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Law Library News for May 22, 2000

Mary Whisner, editor

Law Library News Archive


Studying for Exams

Looking for a library open later than the Law Library during exams? Try the Odegaard Library on the main campus. It is open 24 hours a day from Sundays at noon until Fridays at 9:00pm; Saturday hours are from noon to 9:00. Both the Law Library and Odegaard will have special hours for Memorial day, Monday 5/29. See the Law Library hours page (or call 543-4088) and/or the Odegaard hours page (or call 543-1947).

Library Privileges for Graduating Students

by Mary Ann Hyatt

Graduating law students may continue to check out library materials as currently-enrolled students through the end of summer quarter, August 18, 2000. We want to make sure you have all the library materials you need to study for the bar! Please return your library materials by August 18.

After that date we still want to provide checkout privileges for you, so please re-register at the second floor Circulation Desk as members of the local legal community. If you have questions, contact Mary Ann Hyatt, Assistant Librarian for Access Services, 685-9459 or

Lexis & Westlaw for Graduating Students

by Nancy McMurrer

Need access to LEXIS-NEXIS and WESTLAW while preparing for the bar exam this summer? Both vendors have offers just for you. To sign up for WESTLAW access, go to and find the announcement at the top of the page about its program. Click on the hotlink for the form and follow the directions there. You will receive full access during June and July.

For access to LEXIS-NEXIS, go to and look for the Summer Offers tab at the top right of the screen. Clicking on the Graduating 3L Offers hotlink takes you to the page describing their summer access offer as well as offers for software. LEXIS will extend access to any state's case law materials, the Shepard's service for that state, and all career databases through August. To sign up, click on the green oval Exclusively for 3L's hotlink.

Bridge the Gap in Legal Research Skills

byCheryl Nyberg

Even as you prepare for and agonize over final exams, many of you are looking forward to your summer jobs or externships. Conducting legal research will be a big part of those jobs. Are your skills up to the challenge?

Never fear: the Reference Librarians are here! Of course, you can call us for advice and assistance in tackling legal research projects (206-543-6794). And you can plan to attend our annual Bridge the Gap program.

Typically held in late June or early July, this program offers numerous sessions intended to refresh and improve your legal research skills. Subjects covered in past years include managing a research assignment, Washington practice materials, Washington legislative history, Internet legal research, administrative law research, and nonlegal information sources. Hands-on training on CD Law, LEXIS-NEXIS, Loislaw, Westlaw, and VersusLaw has also been offered.

The Career Planning and Public Services Center, a co-sponsor of the program, sends promotional material to local law firms, government agencies, companies, and public interest organizations that employ law students. Most employers happily encourage their summer associates and externs to attend.

Watch the Gallagher Law Library website for news about this event. Registration is free, and so are the refreshments!

Free & Low-Cost Legal Services

by Kim Ositis, Reference Intern

Patrons often come to the Reference Office asking about a referral for legal services. To meet this need, the Reference librarians have put together a Free and Low-Cost Legal Advocacy, Information, and Referral List for King County residents. The list is arranged by subject area, such as AIDS/HIV, Debtor/Creditor, and Domestic Violence. The entries include the name of the organization, contact information, web address (if applicable), and a brief explanation of what services they offer and to whom. For example, the organization United Indians of All Tribes, listed under American Indian Adoption, "[a]ssists adopted Native Americans in opening their adoption records to verify tribal affiliation."

For law students, there are several potential benefits to be gained from the list. First, it is an excellent resource to find agencies needing volunteers or offering summer internships. Also, as graduation nears, the list can be consulted again for potential employment opportunities with local area advocacy organizations. The last and possibly most important benefit is that you'll finally have somewhere to refer all those pesky relatives who keep asking for legal advice!

Gay Rights

by Mary Whisner

Prof. Chai Feldblum from Georgetown University is speaking at the Law School this Thursday (May 25) on "Gay Rights in 2000: Law, Morality and Politics." For her published work on the subject, see, e.g., Chai R. Feldblum, Sexual Orientation, Morality, and the Law: Devlin Revisited, 57 U. Pitt. L. Rev. 237-336 (1996). A profile of Prof. Feldblum and a selected list of her publications are at

Here are some websites of interest: