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Law Library News for March 29, 1999

Linda Kawaguchi, editor

Law Library News Archive


Drinks with Lids, Yes!

In response to student requests, we've changed the Library's no food/no drinks policy. We encourage you to bring in your drinks with lids. We'll look at the policy again in six months, and make the "drinks with lids" clause permanent if there's no damage from spills and leaks.

Please drop by the display at the Law Library Circulation Desk for more background on the fascinating fungal, entomological, and statutory aspects of this important issue. Contact Mary Ann Weber at the Circulation Desk or at to comment on the new policy.

MARIAN Is Coming

April will see the launch of the new Law Library catalog, named MARIAN (after Marian Gould Gallagher). It is a web-based catalog, so it will look quite a bit different from the X terminals and UWIN interfaces that you are used to seeing. Search techniques will also be different. (The catalog for the UW Libraries is changing at the same time.) One advantage is that you can use the catalog with the same browser you use for all your other web-based research.

Some new features will allow you to view your own circulation records and renew and place holds on books yourself. You will also be able to see the records of when the Law Library received periodicals, so you can check to see whether a particular issue is available.

In order to ease the transition, we will be holding demos and hands-on training sessions, beginning April 5, the public release date. Watch for signs and other announcements!