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Law Library News for Sept. 23, 1999

Mary Whisner, editor

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Library Services

Thomas Jefferson wrote in 1769 "A lawyer without books would be like a workman without tools." Nowadays, we might change that "workman" to "craftsperson" or some other gender-neutral term. We would also want to expand "books" to include a variety of formats Jefferson never dreamed of. But the core truth remains: lawyers and law students need access to texts (whether they are in books, on microfiche, or in electronic databases).

During your legal education, you may take advantages of the many services the Gallagher Law Library provides to law students. For example:

Access to Electronic Materials

The Law Library subscribes to LEXIS-NEXIS and WESTLAW for your use (see below). It also subscribes to other electronic resources, such as LegalTrac, Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals, and Congressional Universe. In addition, the Law Library maintains a website with links to legal sources on the Internet. The Law Library also postss on the website old exams from your professors to help you study.

Note: The exams and the subscription-based databases are available only to UW users. If you use the UW Internet Connectivity Kit, then the system recognized you as an authorized user. If you have a different Internet provider, you will not be able to use all of these resources.

Access to Print Materials

The Law Library has the largest legal collection in the region. (This is the largest law library north of Berkeley and west of Iowa!) The Library has very recent books and also historical materials, Washington practice materials as well as international law treatises and Japanese statutes. With your student card you can check out most library materials for a quarter (see below for details).

Access to materials in other libraries. As a UW student, you have access to the rich collections of all the libraries on campus. If what you need is not available on campus, you may request it through Interlibrary Loan.

Study Spaces

You may study anywhere in the Library. Law students have priority in using the study carrels on the upper floors. (The carrels on Floor 6 are assigned to LL.M. students.) The study rooms on 4, 5, 6, and 7 are restricted to UW law students; groups have priority.

Reference Assistance

You can get help doing your research and using the Library in the Reference Office. Come see us!

LexisNexis & Westlaw Access

by Nancy McMurrer

The Law Library subscribes to LEXIS-NEXIS and WESTLAW for your use. Under the terms of our contract, you may use the systems for academic purposes only. That is, you may NOT use them for outside work. You also may not use them for externships.

Here are some notes on your access:

Second and third year students: the LEXIS ID and the WESTLAW password you used last year are still good this year. Forgotten them? Stop by the Reference Office or give us a call at 543-6794 and we can look them up for you.

First year students: you will be getting your WESTLAW password and LEXIS ID shortly. Look for an announcement in the Crier, in email, and in your BLS class for time and location. You will receive training as part of BLS during winter quarter.

Transfer students: stop by the Reference Office (Library Floor 2) to fill out a WESTLAW contract. Your LEXIS ID will be put in your mailbox in the basement.

LL.M. students: if you are taking Legal Analysis from Professor Hume, you will get you LEXIS ID and WESTLAW password later in that class.

All other LL.M. students: your LEXIS ID will be put in your mailbox in the basement. Please stop by the Reference Office (Library Floor 2) to fill out a WESTLAW contract.

Check It Out!

Your Husky card is also your library card. Please have it with you when you want to check out Library materials. Circulation staff need to be able to scan that barcode -- our computer system can�t tell by looking at you what your code is.

As law students, you can check out material from the Classified Stacks and the Periodicals on Floor 7 for a quarter. However, if someone else requests the item you have, you will be sent a notice and the loan period will be shortened to two weeks. This works both ways: if you need something that someone else has checked out, you may request it, too.

Materials that are on Reserve only circulate for four hours, to ensure that they are available for as many people as possible. Some items that your professors put on Course Reserve circulate for two hours at a time.

MARIAN, the Library�s web-based catalog, allows you to check your own circulation records online. If you want a list of what you have checked out and when each item is due, go to the catalog and click on View Your Library Record then, when prompted, type in your name and the barcode number from your Husky card.

You can also use MARIAN to request an item that is checked out to someone else. From the catalog record, just click on the Request button (there are two: at the top and the bottom of the screen) and follow the prompts.

Covered Containers

Last spring, the Library launched a trial policy of allowing drinks if they were in covered containers. After six months, the trial is a success and the policy is now final. Please be aware that even mugs with lids can tip (watch out for those angled tabletops!). We all would rather have your coffee go in you than all over books, furniture, and carpet.

With the notable exception of the buffets during 1L Orientation, food is not allowed in the Law Library. The risk of messes, rodents, and/or bugs is too great. (We hope you enjoyed the buffets, but please don�t bring in any more sandwiches, chips, etc.!)