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Remarks Delivered by Penny Hazelton, October 27, 2009


I wish to thank several members of the Law School staff who have worked tirelessly to make this event possible – Hana Hughson, Garrett Hall, and Theresa Chemnick paid attention to the smallest details. Thank you so much.

Besides enjoying this lovely reception and the chance to socialize, there are two purposes in gathering today:

First, to thank our friends who over many years have supported the Marian Gould Gallagher Law Library.

And second, to honor the members of the Marian Gould Gallagher Society and unveil our wonderful new Donor Wall that recognizes Gallagher Society members.

Libraries are in a time of great transition – the ubiquitous Internet available broadly – billions of pages of information in digital form available at your fingertips. What of the library of the future?

I am pleased to tell you that the Marian Gould Gallagher Law Library IS the library of the future – a physical place for studying and learning – a people place for collaborative work and help from professional information specialists – a place with a public mission to serve the causes of justice.

Our challenges are many – how to be organizationally nimble in a rapidly changing environment – how to best serve a range of library users all with different levels of legal and technical sophistication – how to make our resources stretch and still serve the needs of our users.

The opportunities are many as well – to continue the strong traditions started by Marian Gallagher – exceptional service – strong and accessible collections – a sense of public mission – leadership through respect and humor.

After several years in the development stage, we are especially delighted to honor and to recognize the founding and new members of the Marian Gould Gallagher Society. The Society recognizes those who have contributed a life-time gift or pledge of $15,000. “Members of the Society recognize the critical role of the Law Library in furthering the causes of justice through research, scholarship, and education and through the application of that knowledge to the legal problems of our society.”

Today we will unveil a wonderful Donor Wall to recognize Society members. My thanks to Polly and David McNeill and Joanne Roddis for their significant gifts which made this Wall possible! Thank you both so much!

Joanne, could you join me here? We have Mrs. Joanne Roddis to thank for something else as well – this lovely reception you have all enjoyed! You really know how to throw a great party!

Joanne, great friend of the Law Library, and wife of Dean Emeritus Richard S. L. Roddis - we sincerely appreciate your continuous support of the Law Library and your recognition of the important role libraries play in legal education, in the legal profession, and in the rule of law.
Joanne Roddis remarks
Now it is my great pleasure to introduce the new Dean of the UW School of Law, Kellye Testy!

Kellye is the first permanent woman dean of the Law School (the only other woman to serve as dean is also here – Professor Emeritus, Marjorie Rombauer).

Kellye graduated summa cum laude from the University of Indiana School of Law. She worked for the Kirkland and Ellis law firm in Chicago while she was in law school.

After graduation, Dean Testy clerked for Judge Eschbach, of the US Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit.
She began her academic career in 1992, joining the faculty at Seattle University School of Law and serving as their Dean for four years.

Please join me in welcoming Dean Kellye Testy!
Dean Testy remarks
She introduces Jerry Curtis
Jerry Curtis remarks
Penny moves group to Donor Wall for unveiling

Penny introduces the Founding members of the Society; Dean Testy gives each a replica of the bar on the Donor Wall:

  • Joanne Roddis
  • Mary Hotchkiss and Mary Whisner
  • Polly and David McNeill
  • Judy and Arnold Bendich
  • Penny and Norris Hazelton

Then Penny introduces the new members of the Society; Dean Testy gives each a replica of the bar on the Donor Wall:

  • Betty Corker and the Corker family
  • Jerry and Lucy Curtis
  • Guy Towle
  • Professor Emeritus Marjorie Rombauer

Unveil the wall!
Penny and Joanne on one side
Polly and Kellye on the other

Thank you so much for coming! Please join us back in the Student Lounge for cake!