About the Conference

The Conference of Law Library Educators was established in 1989 after meeting as a roundtable of the Academic Law Libraries Special Interest Section of the American Association of Law Libraries (AALL). Though informal, this group has met at every AALL Annual Meeting since 1989 and is recognized as a Caucus by AALL. Founding organizers were Sara Robbins and Melanie Solon.

The purpose of the Conference is to provide a forum for librarians and others who teach law librarianship and legal research courses in graduate schools of library and information science. Over the years our informal discussions have covered topics such as course descriptions, syllabi, textbooks, internships, the role of part-time teachers, the relationship between the teacher's institution and graduate program, teaching titles, and more.

The vast majority of those teaching legal research/law librarianship courses in library schools are practicing law librarians. However, there is now a core group of 5 or 6 full-time library/information science faculty who teach these courses as well. With this webpage we hope to begin to create a bridge between law librarian practitioners and full-time graduate program faculty who have this common ground - teaching specialized law librarianship courses in graduate programs of library and information science.

We want to thank Dr. Yvonne J. Chandler and the University of North Texas School of Library and Information Sciences for creating and hosting the first Web page - and for beginning the dialog.

I am the current convener of the Conference of Law Library Educators. Please contact me if you have any questions or if you have any corrections or suggestions for this Web page.

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