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Law Library News for Oct. 18, 1999

Mary Whisner, editor

Law Library News Archive


Watch Your Stuff

It is nice to feel part of a friendly, supportive community. Many students, faculty, and staff strive to make the law school such a place. BUT Condon Hall and the Law Library are used by many hundreds of people besides your friendly and supportive classmates. All it takes is one theft to cause you a lot of inconvenience. So we offer the following advice:

Please watch your stuff!

If you are using the Library and get up to make a phone call, don�t leave your laptop sitting on a table. If you need go to the restroom, don�t leave your wallet on the shelf of your study carrel.

If, heaven forbid, you do have something stolen while you are using the Library, please report the theft to a Circulation staff member, who will call the campus police and record the incident.

Trivia Contest: United Nations

This contest honors United Nations Day (October 24). To enter, submit your answers to the Reference Office by 2:00 Wednesday. Correct answers qualify you for a drawing for a prize. Please include your email address so we can notify you if you win the prize. By the way, web fans, all of the answers to this contest may be found on the UN�s website.

  1. Who coined the phrase "United Nations"?
    1. Winston Churchill
    2. Franklin D. Roosevelt
    3. Cordell Hull
    4. Joseph Stalin
  2. Which of the following is not a permanent member of the Security Council?
    1. Russian Federation
    2. China
    3. Germany
    4. France
    5. United Kingdom
  3. How many United Nations peace-keeping operations were there between June 1948 and July 1998?
    1. 7
    2. 28
    3. 35
    4. 49
    5. 63
  4. Where did Kofi Annan attend college and graduate school?
    1. United States and Switzerland
    2. Ghana and United Kingdom
    3. France
    4. Germany
  5. Who was the Secretary-General in 1980?
    1. Dag Hammarskjold (Sweden)
    2. Kurt Waldheim (Austria)
    3. Javier Perez de Cuellar (Peru)
    4. Boutros Boutros-Ghali (Egypt)
  6. Who adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948)?
    1. the Security Council
    2. the General Assembly
    3. the legislatures of 61 UN member states
    4. the Commission on Human Rights
  7. How many states are members of the UN?
    1. 61
    2. 92
    3. 150
    4. 188
    5.  245

Click here for answers.

Foreign & International Legal Research

If you would like to learn how to do research in foreign and international law, the guides on our website are a good place to start. From the Law Library�s hompage  click on "Reference & Legal Research," then scroll down to the list of research guides. There are now ten listed under International & Foreign Legal Research. Some of them were updated for class presentations this month.