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Law Library News for Oct. 25, 1999

Mary Whisner, editor

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Voter Information on the Web

by Peggy Jarrett

Election day is coming up fast -- it is Tuesday November 2, 1999. To help all of us decide on the many issues and candidates, Washington State, King County, and the City of Seattle have all put together online voters guides for our use and convenience.

The Washington State Online Voters Guide contains the full text of the two initiatives (license tab fees and commercial fishing) and two proposed constitutional amendments, along with explanatory information and arguments for and against.

The King County On-Line Voters Pamphlet contains information on county-wide races and County Council district races.

Seattle General Election Voters Guide covers the City Council races and fifteen different propositions (including the Seattle Center and community centers levy).

For those of you who prefer paper, the Library has a copy of the Washington State Voters Pamphlet, which includes King County and Seattle election information: JF495.W2A3 at Reference Office.

The polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. on November 2. Your precinct's polling place is on your voter registration card and also will be listed in the newspaper the Friday before election day.

If state and local politics don�t quite hold your interest -- or if you are interested in everything political -- note that Washington State�s presidential primary will be held February 29, 2000 -- just over 4 months away! This is only our third presidential primary (we used to have caucuses) and the earliest ever.

Halloween Trivia Contest

In honor of Halloween, fill in the blanks in the following spooky quotations. To enter the contest, turn in your answers to the Reference Office by 2:00 Wednesday. Correct entries are eligible for a drawing for a prize. Include your email address with your entry so we can notify you if you are the winner.

  1. "_____ is not a brooding omnipresence in the sky." (Southern Pac. Co. v. Jensen, 244 U.S. 205, 221 (1917) (Holmes, J., dissenting).
    1. Natural law
    2. The common law
    3. Justice
    4. Personal jurisdiction
  2. "We hardly can conclude that wage and price controls are merely a specter of the past. I would grant the petition for a writ of certiorari . . .. I would not without impelling legislative reasons make the _______ Act--once the pillar of labor strength--a mere ghost to be driven hence by the slogan 'stabilization' and made a mockery by financial aggrandizement." Local Union No. 1791, United Mine Workers of America v. McGuire Shaft & Tunnel Corp., 412 U.S. 958, 962 (1973) (Douglas, J., dissenting from denial of certiorari).
    1. Norris-LaGuardia
    2. Taft-Hartley
    3. Wagner
    4. Davis-Bacon
  3. "Invocation of the Due Process Clause to protect the rights asserted here would make the ghost of ____________ [citation omitted] walk again." Federal Housing Administration v. Darlington, Inc., 358 U.S. 84, 91-92 (1958).
    1. Plessy v. Ferguson
    2. Lochner v. New York
    3. Marbury v. Madison
    4.  Pennoyer v. Neff
  4. "In its procedural history, at least, this litigation has lived up to Judge Lumbard's characterization of it as a '________________ posing as a class action.'" Eisen v. Carlisle and Jacquelin, 417 U.S. 156, 165 (1974)(Powell, J.).
    1. Halloween party
    2. motorcycle gang
    3. headless horseman
    4. Frankenstein monster

Click here for answers.

Security Reminders

Around Halloween, we like to make jokes about monsters, ghouls, and ghosts because it can be fun to play with our fears safely. Meanwhile, in our real lives, there are some good reasons to be alert to our surroundings. It�s not that Condon Hall is filled with danger, but you don�t want to have your wallet stolen even once. So watch your belongings. Use your keycard for after-hours access. Do not prop open the doors. When you need to, call campus police (9-911 from a campus phone). During library hours, tell the Circulation staff about security incidents; they can call the police and fill out a security report.

Some students have commented that the upper stacks feel too isolated for evening study. Consider checking out from the Circulation Desk one of the Library�s small security alarms. Also consider making study plans with your friends: if you know your classmates and friends are studying at the carrels down the way, the stacks won�t feel isolated. (You�ll also have someone to go out for coffee with when you need a break!)