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Finding Articles in Journals, Newspapers and Edited Volumes

(See also Law Reviews and Journals (Online)

Japanese language Indexes
(See also online Japanese Language Indexes)
  • 法律判例分権情報 [Hōritsu hanrei bunken jōhō = Current legal information].  KNX5 .H67 at REF (Reference). CD ROM in Rob Britt's Office (Library Use Only)
    (Index to Journal articles and cases. Also available in CD ROM covering from 1982 through about 2 years before the current date. The paper version updates the CD ROM. CD ROM is library use only.)

  • 法律関係雑誌記事索引 [Hōritsu kankei zasshi kiji sakuin].  KNX5 .H672 at REF (Reference)

  • 最高裁判所図書館邦文法律雑誌記事索引 [Saikō Saibansho Toshokan hōbun hōritsu zasshi kiji sakuin]. KNX5 .S34 at REF (Reference).

English Language Indexes

  • LegalTrac (Legal Resource Index)
    (Connect from the Marian Catalog home page):

  • Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals.  (Online version)
    (Available to University of Washington students, faculty, and staff . Useful as an index to English language publications on Japanese law published in Japan, and Publications in other European languages on Japanese law. Also Includes indexing of a limited number of Japanese language legal periodicals. Indexing is in romanization, and covers approximately the years 1987-1992.)  Available for UW students, faculty and state from this page on the UW Libraries Research Databases list:
    IFLP (on OvidSP Wolters Kluwer)
    (Paper version at:  K33 .I46 at Reference Area)

  • Lexis/Nexis
    (Useful as an index to Newspapers in the United States, Japan, and elsewhere that occasionally discuss developments in Japanese law.)


  • Japanese business law in western languages : an annotated selective bibliography.  KNX911.2 .B38 1998

  • Japanisches Recht in westlichen Sprachen, 1974-1989 : eine Bibliographie = Japanese law in western languages, 1974-1989 : a bibliography.  KNX3 .S33 1992 at REF (Reference)

Newspapers (Print)
(See also the Newspapers and TV News (Online) on the Web Resources page)

  • In English

  • In Japanese

    • 法律新聞 [Hōritsu Shinbun].  NEWS (Newspaper Shelf)
      The Library keeps the current year.

    • University of Washington East Asian Library Newspaper Collection

      • 朝日新聞 Asahi Shinbun
        The East Asia Library receives the daily satellite edition of this newspaper. It is located on the library's Newspaper table until the microfilm is received.

      • Other Newspapers
        Some other specialized newspapers, and links to current issues on the web are available. Consult the East Asia Library for details.

Other Sources

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