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Updated August 1, 2013

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Legal Resources & Research Classes

Law Librarianship & Law Library Administration Classes

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Legal Resources & Research Classes

Introduction to legal bibliography and law librarianship. Basic primary and secondary legal bibliographic tools. Integration of manual and computer resources for effective legal research. Legal tools that answer more complex legal research problems, such as federal legislative histories, sources of administrative law, and specialized subject research.

School Course Name Instructor(s) Syllabi
Dominican U LIS 789: Legal Information Sources Barbara Golden Fall 2003
Drexel U INFO 681: Legal Bibliography Heidi Heller Winter 1998
Indiana U - Bloomington L530: Legal Bibliography and Law Library Administration Keith Buckley & Linda Fariss Spring 2003 & Spring 2001
Long Island U LIS 608: Legal Sources and Services NYU Law Library Faculty

Jack McNeil

Fall 2004 & Spring 1998
Pratt Institute LIS 617: Legal Research Methods and Law Literature David Hollander Fall 2012
Sara Robbins Spring 1998
San Jose State U LIBR 220: Resources and Information Services; Focus Legal Resources Marc Lampson Spring 2003
Andrew Gurthet Fall 2002
Mary Minow Fall 1998
St. John's U. Advanced Legal Research Ralph Monaco Spring 2013 & Winter 2012
Syracuse  U IST 606: Legal Information Resources Yvonne Chandler Fall 2000
U of Maryland LBSC 764: Access to Legal Information Roberta Shaffer Spring 2003
U of North Carolina at Chapel Hill INLS 229: Law Libraries and Legal Information Laura Gasaway & Anne Klinefelter Spring 2000
SILS 890-136: Legal Information Scott Childs Spring 2007
U of North Texas SLIS 5647: Legal Information Access and Services Yvonne Chandler Fall 1999
U of Washington 591: Legal Research I Mary Hotchkiss Fall 2010, Fall 2009, Fall 2006 & Fall 2004
592: Legal Research II Winter 2007, Winter 2005 & Winter 2004
549: Advanced Legal Research Penny Hazelton Winter 2013, Winter 2012, Winter 2011, Winter 2010, Winter 2009, Winter 2008, Winter 2007 & Winter 2006
Wayne State U LIS 8120: Legal Information Resources Jan Bissett & Margi Heinen Spring/Summer 2011

Law Librarianship & Law Library Administration Classes

Administration in law libraries, including organization, personnel, and management issues (e.g., interviewing, hiring, firing), communications, library planning, and bookkeeping. development and collection development plans in law libraries. All law library technical processes, including acquisitions, budgeting, cataloging, and serials.

School Course Name Instructor(s) Syllabi
U of Arizona Law 681E / IRLS 681E: Law Library Practice & Administration Mike Chiorazzi Spring 2014
Catholic U of America LSC 825: Law Librarianship Robyn Elizabeth Rebollo Summer 2003
College of St. Catherine LIS 788: Law Librarianship Margaret Maes Axtmann Winter 2005
Dominican U LIS 788: Law Librarianship Gretchen Van Dam Spring 2003
Indiana U - Bloomington L530: Legal Bibliography and Law Library Administration Keith Buckley & Linda Fariss Spring 2003
North Carolina Central U LSIS 5210: Administration of Law Libraries Deborah Mayo Jefferies Spring 1995
St. John's U. LIS 243: Law Library Administration Ralph Monaco Summer 2013 & Summer 2012
State U of New York at Buffalo LIS 500: Law Library Administration James Milles Spring 2004
U of Kentucky LIS 641: Law Librarianship Herb Cihak Interim Session 1998
U of North Texas SLIS 5366: Law Library Management Yvonne J. Chandler Spring 2000
U of Washington Selection & Processing of Law Library Materials Penny Hazelton Spring 2013, Spring 2012, Spring 2011, Spring 2010, Spring 2009, Spring 2008, Spring 2006 & Spring 2004
U of Washington Law Library Administration Carolyn Ahearn Summer 2010