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April 7, 2003
Sarah Hollingsworth, Editor

Future Interests: National Library Week
Bibliographic Notes: Animal Law Resources
Trivialities: Celebrating Libraries
Closing Thought: On Libraries

Future Interests: National Library Week

Half a century ago, research showed Americans were spending less time reading and more time listening to radios, watching televisions, and playing musical instruments. In 1958, in response to those findings, the American Library Association began sponsoring National Library Week as a way to promote the use of libraries and to celebrate the contributions that libraries and librarians have made throughout our nation's history.

To honor these contributions, the staff at Gallagher has planned a variety of fun and fascinating events to fortify your minds and frustrate your wits.

Please join us in celebrating this important event---drop by the Reference Office and say hello or stop and thank the staff and students who help you out at the Circulation Desk. Check us out---we are here to help you.

Bibliographic Notes: Animal Law Resources

by Jaye Anne Barlous, Reference Intern

Do you have an interest in animal law? Want to find out more about where to explore the laws that enforce and guide the interaction between animal and human? Here are some suggested resources you can check out to find information related to animal rights and welfare and animal law.

The Federal Animal Welfare Act is available in full text and summary from the United States Department of Agriculture, National Agriculture Library, Animal Welfare Information Center at Direct legislative links are provided including:

See also: Animal Care Policy Manual, Policies 1-29 (April 14, 1997- February 11, 2000). PDF forms and full text are available from the United States Department of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service,

The Animal Welfare Information Center also lists a host of publications at its webpage, �Animal Welfare Act: Historical Perspectives and Future Directions Symposium Proceedings� and �Animal Welfare Act Interpretive Summaries� are examples of informative documents which can be downloaded.

A useful research trick is to find an established group that has already done the legwork in your area of interest. Here are some groups that have compiled facts, laws, legislative history, and related information on animal law:

Trivialities: Celebrating Libraries


What is (or was) inscribed over the portals of the following libraries:

What is inscribed in the dome of the Librarian's Room at the Library of Congress?

Bring your answers by the Reference Office and win a prize! Answers and names of winners will be posted in next week�s Law Library News.


Congratulations to Peter Mullenix and Christina Miyamasu for being the first to identify five criminal cases in which an April Fool's Day prank was mentioned by the defense. The answers included, but were not limited to:

Winners should drop by the Reference Office during the week of April 7 to select their fabulous prizes!

I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.

---Jorge Luis Borges