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Law Library News for October 29, 2001

Ann Hemmens, editor

Law Library News Archive


2001 Voter Information on the Web

Election day is coming up fast � Tuesday November 6, 2001. Although this year�s elections may not be as dramatic as the presidential election of 2000, there are state and local initiatives and candidates to consider. There are five state measures on the general election ballot (three statewide initiatives and two constitutional amendments), state legislative positions in Snohomish County, and a Superior Court position in Pierce County. Check out the following web resources for information on the candidates and issues on the ballot:

Elections in 2001, from the Washington Secretary of State,, contains links to state ballot measures and an online voters guide. The ballot measures section contains the full text of the three statewide initiatives and two proposed constitutional amendments, along with explanatory information, and arguments for and against.

King County Election Information,, includes a link to the 2001 Online King County Local Voters' Pamphlet with explanations of King County and local propositions and statements for and against as well as candidate statements for races in King County including King County Executive, County Council, Seattle School Board, and Port of Seattle. Includes a link to the Online Video Voters' Guide for King County and the Port of Seattle.

2001 Seattle General Election Voters' Guide,, includes statements of candidates for Seattle Mayor, Seattle City Attorney and Seattle City Council. Includes links to the Seattle Video Voters' Guide and the Seattle School Board Video Voters' Guide.

The polls will be open from 7 am to 8 pm on November 6. Your precinct's polling place is on your voter registration card and also will be listed in the newspaper the Friday before election day.

Printing to the LexisNexis & Westlaw Printers

by Nancy McMurrer

Everyone seems to have discovered the LexisNexis and Westlaw stand-alone printers in the computer lab (Room 233-235, 2dd floor). Remember, however, that printing to those two machines is limited to 750 pages per year. Westlaw divides that amount to 375 pages through December and another 375 pages through June. When you print from Westlaw, you are told how much of the 375-page limit (since the beginning of the school year) you have already used.

LexisNexis does not give you a running tally of the amount you have printed. Lexis, in addition, counts documents rather than pages. You may send to the LexisNexis stand-alone printer a total of 30 documents (of any length) until the end of this school year. Our LexisNexis representative, Alison Friend, or one of the Lexis student representatives will warn you when you are close to hitting your print limits, but your wisest course is to keep count yourself.

There are plenty of alternatives for you to get a copy of a document from Westlaw or LexisNexis even if you have used up your stand-alone print limits. You can print documents to an attached printer. You can send a copy of a document to yourself via email so you can read it later. Or, you can download a copy to your personal hard drive or to a floppy disk. There are lots of advantages to having an electronic copy of a document that you might wish to quote later!

Visit the Library on Veterans' Day

Although there are no classes on Veterans Day (Monday Nov. 12, 2001), the Law Library is open from 8am to 6pm. Study in the Reading Room, the individual study carrels, or the group study rooms on the upper floors. The Reference Office will be open 1pm to 4pm.