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Penny Hazelton: Resume

Table of Contents

Colleges Attended

Year College Degree
1975-76 University of Washington MLL
1972-75 Northwestern School of Law, Lewis & Clark College JD
1965-69 Linfield College BA, cum laude


  • 2002- Associate Dean for Library and Computing Services and Professor of Law, University of Washington School of Law.
  • 1985- Adjunct Professor, University of Washington School of Library and Information Science (Director of the Law Librarianship Program)
  • 1985-2002 Law Librarian & Professor of Law, University of Washington School of Law
  • 1985 Acting Librarian, U.S. Supreme Court Library
  • 1981-85 Assistant Librarian for Research Services, U.S. Supreme Court Library
  • 1978-81 Law Librarian & Associate Professor of Law, University of Maine School of Law
  • 1976-78 Associate Law Librarian & Associate Professor of Law, University of Maine School of Law
  • 1972-75 Serials Librarian, Northwestern School of Law, Lewis & Clark College

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Professional Service

American Association of Law Libraries, 1976-

  • 2002-03 Special Committee on Education for Law Librarianship
  • 2001 Symposium on the Changing Nature of Legal Research (by invitation)
  • 1998-2000 Chair, Task Force on Enhancing Education for Law Librarianship
  • 1996-1999 Professional Development Committee
  • 1996 Ad Hoc Meeting on the Bluebook
  • 1995-96 Educational Policy Committee
  • 1995-96 Education Committee, Special Consultant
  • 1995 Co-Director, Winter Institute, "Train for Tomorrow: Teaching Research Skills in the 21st Century," San Diego, February 15-18, 1995
  • 1994 1994 AALL Annual Meeting Planning Committee
  • 1994 Task Force on Education for Law Librarianship, Chair
  • 1993-94 Chair, Closing Banquet, AALL Annual Meeting, Seattle, July 9-14, 1994
  • 1993-94 Chair, Local Arrangements for AALL Institute, "Transnational Legal Transactions," Seattle, July 5-8, 1994
  • 1992 Delegate to the White House Conference on Library and Information Services
  • 1991-92 Past President
  • 1990-91 President

    Chapter Visits:
    Law Librarians of New England
    Western Pacific Chapter of AALL
    Houston Area Law Librarians
    Colorado Association of Law Libraries
    Southern Florida Association of Law Librarians
    Law Librarians of Puget Sound

    Other Visits:
    British-Irish Association of Law Libraries
    Canadian Association of Law Libraries
    International Association of Law Libraries
    International Federation of Library Associations

  • 1989-90 Vice-President/President-Elect

    Chapter Visits:
    Law Librarians Association of Maryland
    Greater Philadelphia Law Librarians Association

  • 1988-90 Special Committee on Long-Range Strategic Planning
  • 1987-89 AALL Representative to the Association for Library & Information Science Educators
  • 1987-88 Special Committee on Educational Policy
  • 1987-89 Special Committee on Organizational Structure of AALL
  • 1984 Program Chair for Annual Meeting
  • 1984-87 Executive Board
  • 1983 Co-Director AALL Institute, "Creative Research in Law Libraries"
  • 1981-84 Reader Services SIS
  • 1980-81 Chair, Law Library Journal Committee
  • 1979-80 Law Library Journal Committee
  • 1978-80 Government Documents SIS
  • 1977-78 Scholarship Committee
  • 1976-to date Attended all Annual Meetings

American Bar Association, 1985-

Section on Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar:

Accreditation Visits:
2000 Appalachian School of Law
2000 University of Iowa
1999 University of Wisconsin, Madison
1998 University of Chicago School of Law
1997 St. Johns University
1996 University of California, Berkeley
1994 Quinnipeac College of Law
1992 Duke University
1992 Northeastern University
1990 Regent University
1987 State University of New York--Buffalo
1985 University of Wyoming
1980 Wake Forest
1979 Willamette University
1977 Loyola University, Chicago

Other Activities:

  • 1997-2000 Law School Facilities Committee
  • 1994-95 ABA Standards Review Committee, Subcommittee on Law Library Accreditation Standards
  • 1992-93,94-95 Vice-Chair, Committee on Libraries
  • 1993-94 Chair, Committee on Libraries

