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Historical Newspaper Clippings and Photographs
Regarding Washington Attorneys and Judges

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Table sorted by PICTURE field
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Last Name First Name Info Available Picture
Yantis Benjamin F. Yes
Yaroshefsky Ellen Yes
Yates Chuck Yes
Yates Lee Yes
Yates Stephenie E. Yes
Yeatts Fred Yes
Yencopal Albert Yes
Yeomans Robert Yes
Yorke Waldo Yes
Young James C. Yes
Young James R. Yes
Young Peter Yes
Youngberg Jack Yes
Youngblood Deborah Yes
Yukimura JoAnn A. Yes
Yulee Elias Yes
Yakey John B. Yes in folder
Yamanaga Bruce No in folder
Yamasaki Minoura No in folder
Yannick Barbara T. Yes in folder
Yantis George F. No in folder
Yates William E. Yes in folder
Yoder Moses No in folder
Yothers Robert Yes in folder
Young Andrew J. Yes in folder
Young Jim Yes in folder
Youngquist Reuben No in folder
Yurk Mona Yes in folder
Young Dulcie C Yes see 1953 Class picture
Young G.W. No see 1959 Spokane County Bench and Bar
Young Mike Yes see Piper, John folder