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The Librarianship Program's first class graduated in 1940. Since then, the Librarianship Program has had 298 graduates. (7/2015)

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Law Librarianship Program - University of Washington

Fieldwork Hosts

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Name Organization Host Year
  Runyon, Amanda
Case Western Reserve University Kathie Carrick 2008
  Dabney, Cindy
Catholic University of America Steve Margeton 2007
  Carson, Tami
Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction John Mayer 2016
  Knapp, Michele
Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction John Mayer 2012
  Licke, James
Chicago-Kent University Mickie A. Voges 1998
  Reis, Sarah
Columbia University Sabrina Sondhi 2016
  Rowlett, Kristen
Columbia University Jennifer Wertkin 2014
  Alayan, Kristina
Columbia University Silke Sahl 2010
  Canick, Simon
Columbia University Kent McKeever 2000
  Luo, Wei
Columbia University James Hoover 1993
  Kreisler, Brandy
Cornell University Claire Germain 1999

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