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Law Library News for Nov. 1, 1999

Mary Whisner, editor

Law Library News Archive


Fee-Based Electronic Resources: The Future of Legal Research

by Penny Hazelton

Isn�t everything you need for legal research on the Internet for free? Come to this CLE program (law students can attend free if they pre-register) and learn why the program�s faculty thinks that fee-based services on the Internet are worth knowing about. (LEXIS-NEXIS and WESTLAW are not the only options!)

You will learn how to make database search engines work for you and be able to compare the cost, quality, and efficiency of the major fee-based legal research systems. Live demonstrations will compare the "same search" results in each fee-based database. How to identify and minimize ethical issues will also be covered. Faculty include law librarians who have years of expertise with legal research systems.

The CLE will be in Room 139, Condon Hall, Thursday, November 11, 1999, from 8:30-5pm. Call Kathy Crothers at 685-2090 or email her for registration information. If you want the materials or lunch, you will have to pay separately. Otherwise this excellent CLE program is free to you!

Feeling Cooped Up?

Studying law is generally sedentary. There just is not much cardiovascular benefit to highlighting casebooks (although lugging the casebooks around can provide a little weight training). If you�d like to get outside and move around a little, the Library has basketballs you can check out to take to the hoops at the dorms across the street. (Leave your student card at the Circulation Desk as collateral.) We also have a soccer ball and a pump.

Not up for basketball? A walk can be pleasant on a clear afternoon. Students from out of town might explore the campus -- it offers more than Condon Hall�s cheerful fa�ade! The Burke-Gilman trail is close and offers a pleasant break from class prep, too.

For more serious workouts, check out the UW Department of Recreational Sports Programs

March King Trivia Contest

This week�s trivia contest honors John Philip Sousa, whose birthday is November 6. (Why not? We can have a legal trivia contest on nearly any topic.) To enter, turn in your answers to the Reference Office by 2:00 Wednesday. Correct answers qualify you for a drawing for a prize: include your email address so we can notify you if you win.

  1. When was "The Stars and Stripes Forever" designated the national march of the United States of America? (See 36 U.S.C. �304)
    1. 1897
    2. 1935
    3. 1954
    4. 1987
    5. 1998
  2. What legal mechanism was used to make the designation?
    1. a public law
    2. a constitutional amendment
    3. an executive order
    4. an agency regulation
  3. In Pub.L. 97-245, Aug. 26, 1982, 96 Stat. 313, Congress made a finding that "sections of the Congressional Cemetery . . . are of national historic significance, including those areas in which______, ______, ______, . . . , and many other persons of historical importance and interest are buried�." Which of the following Americans was not named?
    1. John Philip Sousa
    2. Matthew Brady
    3. J. Edgar Hoover
    4. George M. Cohan
  4. What was the dispute in Instrumentalist Co. v. Marine Corps League, 694 F.2d 145, 216 U.S.P.Q. 951 (7th Cir.1982)?
    1. Who held the patent on the sousaphone.
    2. Whether the "John Philip Sousa Band Award" trademark was diluted by the "Semper Fidelis" band award.
    3. Who held the copyright on "Semper Fidelis."
    4. Whether a magazine article libeled the Marine Corps League.
  5. What was the controversy in John Church Co. v. Hilliard Hotel Co., 221 F. 229 (2d Cir. 1915), rev�d sub nom. Herbert v. Shanley Co., 242 U.S. 591 (1917)?
    1. The hotel wanted Sousa to pay damages for failure to give an advertised concert.
    2. Sousa�s publisher wanted to enjoin the hotel orchestra from performing a Sousa march in the dining room.
    3. The hotel wanted Sousa�s band to pay damages for creating a disturbance during an outdoor concert near the hotel.

Click here for answers.