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10 graduates have been inducted into the AALL Hall of Fame: Viola Bird, Earl Borgeson, Al Coco, Marian Gould Gallagher, Dan Henke, Patrick Kehoe, Jacquelyn Jurkins, Barbara Bintiliff, Mike Chiorazzi, and Albert Brecht

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Law Librarianship Program - University of Washington

Melissa S. Landers Memorial Fund

Established by her husband in 1989 and supported by family and friends, the income from this endowed fund is used for scholarship assistance for non-JD UW library students interested in law librarianship. The fund remembers Melissa Landers, who served with distinction as Assistant Librarian for Public Services in the Gallagher Law Library. Contributions should be made payable to the Washington Law School Foundation (Landers Fund) and sent to the address below.

Landers Fund Award Recipients

Year Awardee Amount
2015 no award given  
2014 no award given  
2013 no award given  
2012 no award given  
2011 Sue Castelin $1000
2010 no award given  
2009 Meagan Lacy $1000
2008 no award given
2007 Kate Stockert $1500
2006 Jeanne Doherty $750
2006 Esti Shay $750
2005 Robyn Hagle $1000
2004 Ann Harris $750
2004 Jeff Buckley $750
2003 Greta Rieber $1000
2002 Bonnie McTaggart $750
2002 Lora Bennett $750
2001 Rachelle Pacchiano $750
2001 Kim Ositis $750
2000 Diane Burress $750
2000 Vicki Valleroy $750
1999 Sharwain Smith $750
1999 Carmen (Michele) Bann $750
1998 Jan Lawrence $750
1998 Samantha Everett $750
1994 Fred Hanson $750
1993 Connelly Johnson $500
1992 Kathleen Clark Edie $500
1991 Amy Schaff $500

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