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Association of American Law Schools, 1976-
Annual Meetings attended: 1976-80, 1986-87, 1989-92, 1994, 1996, 1998-
Section on Indian Law
Section on Legal Research and Writing
Section on Law Libraries
1991-94 Committee on Law Libraries
Association for Library and Information Science Educators, 1988-
Federal Bar Association, Capitol Hill Chapter, 1981-85
King County Bar Association, 1991-
1991-93 Task Force on the King County Law Library
Law Librarians of Puget Sound (LLOPS), 1990-
1998-2000 Co-Chair, Library School Liaison Committee
Law Librarian's Society of Washington, D.C., 1981-85
1981-85 Federal Law Librarians SIS
               Chair, Interlibrary Cooperation Policy Committee
1984-85 Vice-President/President-Elect
1983-84 Executive Board
Law Librarians of New England (LLNE), 1976-81
1979-81 President
1977-79 Secretary/Treasurer
U.S. Supreme Court Bar, 1985-
Washington State Bar Association, 1976-
1991-93 Bench and Bar Computer Council
1990-91 Editorial Advisory Board, Chair
1988-95 Editorial Advisory Board
Washington Women Lawyers, 1988-
Western-Pacific Chapter, AALL (Westpac), 1985-
1987 Co-Chair, Local Arrangements Annual Meeting

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Speeches, Presentations:


2001 "David In, Goliath Out? Do We Need Larger Libraries to Accommodate More Books? Planning Law Libraries in a Digital World," AALL Annual Meeting, July 15, 2001
"Separate But Unequal No More: Integrating Federal Documents Collections," AALL Annual Meeting, July 18, 2001
2000 "Robbing Peter to Pay Paul?   Funding Law School Information and Technology," AALS Committee on Libraries and Technology, AALS Annual Meeting, January 7, 2000
"Library Planning Assumptions:   Has Nothing or Everything Changed?," ABA Bricks, Bytes and Continuous Renovation Conference, March 11, 2000
1999 "CALR and Print Collections," Space Planning and Technology for Academic Law Libraries Conference, Duke University, March 13, 1999
CONELL (Conference of Newer Law Librarians) program participant, 1979, 1982, 1999
"People:  Leading the Way Up the Mountain," CALL (Canadian Association of Law Libraries) Annual Conference, May 31, 1999
"Drivers Wanted:  Training Legal Researchers to be Drivers on the Online Research Highway," AALL Annual Meeting, July 1999
1998 "CD ROM: Lasting or Transitional Format," AALL Annual Meeting, July 14, 1998
"Legal Research," Tacoma-Pierce County Legal Support Professionals Seminar, September 2, 1998.
"Legal Citation Form--The Blue Book," Tacoma Pierce County Legal Support Professionals, Tacoma, November 17, 1998.
1997 "Skills Necessary for Law Librarians in the 21st Century," NOCALL Spring Institute and Trade Show, March 21, 1997
"Maximizing Information Resources: Does Your Firm Value Its Library?" Association of Legal Administrators, May 21, 1997
"Legal Research," Tacoma-Pierce County Legal Support Professionals Seminar, June 18, 1997
"Doing the Right Thing: Internal Library Ethics," AALL Annual Meeting, July 22, 1997
"Electronic Reserves," Copyright Law in the Digital World; American Council of Learned Societies, Reed College, Sept. 27, 1997
1996 "Getting That Job: Resumes and Cover Letters," AALL Annual Meeting, July 1996
1995 Effective Legal Research, Law Seminars International/Institute for Continuing Education, full day seminar for Legal Secretaries and Legal Assistants, Oct. 26, 1995
Keynote Address, AALL Winter Institute on "Adult Learning Styles," 1995
1994 "How to Measure the Quality of a Law Library," Orlando, Florida, AALS Annual Meeting, Deans/Librarians Workshop, Jan. 6, 1994
Effective Legal Research, Law Seminars International/Institute for Continuing Education, full day seminar for Legal Secretaries and Legal Assistants, Oct. 20, 1994
1993 "From Kudos to Chaos?: Assessing the Teaching of Advanced Legal Research," Boston, AALL Annual Meeting, July 12, 1993
1992 "Get That Job! Job Interviewing Techniques," San Francisco, AALL Annual Meeting, July 22, 1992
"Teaching Advanced Research Skills Beyond the First Year: New Subjects, New Sources, and Administrative Tips," Tacoma, Washington, Legal Writing Institute, July 31, 1992
1990 "Bibliographic Sources for Federal and State Indian Law," Law Librarians of Puget Sound, Spring Meeting, April 20, 1990
"Crisis in the Law Librarianship Profession: The Problem of Filling Professional Positions," AALL Annual Meeting, June 20, 1990
1988 "Substantive Resources: The Available Resources in Washington for Finding Information on Substantive Areas of the Law," WSBA Mid-Year Meeting, Young Lawyers Division, May 26, 1988
Legal Research Seminar, Law Seminars, Inc., full day seminar for Legal Secretaries & Paralegals, May 21, 1988
AALS Law Library Directors Workshop, January 1988
"Educational preparation for law librarianship," AALL Annual Meeting, June 29, 1988
1987 "Court Procedure," 1987 AALL Institute, Legal Reference Services, July 1, 1987
"How to do Legal-Research," Law Seminars, Inc., full day seminar for Legal Secretaries & Paralegals, May 9, 1987
Legal Research Seminar, Law Seminars, Inc., full day seminar for Legal Secretaries & Paralegals, September 26, 1987
1986 "Education of law librarians for the future," Mead Data Central and Banks-Baldwin Institute, May 14,1986
"Through the Maze of Federal Research," full day seminar for Dallas Area Law Librarians, November 8, 1986
1979 "Introduction and Serials Records for Manual Control," AALL Serials Workshop, 1979

