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10 graduates have been inducted into the AALL Hall of Fame: Viola Bird, Earl Borgeson, Al Coco, Marian Gould Gallagher, Dan Henke, Patrick Kehoe, Jacquelyn Jurkins, Barbara Bintiliff, Mike Chiorazzi, and Albert Brecht

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Law Librarianship Program - University of Washington

Fieldwork Hosts

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Name Organization Host Year
  Sandoval, Pablo
Yale University Bill Landis 2009
  Santana, Vicky
University of Arizona Mike Chiorazzi 2002
  Satterlund, Lisa
University of the Pacific Katherine Henderson 1986
  Schriwer, Tania
University of London Jules Winterton 2009
  Shanks, Barry
Bar Council Law Library Jennefer Aston 2001
  Sherman, Rebecca
Multnomah County Law Library Martha Renick and Jacque Jurkins 2013
  Simons, Spencer
State Law Library of Montana Judith Meadows 1995
  Sims, Lee
U.S. Court of Appeals Library for the 9th Circuit Eric Wade 2003
  Skurdal, Cory
University of Minnesota Kathie Price 1989
  Smith, Emily
Association of the Bar of the City of New York Richard Tuske 2010
  Smith, Rachael
Bodleian Law Library Ruth Bird 2005
  Sondhi, Sabrina
Yale Law School Blair Kauffman 2008
  Sorensen, Susan
Hennepin County Law Library Anne Grande 1989
  Soto, Maria
University of Miami Sally Wise 2009
  Steinberg, Andrew
University of San Diego Ruth Levor 1995
  Stephens, Jill
Jenkins Memorial Law Library Regina Smith 1993
  Street, Leslie
Social Law Library June Strojny 2008
  Sundin, Ashley
Library of Congress: Law Library Debbie Keyser 2014
  Swanes, Maya
University of California at Hastings Camilla Tubbs 2017
  Swatt Engstrom, Barbara
Montana State Legislative Library Lisa Mecklenberg Jackson 2001
  Sweet, Russell
University of Hawaii Nickie Singleton 1993
  Symons, Janai
Western Washington University Marian Alexander 2001
  Symulevich, Allison
Stetson Law Rebecca Trammell 2016

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