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Historical Newspaper Clippings and Photographs
Regarding Washington Attorneys and Judges

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Table sorted by PICTURE field
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Last Name First Name Info Available Picture
Vail Annette Yes
Van Fredenberg Don Yes
Van Marter Charles Yes
Van Ness William Yes
Van Ness William J. Yes
Van Nuys Heather Yes
Van Nuys M.H. Yes
Van Sickle Fred Yes
Van Siclen Robert Yes
Van Valis Victor Yes
Van Vleet Lewis Yes
Van Walker Gaye Yes
Van Wyck S.M. Yes
Vance J. Duane Yes
Vandeberg Elvin Yes
Vanderbeek Diane Yes
Vannice Leslie E. Yes
Vansycle Henry Yes
Veblen John Yes
Veeder William H. Yes
Verharen Arthur W. Yes
Vess Clair Yes
Vestal Josephine Yes
Vetter William V. Yes
Vhugen Harold F. Yes
Vick Henry G. Yes
Villareale Robert W. Yes
Vinsonhaler Edward A. Yes
Virginia State Library of Yes
Volinn Sidney C. Yes
Volk Geri Yes
Von Reis John Yes
Vortman Martin L. Yes
Vovos Mark Yes
Van Dyke John B. Yes in folder
Van Eaton Robert H. No in folder
Van Name Jesse F. Yes in folder
Van Noy Carolyn No in folder
Van Ruff W.F. No in folder
Van Soelen A.C. Yes in folder
Van Valin Victor Yes in folder
Vance Thomas M. Yes in folder
Vanderhoeff Kenneth D. Yes in folder
Vandermeer George F. Yes in folder
Velarde Albert Yes in folder
Velikanje E.B. No in folder
Vercimak John F. Yes in folder
Vessels Rodney J. Yes in folder
Viert No in folder
Vincent L.A. Yes in folder
Volpe John A. Yes in folder
Voorhees Charles S. Yes in folder
Voorhees Donald Yes in folder
Voris Lester C. No in folder
Vreeland Victoria Yes in folder
VonTobel Edward No see 1903 Seattle Bench and Bar
Villesvik Malcom No see 1953 Class picture
Van Tyen E.W. Yes see 1959 Spokane County Bar
Vogel John L. No see Class of 1937 Reunion Party