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Panel Discussions:

  • "Writing for Fame and Fortune," AALL Annual Meeting, July, 2003
  • "Did We Recognize the New Frontier When We Crossed into It?," Westpac Annual Meeting, September 20, 2002
  • “Forming Partnerships Between Law Libraries and Library Schools”, AALL Annual Meeting, July 18, 2000  
  • "Legal Indexing," Conference on Traditional Skills in High Tech Environments, University of Washington Alumni Association, February 12, 2000
  • "From Nutshells to Netscape: Part 2," AALL Annual Meeting, July 22, 1997
  • "The Changing World of Legal Publishing: Developing Successful Management Strategies," LLOPS Spring Professional Development Workshop, May 29, 1997
  • "Grief in the Workplace," AALL Annual Meeting, July 1996
  • "Current and Future Research Needs of Lawyers," AALL Annual Meeting, July 17, 1995, Moderator
  • "What Happens If They Close All the Library Schools? AALL's Role in the Education of Future Law Librarians," AALL Annual Meeting, July 12, 1994
  • "Strategizing for Hard Times," ALUW, Dec. 8, 1993
  • "How Would You Handle this Situation: Ethical and Political Quandaries in Law Librarianship," AALL Annual Meeting, July 24, 1991
  • "AALL Meeting the Challenge of the Privates: Your Turn to Talk," AALL Annual Meeting, May 28, 1988
  • "Database Perspectives for Deans and Law Library Directors," AALS Annual Meeting, January 1986

Other Research and Professional Activities:

  • 2002 Consultant:  Marquette University Law School Library, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • 2001 Legal research training for judges, permanent legal staff and law clerks of the Washington State Court of Appeals, Divisions I, II and III.
  • 1993- Perspectives Editorial Board
  • 1988- Tenure Reviews for law librarians and law faculty
  • 2000 Findlaw Librarian Standing Advisory Board
  • 2000 Consultant:  Michigan Statue University Detroit College of Law, East Lansing, MI
  • 2000 Consultant:  Maine State Law and Legislative Reference Library
  • 1998-99 Consultant for West Group. Drafted KeyCite product teaching & training materials
  • 1998 Consultant:  Northwestern School of Law of Lewis and Clark College, Woods Hall Building Program
  • 1998 Article referee, Journal of the American Society for Information Science, Nov. 1998
  • 1997 Perspectives: Teaching Legal Research and Writing, Guest editor, Vol. 6, #1, Fall 1997
  • 1997-98 King County ElectronicCourt Records (ERC) Project Advisory Committee
  • 1997-98 Key Cite Advisory Board (West Group)
  • 1996 WLN Directors Colloquy and Meeting, May 3, 1996
  • 1994/95 ALA COA Teleconference Advisory Board 1994/95
  • 1993-96 WESTLAW Excellence in Academic Law Librarianship Award, Judge
  • 1993-94 Consultant: Lawyers Cooperative Publishing, Indexing study, Rochester, NY
  • 1993 National University, ABA Assessment Panel
  • 1991 Consultant: University of Hawaii Law School, Honolulu
  • 1989-92 Member, Washington State Advisory Council on Libraries
  • 1986-89 Member, WESTLAW Academic Advisory Committee Board
  • 1986-87 Consultant and Resource Person: University of Victoria School of Law, Victoria, B.C., regarding future collections and the replacement of a law librarian
  • 1985-88 Consultant: National University Law School, San Diego, in preparation for ABA accreditation application
  • 1982 Consultant: Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts, Technical Evaluation Panel
  • 1979-81 Consultant: Maine Advisory Committee on County Law Libraries
  • 1980 Consultant: Preti, Flaherty & Beliveau

