Gallagher Law Library Staff Directory

Updated August 4, 2014.

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Name Photo Phone
Alberthal, Crystal 543-6516 calberth Library Specialist, Serials
Ballard, Karen   543-6448 ballardk Library Specialist, Cataloging
Britt, Rob


543-7447 rrbritt

Coordinator of East Asian Library Services

Davis, Judy   543-4262 davisja Librarian, Resource Sharing
Escarez, Flora 543-6448 fescarez Library Specialist, Cataloging

Endter, Anna


Anna Endter 685-4084 aendter Librarian, Reference

Feldman, Grace


  543-4097 gfeldman Librarian, Reference
Franklin, Jonathan


543-4089 jafrank Associate Law Librarian
Hall, Sharon   543-6448 stsnyder Library Specialist Supervisor, Cataloging
Hart, Tricia   543-6516 hart Librarian, Cataloging
Hazelton, Penny

CV & Publications

543-4089 pennyh Associate Dean for Library & Computing Services
Jarrett, Peggy


  543-1941 pjarrett Collection Development & Reference Librarian
Johnson, Fran 543-4089 franj Fiscal Specialist, WLR & PacRim
Jost, Richard


685-4980 rmjost Information Systems Coordinator
Kim, Choong   221-6338 chk Fiscal Specialist
Mack, Kaden   543-9437 kadenm Library Tech, Circulation
Morley, Craig   543-7686 cmorley Library Materials Conservation Supervisor, Serials
Nez, Ann 543-6516 acnez Technical Services Coordinator
Northington, Vickie 685-9459 vcn Library Supervisor, Circulation
Nyberg, Cheryl

For reference assistance
call 543-6794

  685-4924 cnyberg Coordinator for Reference Services
Pike, Nikki 221-7290 epike CILP Information Specialist
Roberts, Patty   685-6940 proberts Library Tech Lead, Evening Circulation Supervisor
Tawatao, Dave   543-6457 adt Senior Computer Specialist
Turnquist, Reba   543-4098 rct Librarian, Collection Development
Whisner, Mary

For reference assistance
call 543-6794

543-7672 whisner

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Librarian, Reference

Wolotira, Alena

For reference assistance
call 543-6794

Alena Wolotira 685-4812 alenaw Librarian, Reference
Zhang, Quan (John) 543-6516 qzhang Library Tech, Acquisitions

By Department

Access Services
(Circulation & Document Delivery)

Jonathan Franklin (CV)

  • Judy Davis
  • Kaden Mack
  • Vickie Northington
  • Patty Roberts
Administrative Services

Penny Hazelton (CV)

  • Jonathan Franklin (CV)
  • Fran Johnson
  • Richard Jost (CV)
  • Choong Kim
  • Natalie Riha
  • Dave Tawatao
Collection Development

Reba Turnquist

  • Rob Britt (CV)
  • Peggy Jarrett (CV)
East Asian Law

Rob Britt (CV)


Call 543-6794 for Reference assistance.

Cheryl Nyberg (CV)

  • Anna Endter (CV)
  • Grace Feldman (CV)
  • Peggy Jarrett (CV)
  • Mary Whisner (CV)
  • Alena Wolotira (CV)
Technical Services

Ann Nez

  • Crystal Alberthal
  • Karen Ballard
  • Flora Escarez
  • Sharon Hall
  • Tricia Hart
  • Craig Morley
  • Quan (John) Zhang