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Law Library News for March 27, 2000

Mary Whisner, editor

Law Library News Archive


Unveiling the New Law Library Website

by Cheryl Nyberg

Welcome back to a new quarter and a new look for the Gallagher Law Library's website,

We've streamlined the initial page to provide one-click access to many of the most frequently used documents. And we've created a cluster of materials of special interest to students, including the law school exams archive, court briefs, information on online legal services, Internet legal resources, and the legal research guides collection.

New features on the website include a Website of the Week and the Law Library News column from the Condon Crier. We'll be accepting recommendations for Website of the Week, so think of us as you encounter interesting legal websites (or just for fun websites). Of course, we've kept all of the other great information you've come to rely on, too, including library hours information and a link to MARIAN, the Law Library's online catalog.

Please drop us a line via email with your reaction to the new look. Contact cnyberg@u or adt@u.

Take Your Kids to Work

by Nancy McMurrer

Calling all parents: students, faculty, and staff! Wednesday, April 12 is the date set for the fourth annual Take Your Kids to Work Day, sponsored by the Law Library. Our program is based on the idea developed by Ms. Foundation to expose adolescent girls to the many career possibilities awaiting them; that day is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in April. Here at the law school, we have expanded the idea to include all school-age boys and girls and have moved the date to coincide with the week of spring break for most Seattle area schools.

What do your children know about the law? What do they imagine law school is like? The Take Your Kids to Work Day is a great opportunity for them to experience first hand a bit of what you do every day. In the past, boys and girls have explored such legal concepts as statutory interpretation (does the sign "No Vehicles Allowed in the Park" includes bicycles, strollers, ambulances?) and had experience at being "eyewitnesses" to "crime."

This year's program will consist of two classes, one led by Professor Tom Andrews and one led by reference librarian Nancy McMurrer. We will ask parents to bring their school-age children to the second floor by the Circulation Desk at the library's main entrance at 10:25. You will pick them up again at 12:20 in Room 147 after the second class. We hope your children can join us!

Stand-Alone Printers

by Nancy McMurrer

Good news! The WESTLAW stand-alone printer is back in the computer lab. LEXIS-NEXIS has not implemented its print-limit system yet, but the company is working very hard to establish print limits and hopes to have them in place very soon. When its system is operational, LEXIS will reinstall its stand-alone printer in the lab.

The limit set for printing without charge from LEXIS-NEXIS and WESTLAW is set at 750 pages for the whole year. Thus, you will discover that this quarter is exceptional, for this quarter you have available to you this entire year's 750-page limit! Also, please note that your choice of single-sided or double-sided printing will not affect your page limits. If you print a ten-page slip opinion double-sided, you will have 5 pieces of paper, but will still have printed 10 pages. Using the double-sided option, of course, is the way to save trees!

WTO Woes & Websites

by Kim Ositis, reference intern

The World Trade Organization (WTO) has come and gone, but the repercussions of the "Battle for Seattle" are still being felt. In case you haven�t had your fill and you�re not ready to go back to studying, here are several interesting web sites for your procrastinating pleasure:

  • First, the Seattle City Council has established an Accountability Review Committee,, made up of three city councilmembers charged with deciding who�s to blame for the whole big mess.
  •  In the same vein, you can take a look at the Getting Around Town page of the City of Seattle web site that talks about what the city�s WTO preparations were so you can snicker and point at their so-called "advanced planning,"
  • There are many activist websites. The Independent Media Center,, has a long list of WTO-related resources, including links to sites with audio and video. If you�re in the mood for a little civil disobedience, visit
  • The official WTO website is For another perspective, check out a WTO parody site,, brought to you from the folks who got in hot water for the "official" George W. Bush site.
  •  Another interesting site comes from the Capitol Hill neighborhood, This site includes some lively bulletin board chat about what it was like to for residents share their streets with police and protesters.
  •  The next two sites show some of the diverse uses for WTO photography. The first is the WTO photo gallery of the Seattle Times, The second site is the WTO Police Suspects page created by the Seattle Police Department, which shows head shots of suspects in crimes ranging from graffiti to assault on officers to "general property damage,"

If you�re plain sick of hearing about the WTO and you�re just about ready to go back to studying, take a look at "My Own Private WTO" on page 6 of the February/March 2000 issue of Washington Law & Politics, available at Reserve. Author Mitchell Fox takes a light-hearted look at the WTO with a short fashion review of the various costumes and get-ups employed by the protesters. And if the WTO ever comes back to Seattle, you should head some place safe, like Chechnya.

March Madness Trivia

by Mort Brinchmann, evening reference librarian

This week�s trivia contest salutes NCAA basketball. To enter submit your answers to the Reference Office by 4:00 Thursday. Please include your email address so we can tell you if you�ve won a prize.

  1. Which presidential hopeful earned tourney MVP honors at the 1965 Final Four in Portland?
    1. John "No Pane" McCain - Navy
    2. "Dollar" Bill Bradley - Princeton
    3. George "Just Get the" W. Bush - Yale
    4. Al "Show You The" Gore � Harvard
  2. Which coach came back to lead his team to the 1990 NCAA title in Denver after having an earlier Supreme Court appeal rejected? (See 488 U.S. 179 (1988) (state university's discipline in accord with NCAA rules did not make NCAA's conduct "state action").)
    1. Rick Pitino - Kentucky
    2. Jerry Tarkanian - UNLV
    3. Marv Harshman � UW
  3. The Illinois High School Ass'n attempted to enjoin an NCAA licensee from splaying the term "March Madness" on a CD-ROM game. After the trial judge declined to grant the injunction, what did Judge Posner and the Seventh Circuit do? (See 99 F.3d 244 (7th Cir. 1996), cert. denied, 519 U.S. 1150 (1997).)
    1. Reverse, because "the premier high school basketball tournament in the United States, we are told" used the term first.
    2. Affirm, finding the ISHA guilty of laches for not taking earlier actions to protect the mark.
    3. Reverse, finding it unfair to deprive IHSA from the protection of its mark since it was powerless to stop Brent Musburger's use of the term.
    4. Affirm, finding that "March Madness" promoted two different tournaments and qualified as a "dual-use term" for which IHSA could not claim exclusive protection.

Click here for answers.