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Law Library News for March 1, 1999

Linda Kawaguchi, editor

Law Library News Archive


Holiday Trivia Contest

by Nancy McMurrer

Are the winter holidays all over? Wouldn't you like MORE celebrations? Of course! Well, our elected officials have done their part to offer other occasions as holidays. Match the holiday to the document in which it was proposed, and turn in your answers to the Reference Office on Wednesday by 5:00. One correct entry will be drawn at random to receive a festive prize.

You will find the Congressional Record at KF35 and the Federal Register at KF70.A2, both in the reference stacks on the second floor. You might also wish to practice your online skills to locate these documents.

  1. Catfish Day
  2. Corrosion Prevention Week
  3. Dairy Goat Awareness Week
  4. Duck Calling Day
  5. Jukebox Week
  6. Roller Coaster Week
  7. Shoe Repair Awareness Week
  8. Truck Driver Appreciation Week
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  7. 142 Cong. Rec. s11731-04
  8. 142 Cong. Rec. s3025-01

Congressional Insider Information Now Available

by Cheryl Nyberg

When a member of Congress has a research question, s/he submits it to the Congressional Research Service (CRS). This little-known agency prepares well-researched, nonpartisan reports and studies exclusively for Representatives and Senators. Now nearly 300 hundred recent CRS reports are available on the World Wide Web at: 

The reports are searchable by keyword and by title, number, and subject (including environment and natural resources, economic policy, education, government and law, foreign and defense policy, health, and science and technology). Sample titles include:

  • Attorneys' Fees in the State Tobacco Litigation Cases
  • China: U.S. Economic Sanctions
  • Cloning: Where Do We Go From Here?
  • Ideas for Privatizing Social Security
  • International Environment: Current Major Global Treaties
  • Internships and Fellowships: Congressional, Federal, and Other Work Experience Opportunities
  • IRS Reform: Innocent Spouse Rule

For other CRS reports, consult the following sources:

  • Major Studies and Issue Briefs of the Congressional Research Service; index at Gov't Pubs Reference, JK1108.M353; microfilm at Microforms Newspapers, Microfilm A6816.
  • Penny Hill Press provides a subject list of CRS reports from 1994 to date; reports are available for purchase.
  • Congressional Universe indexes committee hearings, which sometime include CRS reports. This database is available via the UW Libraries Information Gateway. Search Congressional Publications by Witness Name or Affiliation. Enter "Congressional Research Service" as the organization and adjust the dates of coverage. Hearings are available in the Gallagher Law Library in microfiche and in Gov't Pubs. at Suzzallo.
  •  Your Senator or Representative: Members of Congress may obtain individual CRS reports for their constituents. Provide a title and CRS report number to expedite your request.

[Note: See the updated guide to Congressional Research Service Reports.]