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School of Law

  • Supervised law school independent studies, analytic writing, tutorials, and externships, 1986 to present
  • Organized and participated in over 25 CLE programs sponsored by the Washington Law School Foundation.  Topics include "Computer-Assisted Legal Research" and "Internet Legal Research"
  • Advanced Legal Research, Law A549, 1993/94 to present
  • Indian Law, 1986/87

Information School

  • Supervised library school independent studies 1986 to present.
  • Selection and Processing of Law Library Materials
    1985/86 to present
    Taught in Spring Quarter
  • Legal Bibliography
    1985/86 - 1994/95
    Cross listed with Law School. Taught at least one time each academic year.
  • Advanced Legal Bibliography
    1985/86 - 1993/94
    Cross listed with Law School. Taught at least one time each academic year.
  • Law Library Administration
    1985/86 - 1986/87
    Currently taught by visitor in Summer Quarter

University of Washington, Service:

  • 2000- Tacoma Legal Education Work Group
  • 1999/2000 Ad Hoc Committee on Libraries Facilities Master Plan
  • 1999 Graduate School Representative on Doctoral Committee for Julie Scott
  • 1998 Graduate School Representative on Doctoral Committee for Virginia Rutter
  • 1995/96 Ad-Hoc Committee on Site Programming for the New Law School Building
  • 1992-93 UW Faculty Senate
  • 1990- UW Graduate Faculty Council
  • 1988- UW Extension, Management of Libraries Advisory Board
  • 1986- UW Extension, Paralegal Studies Program Advisory Board
  • Law School Committees 2000/01:
  • Washington Law Review (Faculty Business Manager)
    Pacific Rim Law and Policy Journal (Faculty Business Manager)
    Initial Appointments Committee, Chair
    New Law School Building Committee
    Washington Law School Foundation (ex officio)
    Promotion and Tenure Council (2001)

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2000 Frederick Charles Hicks Award for Outstanding Contributions to Academic Law Librarianship (AALL)
Washington Law School Foundation Scholar, 2000-2002
1999     LLOPS, President's Award
1997     The Joseph L. Andrews Bibliographical Award from AALL for Washington Legal Researcher's Deskbook, 2d.
1992     UW Graduate School of Library and Information Science, Distinguished Alumnus
1975     Lewis & Clark School of Law, Cornelius Honor Society, Charter Member


Books and Book Chapters
2002 Washington Legal Researcher's Deskbook 3d, Marian Gould Gallagher Law Library (2002), with Franklin, Hemmens, Hyatt, Jarrett, McMurrer, Nyberg, and Whisner.
2002 “The Leader as Teacher,” chapter in Herbert E. Cihak and Joan S. Howland, eds., Leadership Roles for Librarians, AALL (2002).
2001 “Banking Law,” Leah Chanin, ed., Specialized Legal Research, Aspen. Supplements 1989, 1990, 1993, 1997, 2001.
2001 Two articles selected for Best of Perspectives: Teaching Legal Research and Writing (2001): Why Don't We Teach Secondary Materials First? (Unedited version of this article) and “Develop the Habit: Note-Taking in Legal Research,” with Jarrett, McMurrer and Whisner.
1999 “Key Cite in Legal Research,” Law Firm Training Materials for West Group, April 1999.
1998 “Using KeyCite in Legal Research: Instructor’s Materials and Student Exercises,” West Group (1998).
1996 Washington Legal Researcher's Deskbook, 2d, Marian Gould Gallagher Law Library (1996), with Jarrett, McMurrer, Nyberg, Whisner.
1993 Computer-Assisted Legal Research: The Basics, West (1993).
1993 Washington Legal Researcher's Deskbook, WLSF (1994) with Cerjan, Jarrett, McCluer and Whisner.
1991 “An Essay on Integrating Manual and Computer Legal Research,” in Mersky, Roy, and Richard Leitner, eds., The Spirit of Law Librarianship: A Reader, Rothman & Co. (1991).
1991 “Computer-Assisted Legal Research,” in Rombauer, Marjorie, Legal Problem Solving, 5th ed., West Publishing Co. (1991).
1987 Rules and Orders of the Supreme Court of the United States: 1790–1980 (Microform), Reprint and Bibliography, William S. Hein & Co. (1987); update Fall 1990.
1986 “Designing and Maintaining Serials Check-in Systems: Even if You Plan to Automate,” with Dennis Benamati, AALL Occasional Paper No.2 (1986).

