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Law Library News for January 25, 1999

Linda Kawaguchi. editor

Law Library News Archive


Children in the Law School at Night

Please do not leave children unattended in the Law School or the Law Library. Children were left alone in the first floor classrooms a few times last quarter. This came to the building coordinator's attention when it caused problems for the custodians. Because this is a public building, it is not safe for unattended children! Most of the staff leave at 5:00. Many outside people are here to use the Library until late in the evening. Please be safe and make other arrangements for your kids.

Intelligence Online

by Kris Albertus, Law Librarianship Intern

Are those adventurous tendencies of yours whimpering under the weight of the standard legal fare? Feeling a bit more like "The X-Files" than "The Paper Chase?" Well, next time you are doing research on the Internet, think about paying a visit to the CIA and FBI web pages. Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and the trend toward declassification, some very important and previously classified records are now available to the public. So, in addition to providing valuable information on a number of routine topics these sites offer links to documents concerning some of our nation's most controversial issues--complete with the occasional black marker deletions, empty pages, and illegible scribbling!

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA),

The CIA web page offers the public information about the history and organization of the agency as well as information regarding available publications and potential for employment. An online version of their 1997 World Factbook is also available. This publication profiles 184 nations and their dependent regions in surprising detail. Whether you are looking for the birth rate in China, the industrial production growth rate in India, or the number of radio broadcast stations in Ireland C chances are this source will have it. The 1997 World Factbook is also available in the Reference Office at G122.U56a 1997. The 1998 version will be available online as of January 25, 1999. For a look at those infamous declassified records on topics such as UFOs, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and POW/MIAs click on the link that says "Freedom of Information Act."

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI),

Like the CIA web page, the FBI web page offers information regarding the history and organization of the agency as well as employment opportunities. Other links provide recent FBI news and profiles of the FBI's Ten Most Wanted Fugitives. The "Criminal Statistics" link connects to the Criminal Justice Information Services Division (CJIS) which employs an incident-based reporting system to compile data regarding terrorism in the U.S., overall crime rates in the U.S., hate crime statistics, the number of enforcement officers assaulted and killed, and uniform crime reports. As with the CIS site, to explore declassified records on controversial topics click on the "Freedom of Information Act" link, which will connect to the FBI's surprisingly cozy Electronic Reading Room.

Other sites of potential interest:

Happy Sleuthing!!!