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Law Library News for May 17, 1999

Linda Kawaguchi, editor

Law Library News Archive


Summer Access to LexisNexis & Westlaw

by Nancy McMurrer

During the summer months, when most law students are clerking in the "real world," your access to LEXIS-NEXIS and WESTLAW is restricted to the career databases and files. However, both services do extend full access for certain categories of students: those taking law classes or working on a project approved by your professor for class credit during the summer quarter, those working for a law professor for the summer, members of the moot court, or members of a law journal staff working on that publication.

If you meet any of these criteria, you should be sure to extend your WESTLAW password or LEXIS-NEXIS ID before the spring quarter ends so your full access will not be interrupted. The quickest and easiest way to extend is to complete the form on the vendors' web sites, although WESTLAW also provides a postcard to be sent in, copies of which you should find in Room 241.

To extend your LEXIS-NEXIS ID, go to and look for the flashing sun graphic, titled "Summer Offers." To extend your WESTLAW password, go to and look for the "Password Extension" hotlink in the list of links on the right of the screen.

Thinking about Graduation Gifts?

For yourself or for others?! The Gallagher Law Library staff has a wonderful graduation gift suggestion. It may not be as extravagant as a brand new car, or as much fun as a trip abroad, but it�s much more useful! Think about buying (for yourself or for others) a copy of the Washington Legal Researcher�s Deskbook, 2d.

It�d be hard to think of a Washington based legal research question that isn�t answered by the Deskbook. We use it all the time to answer questions from attorneys. Once you�re out using your law degree, you can still call the Reference Office and we�ll be happy to answer your questions, or you may want to ask other attorneys, but wouldn�t it be best if you could find the answer yourself, and fast? The Deskbook covers everything from how to do a Washington legislative history, how to locate those hard to find state administrative decisions, to tips on controlling costs when searching LEXIS-NEXIS and WESTLAW.

The Washington Legal Researcher�s Deskbook, 2d can be purchased in the Administration office of the law library, or you can call 543-4089 to order a copy. They are normally $55.00 plus tax, but UW law students get a $5.00 discount.

[Web Editor's note: The price has been reduced to $30.]