Marian Gould Gallagher Society Photos & Videos

Donor Wall Dedication

QuickTime video, part 1 (remarks by Penny Hazelton, Joanne Roddis, and Dean Kellye Testy) and part 2 (continuing remarks by Dean Kellye Testy, Jerry Curtis, and Penny Hazelton; unveiling of the donor wall).

Windows Media video, part 1 and part 2

2010 Induction

Inductees 2010:
Robert S. Macfarlane Jr. and Family
The Honorable Alfred and Lillian Holte
Levinson, Friedman, Vhugen, Duggan, Bland, and Horowitz

Dean Kellye Testy acknowledged the new inductees with words of appreciation as well as a commemorative gift, a personally inscribed acrylic bar identical to the bar that was permanently installed on the Gallagher Society wall.

After the presentation ceremony, the guests enjoyed a presentation by Professor Hugh Spitzer, a noted expert in Washington State constitutional law. He spoke on the origins of the Populist movement and how those values were incorporated in the Washington constitution. His presentation is available online.

Dean Testy and Gerald and Lucille Curtis
Dean Testy with Lucille and Gerald Curtis in the Reference Area.
Lucille and Gerald Curtis Lucille and Gerald Curtis at the donor wall.
H. Scott Holte and Judge Alfred Holte H. Scott Holte and his father, Judge Alfred Holte
Judge Alfred Holte and Dean Testy Judge Alfred Holte and Dean Testy


2011 Induction

2011 Inductees:

  • The Family of Lawrence Hickman ‘36
  • Dudley and Anne Panchot
The Hickman Family
Penny Hazelton, Elaine Hickman, Loren Hickman, Alyssa Johnson Jatta (niece of the Hickmans), and Dean Testy
The Macfarlane Family PennyHazelton, Duncan Macfarlane, Giselle Macfarlane, and Dean Testy