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Law Library News for February 17, 2003

Ann Hemmens, editor

Law Library News Archive


  • Causes of Action

    by Colleen Williams, Reference Intern

    A resource I wish I had known about in law school is Causes of Action 2d. KF8863.S53 1993, located in the Reference Area

    This series is targeted toward practitioners, but it is very useful for students.

    Each volume contains several articles on different areas of law, similar to ALR. Article topics include causes of action for latex allergies, defective tires, and inaccurate credit reporting. Unlike ALR, the beginning of each article features an �action guide,� which outlines the content of the articles with bulleted lists, such as the elements of a prima facie case, possible defenses, who may sue, who is liable, and burden of proof. At the end of the articles are sample documents, such as complaints, answers, and interrogatories. Also at the end of each article are citations to resources such as digests, law journals, books, websites, and ALR annotations. There are also a table of cases by jurisdiction, a list of relevant West key numbers, and practice checklists to focus the gathering of case information. Causes of Action is updated with pocket parts and is current through volume 20 (October 2002).

    This resource is also available in Westlaw�s COA database. However, this online version is current only through volume 19 (October 2001).

    Whichever version you choose, Causes of Action 2d is a handy way of getting basic, practical information about a specific area of law.

    Google Anyone

    Google is one of the most popular Internet search engines available. And for good reason � it�s great! To learn more about what makes Google so great and how it can help you in your research, spend a Friday afternoon with the librarians. In December several librarians offered an Advanced Internet Research CLE for attorneys. In January we offered a condensed version of the CLE for the law school community and other librarians. And we�re going to offer this free class again! Mark your calendar for Friday March 7th (3-5pm) in Room 135. If you�d like to attend, please email Nancy McMurrer. We will provide a copy of the materials for all the people who register.

    If you�re not able to attend the class, don�t lose heart. Check out the Library�s copy of the materials distributed to attorneys in the CLE (Advanced Internet Legal Research: Beyond Google (KF242.A1A38 2002 at Classified Stacks). Or look at the PowerPoint presentation from the class).

    Lawyer Humor on the Web

    by Ann Hemmens

    Take a break from your serious legal studies and visit humor columnist Madeleine Begun Kane�s list of top law-related humor websites ( She includes links to sites where you can:

    • read a love story in the form of a law review article:
    • search for lawyer cartoons on various subjects (long hours, expert testimony, prosecutors, witnesses, etc.):
    • laugh at the �funniest law school moments� submitted by law students:
    • check out strange judicial opinions (an opinion written to the tune of songs by county music sensation LeAnn Rimes; a case against the Cincinnati Reds sprinkled with baseball references) and weird legal news (an amazing patented �stick�; commonly-asked consumer question: does warranty include cost of ammunition ):
    • read the updated version of a childhood favorite, �Humpty Dumpty v. The King, All His Horses, All His Men, And Funcola Limited�: