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Law Library News for October 9, 2000

Ann Hemmens, editor

Law Library News Archive


Access to LexisNexis & Westlaw

by Nancy McMurrer

The Law Library subscribes to LEXIS-NEXIS and Westlaw for your use. Under the terms of our contracts, you may use the systems for academic purposes only. That is, you may NOT use them for any sort of commercial activity or work. You also may NOT use WESTLAW for externships, but LEXIS-NEXIS does permit use of its service in your externships.

Here are some notes about your access:

Second and third-year students: The LEXIS ID and the Westlaw password you used last year are still good this year. Forgotten them? Stop by the Reference Office (Library, 2d floor) or give us a call at 543-6794 and we can look them up for you.

All new law students: You MUST register the LEXIS-NEXIS ID and Westlaw password you receive. Otherwise, the companies will terminate them, inevitably just when you most need them!

First-year students: Westlaw passwords and LEXIS-NEXIS IDs were distributed on Friday, 9/29 and Friday, 10/6. If you missed getting them, stop by the Reference Office (Library, 2d floor) to pick them up. You will receive training as part of BLS (Basic Legal Skills) during winter quarter.

Transfer students: Stop by the Reference Office (Library, 2d floor) to pick up a Westlaw password. Your LEXIS-NEXIS ID will be put in your mailbox in the basement or sent to you by email.

Asian and Comparative Law LL.M. students: Your LEXIS IDs have been sent to you by email. If you did not get a Westlaw password at orientation, please stop by the Reference Office (Library, 2d floor).

All other LL.M. students: Please stop by the Reference Office (Library, 2d floor) to pick up a Westlaw password and request a LEXIS-NEXIS ID.

Maps at the UW Libraries

by Jean Dart, Reference Intern

The UW Libraries have several locations that provide maps and map-like formats for legal, cultural, and demographic information. The Gallagher Law Library has several publications in the Reference Office:

  • Atlas of the World, G1021.A85 1999, at Reference Office, contains world statistics, city maps, distances, and climate data.
  • The Rand McNally Road Atlas: United States, Canada, Mexico, G1201.P2 R354 2000, at Reference Office, includes mileage charts.
  • Washington State Atlas and Databook, G1486.G1Y3 1995, at Reference Office, profiles the state and has maps that show the administrative, legislative, and Congressional districts in Washington.

Law students may find particularly useful The Legal Atlas of the United States, KF387.F35 1997 at Reference Office, which uses maps to show how legal issues are treated in the 50 states, e.g., abortion and driving age restrictions.

Two other locations on campus to check out are the Map Collection/Cartographic Information and Government Publications libraries, which are both located in the basement of Suzzallo Library.

The Map Collection contains atlases, geologic, historic, topographic, thematic and city maps and GIS data. It's website includes links to Web resources - Maps. The links include:

The Government Publications library contains census maps and census tract information available on CD-ROM, online, and in print. More information is available at the Government Publications website.