L530 School of Library and Information Science

Indiana University
Bloomington, Indiana

Spring 2003

INSTRUCTORS: Keith A. Buckley and Linda K. Fariss


CLASSROOM: Law School 122

TELEPHONE: 855-9666


Berring, Robert C., Finding the Law, 11th Ed., St. Paul, MN: West, 1999.

A Uniform System of Citation, 17th edition, Cambridge, MA: Harvard Law
Review Association, 2000.

Jan 13 Introduction to Research: government structure, reporters (Fariss)
Reading: Berring, pp. 1-62
Jan 15 Citation form (Buckley)
Bring A Uniform System of Citation to class
Reading: To be assigned
Jan 20 No Class (Martin Luther King Holiday)
Jan 22 Digests (Fariss)
Reading: Berring, pp. 91-122
Jan 27 Digests cont’d (Fariss)
Reading: Berring, pp. 91-122
Jan 29 Encyclopedias and ALR (Buckley)
Reading: Berring, pp. 122-126: 301-303
Feb 3 Constitutions and Statutes (Fariss)
Reading: Berring, pp. 134-172; 211-229
Feb 5 Statutes cont’d, Congressional Material (Fariss)
Reading: Berring, pp. 134-172; 177-210
Feb 10 Congressional Material cont’d (Fariss)
Reading: Berring, pp.177-210
Feb 12 Administrative Regulations (Fariss)
Reading: Berring, pp. 230-256
Feb 17 Presidential Documents; Administrative Decisions, Govt. Documents
Reading: Berring, pp. 262-269; 257-261
Feb 19 Citator's (Buckley)
Reading: Berring, pp. 63-90
Feb 24 Practicum (covering lectures thru Feb. 10)
Feb 26 Looseleaf Services and Topical Reporters (Fariss)
Reading: Berring, pp. 42; 52; 59; 127
Mar 3 Treatises, Restatements, Uniform Laws (Buckley)
Reading: Berring, pp. 297-299; 303-304; 173-174
Mar 5 Court Rules, Federal Rules Service, Appellate Briefs, Practice Aids (Buckley)
Reading: Berring, pp. 270-295
Mar 10 Periodicals, Indexes, Directories, Dictionaries, Words and Phrases (Buckley)
Reading: Berring, pp. 299-300; 304-306; 310-311
Mar 12 International Law Materials (Buckley)
Reading: to be assigned
Mar 24 Practicum (covering lectures from Feb. 12 thru Mar. 3)
Mar 26 English Legal Research and Foreign Materials (Fariss)
Mar 31 LEXIS (Buckley)
Reading: to be assigned
Apr 2 WESTLAW (Buckley)
Reading: to be assigned
Apr 7 WESTLAW (Buckley)
Reading: to be assigned
Apr 9 Panel of Law Librarians
Apr 14 Legal Materials for Non-law Libraries and Non-law Materials for Law Libraries (Buckley)
Apr 16 Practicum (Comprehensive - 2 hours)
Apr 21 Administration (Fariss)
Apr 23 Evaluation
Apr 28 No Class
Apr 30 No Class


The grade will be calculated from a combination of Assignments and Practicum scores. They will be determined by the following weights:

Assignments 45%

2 Practicums @ 15%
Final Practicum @ 20% 50%

Reference Work and Class Participation 5%

Total: 100%

Daily assignments should be returned on the date indicated by the instructor when distributed. Late papers will be penalized 10 percentage points per day.

Absence from a practicum will bring an automatic 0 for the practicum unless there is an approved excuse and make-up practicum.


There will be three practicums covering the legal bibliography segment of the course. The last practicum will cover the entire course. They will be as follows:

Monday, February 24

Wednesday, March 26

Wednesday, April 16

Students will have 1 1/2 hours to complete each of the first two practicums. Two hours will be given for the final practicum. Specific times and further information on the practicums will be given in class.

LEXIS and WESTLAW training

In addition to class lectures, each student is required to attend a hands-on training session for each system. Times will be announced at a later date. To make-up for attending these sessions, the last two class periods of the semester will be cancelled.

Guest Speaker Panels

There will be a panel of guest speakers this year covering other types of law libraries. Attendance at the panel discussion is required.

Reference Requirement

Each member of the class is required to work three hours of reference at the Law Library. These hours must be worked between March 24th and April 25th. There will be day and evening hours available. Sign-up sheets will be in the Reference Office.