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Law Library News for February 15, 1999

Linda Kawaguchi, editor

Law Library News Archive


Romantic Trivia Contest

by Brandy Whittington, Law Librarianship Intern

Depending on whether you read this electronically or in paper, we are either coming up on Valentine's Day or it has just passed. This is a time when a person's fancy turns to thoughts of love. This trivia contest seeks to embrace the rule if not the spirit of this holiday by asking you to locate some romantic judicial decisions. Below are some excerpts from state and federal court cases regarding love, romance and Valentine's Day. To be eligible for a romantic prize, submit the correct answers to the Reference Office by Wednesday at 5:00 p.m. Please include your e-mail address.

  1. "Stuffel testified that he and Tart killed Dan. He stated that he and the defendant were in love and that she asked him to kill Dan because she feared that a divorce would be too hard on the children. He agreed to kill Dan only because he loved the defendant."
  2. "Here, the donee fails to reflect upon the significance of a diamond engagement ring. A ring is given by a donor to his financee as a sacred designation of conjugality. It is a pledge of betrothal growing out of the love and affection, which is co-incidental, as well as part and parcel, of a culminating matrimonial relationship. Would the plaintiff have made the gift had not he contemplated a consummated marriage in the offing? To hold otherwise, would be stretching credulity to its breaking point."
  3. "Certainly when a girl gives up her home and family with all the tender associations which have been hers to enjoy since infancy, she expects, and is entitled to have, from her husband, a comfort, companionship, society and love which in their combined virtues will offer her even greater happiness than that which she cherished in the midst of her brothers, sisters, and parents. This claim to her husband's protection and affectionate mantle becomes hers as much as the wedding ring he places upon her finger. And it is this dedicated devotion which makes her a wife, because if marriage were to mean merely the guarantee of a roof, clothes and food, then, by entering into the bonds of holy matrimony, the wife would really be receiving only a key to an exclusive boarding house."

Kind of gives you a warm glow, doesn't it?

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