Journal Articles
2001 “I Am Not Bored--and Here's Why,” part of the collection “Care and Maintenance of the Successful Career: How Experienced Law Librarians Make their Work Rewarding,” 93 Law Library Journal 565-67 (2001).
1999 “Sometimes You Need a Good Shove,” 91 Law Library Journal 216-18 (1999).
1999 “What Law Librarians Collect,” 91 Law Library Journal 601 (1999).
1999 “How Much of Your Print Collection is Really on WESTLAW or LEXIS-NEXIS?,” 18 Legal Reference Services Quarterly 3-22 (No. 1, 1999).
1993 “Law Libraries as Special Libraries: An Educational Model,” 42 Library Trends, 319–41 (Fall 1993).
1990 “Tributes to Marian Gould Gallagher and Melissa Sue Landers,” in 82 Law Library Journal 399–401 (1990).
1990 “Marian Gould Gallagher: Who Was She Anyway?,” 65 Washington Law Review 739–741 (October 1990).
1989 “Library School and Legal Bibliographies,” 9 Legal Reference Services Quarterly 79–88 (1989).
1984 “Circuit Justice Assignments: 1802-1984,” 4 Legal Reference Services Quarterly 85 (1984-85).
1976 “The Literature Labyrinth of Nuclear Power: A Bibliography.” 6 Environmental Law 921 (1976).
1974 “Can You See the Forest for the Trees?,” 5 Environmental Law 85 (1974).

Newsletter and Newspaper Articles
2004 "Condon to Gates: Some Lessons," 14 LLOPSCited 4-5, (no. 2, Winter 2002).
2002 “Hot Topics: Grief in the Workplace,” 45 Law Library Lights 1, 3-6 (no. 2, Winter 2002). (Unedited version of this article)
2001 “Books? Why?” 3 Social Law @ Large 1,3 (no. 2, October 2001).
2000 “The Law School Library:  It’s More Than Just Books,” 22 National Law Journal at C3, 5 (July 17, 2000). Unedited version of this article entitled “The Academic Law Librarian:  One Day at a Time”
1999 “CALR and Print Collections in Law Libraries,” Duke University, AALL Space Planning and Technology for Academic Law Libraries Conference, March 1999.
1999 “Members’ Briefing: Education for Law Librarianship,” 4 AALL Spectrum 17-20 (Oct. 1999).
1999 “Why Don't We Teach Secondary Materials First?” (Unedited version of this article) 8 Perspectives 8-10 (no. 1, Fall 1999).
1999 “Help Wanted: Ensuring the Survival of Law Librarianship,” 4 AALL Spectrum 17, 20 (Oct. 1999).
1999 “Library Highlights: Electronic Law Library,” 30 Syllabus 12 (No. 3, Summer 1999).
1998 “Spotlight on Legal Research,” 4 AmLaw Tech 73–83 No.2, (Summer 1998).
1996 “Develop the Habit: Note-Taking in Legal Research,” 4 Perspectives 48-52 (Winter 1996), with Jarrett, McMurrer and Whisner.
1996 “Law Librarians as ‘Resourceful Strategists,’” Information Innovators: How Law Librarians are Reinventing Their Profession, 5 (July 1996).
1994 “Analyze, Evaluate, Deal: Here Are a Few Tips on Spending Your Legal Research Dollars Wisely,” Washington Journal, July 11, 1994 (Special Focus, p.9).
1994 “Marion [sic] Gould Gallagher Library,” 14 ALL-SIS Newsletter 1–3 (Summer 1994).
1992 “Symposium: Stimulated Thinking on Library Education and Specialization,” 23 AALL Newsletter 662–666 (February 1992).
1992 “Advanced Legal Research Courses: An Update,” 1 Perspectives 52–53 (1992–93).
1990 “Education for Law Librarians,” 48 Bookmark 278-281 (Summer 1990).
1990 “From the President,” monthly columns in AALL Newsletter, October 1990–July 1991.
1988 “Law Librarians and Teaching in Library Schools,” 2 Trends in Law Library Management and Technology 4–6 (October 1988).
1984 “The How & Why of AALL,” 28 Law Library Lights 5 (November 1984).

Book Reviews
1998 Book review, “Guide to Finding Legal and Regulatory Information on the Internet,” 49 Journal of the American Society of Information Science 1332 (no. 14, Dec. 1998).
1995 Book review, "Using Computers in Legal Research: A Guide to LEXIS and WESTLAW,” 3 Perspectives: Teaching Legal Research and Writing 44–5 (1995).
1988 Book Review of Lansing, Ron, “Skylarks and Lecterns: A Law School Charter,” New York: Huddleston-Brown, 1983, in 8 Legal Reference Services Quarterly 268–70 (1988).
1987 “A Book Review—Or What You Never Wanted to Know About Bibliographies,” 17 Environmental Law 355-364 (1987).

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