, The Lawyer's Myth:  Reviving Ideals in the Legal Profession (KF297 .B4 2001 at Classified Stacks).

A classical Jungian analysis of the practice and teaching of law---from wounds to tricksters to archetypes.  This book offers a careful and considered examination of a new model of a balanced life in the legal profession.

Brown, Peter Megargee, Rascals:  The Selling of the Legal Profession (KF297 .B73 1989 at Classified Stacks)

Examines the descent of the once honorable legal profession into a "base trade, a bottom-line business," and describes one way out of this legal wasteland.  "An appeal to restore honor and public responsibility to the American law profession." 

Keeva, Steven, Transforming Practices:  Finding Joy and Satisfaction in the Legal Life (K116 .K44 1999 at Classified Stacks)

Keeva describes an approach to creating a better balance in one's professional life that turns upon the positive creation of an unassailable inner life.  This, the author maintains, is the most important factor that can be depended upon to navigate through what he describes as the increasingly competitive and dehumanizing practice of the law.  Keeva theorizes that attorneys can improve their practice and become better lawyers by applying to their work the same human values that they practice at home. 

Killoughey, Donna M., Breaking Traditions:  Work Alternatives for Lawyers (KF297 .B67 1993 at Classified)

A collection of essays by members of the Section of Law Practice Management of the  ABA, including discussions on workaholism, values and career satisfaction, nontraditional job options, the negotiation of work environment changes, burnout, chemical dependency, and creative solutions to legal practice problems.

The Gallagher Law Library staff wishes for each of you a productive, safe, and fulfilling summer.  We look forward to serving your teaching, learning, and practicing legal research needs again next autumn.

Closing Thoughts:  On Finding Unity in an Infinite Perspective


If a man has the soul of Sancho Panza, the world to him will be Sancho Panza's world; but if he has the soul of an idealist, he will make---I do not say find---his world ideal.  Of course the law is not the place for the artist or poet.  The law is the calling of thinkers.  But to those who believe with me that not the least godlike of man's activities is the large survey of causes, that to know is not less than to feel, I say---and I say no longer with any doubt---that a man may live greatly in the law as well as elsewhere; that there as well as elsewhere his thought may find its unity in an infinite perspective; that there as well as elsewhere he may wreak himself upon life, may drink the bitter cup of heroism, may wear his heart out after the unattainable.

---Oliver Wendell Holmes