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Law Library News for Nov. 15, 1999

Mary Whisner, editor

Law Library News Archive


Where to Search LexisNexis & Westlaw

by Nancy McMurrer

Need to do some legal research in LEXIS-NEXIS or WESTLAW? Where can you access those products? First, remember that both services have an Internet product and a software product. Both versions are available in the computer lab and in Room 241, across from the computer lab. Remember, some firms, courts, and corporate legal offices use only the software, others use the Web versions, and some have both available.

But, what if the computer lab and Room 241 are full? Now you can use any computer in the library to access LEXIS-NEXIS or WESTLAW on the Internet. That option provides another dozen computers available for legal research (note, however, that no word processing software is loaded on library terminals). There is only one caveat: if there are people waiting to use the library computers, we ask that you limit your searching to 20 minutes.

Your final option for searching is at home, using your own computer. If you purchase the UWICK (UW Internet Connectivity Kit), you can dial in to the university and sign on to WESTLAW or LEXIS-NEXIS on the Internet without having to pay for an Internet Service Provider. If you want the software, visit the vendors' websites, download it, and install it on your home computer.

The URLs for the web versions are and If you find it easier to remember a standard address form, the following work, too: and

Election Results Resources

by Cheryl Nyberg

Everyone has heard about the success of I-695, the initiative on $30 license tabs. But do you know how close the vote was? And are you curious about other election results from the area or state?

The Washington Secretary of State�s website provides complete results for the November 2d general election, including statewide ballot measures and legislative and judicial positions. King County�s website also offers local election results, including county, city, and special district contests.

Of course, local newspapers are great sources for election coverage: the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and the Seattle Times.

Political ads from both sides of the I-695 issue were used to sway voters� opinions. Now the effects of I-695�s passage are beginning to take shape and local newspapers will cover this story extensively. For instance, the Seattle Times� website includes an I-695 page with pre- and post-election reports and opinions.

Maybe local politics leave you cold. For news on the year 2000 presidential race, look at:

For election information from around the world, start here:

And finally, for information about extraterrestrial elections, tune your aluminum-covered football helmets to the appropriate wavelength and prepare for transmission download. Now, what�s that frequency, Kenneth?

Faculty Books Trivia Contest

This week�s trivia contest asks you to match the UW professors with the books they have written. Turn in your answers to the Reference Office by 2:00 Wednesday to become eligible for a drawing for a prize. Include your email address so we can tell you when you win.

  1. Antitrust Law: Policy and Practice (KF1648.A53 1992 at Classified Stacks) (1999 edition is on order)
  2. Human Rights in Crisis: The International System for Protecting Rights During States of Emergency (K3240.4.F534 1994 at Classified Stacks)
  3. Interpreting Patent Claims: The United States, Germany and Japan (K1401.A1 I54 v. 17 at Classified Stacks)
  4. The Law and American Health Care (KF3825.W55 1998 at Classified Stacks)
  5. Most Humble Servants: The Advisory Role of Early Judges (KF8775 .J39 1997 at Classified Stacks
  6. Real Estate: Property Law (KFW80.W3 v.17-18 1995 at Washington Alcove, Reserve)

  1. William R. Andersen (and C. Paul Rogers III)
  2. Joan Fitzpatrick
  3. Stewart Jay
  4. Patricia C. Kuszler (with Kenneth R. Wing & Michael S. Jacobs)
  5. William B. Stoebuck
  6. Toshiko Takenaka

Click here for answers.