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Outside of the Northwest (Oregon, Washington, and Idaho), the largest feeder law school for the program is Franklin Pierce.

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Law Librarianship Program - University of Washington

Fieldwork Hosts

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Name Organization Host Year
  Moore, Michael
University of Michigan Barb Garavaglia 2012
  Ash, Amy
University of Colorado Barbara Bintliff 2008
  Murley, Diane
University of Colorado Barbara Bintliff 1994
  Burriesci, Sara
K&L Gates LLP Barbara Holt 1997
  Dart, Jean
Idaho State Law Library Beth Peterson 2001
  Sandoval, Pablo
Yale University Bill Landis 2009
  Sondhi, Sabrina
Yale Law School Blair Kauffman 2008
  Edinger, Elizabeth
Yale Law School Blair Kauffman 1995
  Allyn, Jill
University of California at Berkeley Bob Berring 1990
  Rudolf, Kenneth
Georgetown University Bob Oakley 1990
  Miller, Kelly
Yale Law School Bonnie Collier 2007
  Fitz-Gerald, Kerry
K&L Gates LLP Bridget Dacres 2002
  Blake, Tim
University of Southern California Bruce Johnson 1986

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