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Finding Articles in Journals, Newspapers and Edited Volumes
(Updated July 03, 2014)
(See also Law Reviews and Journals (Online)

Japanese language Indexes
(See also online Japanese Language Indexes)

  • 法律判例分権情報 [Hōritsu hanrei bunken jōhō = Current legal information].  KNX5 .H67 at REF (Reference). CD ROM in Rob Britt's Office (Library Use Only)
    (Index to Journal articles and cases. Also available in CD ROM covering from 1982 through about 2 years before the current date. The paper version updates the CD ROM. CD ROM is library use only.)

  • 法律関係雑誌記事索引 [Hōritsu kankei zasshi kiji sakuin].  KNX5 .H672 at REF (Reference)

  • 最高裁判所図書館邦文法律雑誌記事索引 [Saikō Saibansho Toshokan hōbun hōritsu zasshi kiji sakuin]. KNX5 .S34 at REF (Reference).

English Language Indexes

  • LegalTrac (Legal Resource Index)
    (Connect from the Marian Catalog home page):

  • Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals.  (Online version)
    (Available to University of Washington students, faculty, and staff . Useful as an index to English language publications on Japanese law published in Japan, and Publications in other European languages on Japanese law. Also Includes indexing of a limited number of Japanese language legal periodicals. Indexing is in romanization, and covers approximately the years 1987-1992.)  Available for UW students, faculty and state from this page on the UW Libraries Research Databases list:
    IFLP (on OvidSP Wolters Kluwer)
    (Paper version at:  K33 .I46 at Reference Area)

  • Lexis/Nexis
    (Useful as an index to Newspapers in the United States, Japan, and elsewhere that occasionally discuss developments in Japanese law.)


  • Japanese business law in western languages : an annotated selective bibliography.  KNX911.2 .B38 1998

  • Japanisches Recht in westlichen Sprachen, 1974-1989 : eine Bibliographie = Japanese law in western languages, 1974-1989 : a bibliography.  KNX3 .S33 1992 at REF (Reference)

Newspapers (Print)
(See also the Newspapers and TV News (Online) on the Web Resources page)

  • In English

  • In Japanese

    • 法律新聞 [Hōritsu Shinbun].  NEWS (Newspaper Shelf)
      The Library keeps the current year.

    • University of Washington East Asian Library Newspaper Collection

      • 朝日新聞 Asahi Shinbun
        The East Asia Library receives the daily satellite edition of this newspaper. It is located on the library's Newspaper table until the microfilm is received.

      • Other Newspapers
        Some other specialized newspapers, and links to current issues on the web are available. Consult the East Asia Library for details.

Other Sources

  • Asian Law on the Social Sciences Research Network Electronic Library (SSRN) Legal Scholarship Network (LSN)
    University of Washington Law School-affiliated individuals may access this fee-based full-text list of PDF articles on Asian law when connecting from UW IP addresses.  Articles include some that are published elsewhere in Journals or edited volumes, and others that appear only in unpublished "working papers" series (difficult to find in other sources).  For more information, click here:

  • Columbia University Center for Law and Economic Studies Working Papers (Online PDF files)
    Includes articles about Asian law, many not published elsewhere.

  • Harvard Law School, John M. Olin Center for Law, Economics, and Business, Program on Corporate Governance Working Papers
    Includes articles on Japanese Law (Use your browser's "find in this page" to search for keywords)