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Historical Newspaper Clippings and Photographs
Regarding Washington Attorneys and Judges

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Table sorted by PICTURE field
(clicking on a column heading will sort the data by that heading in ascending order)

Last Name First Name Info Available Picture
Rabideau Jim (C.J.) Yes
Radcliffe Kerry E. Yes
Radliff Duane S. Yes
Raekes Philip (Phil) Yes
Raettig Herman G. Yes
Raff Douglass Yes
Raines Frank Yes
Raley James G. Yes
Ralls Charles Yes
Ramsdell James V. Yes
Ramsey Claude Yes
Ramstedt John Yes
Ranck Lee E. Yes
Randall William R. Yes
Randolph Robert C. Yes
Ranes Jeff Yes
Rank Daryl Yes
Rasin U.M Yes
Rasmussen Karen Yes
Rasset Laura Yes
Rathbone Bean Yes
Ratner Howard Yes
Raugust Dale L. Yes
Rauscher Edward A. Yes
Raymond John F. Yes
Read Dale Yes
Read Thomas W. Yes
Reardon Barbara E. Yes
Redenbaugh John M. Yes
Redman Mac Yes
Redman Robert Yes
Reed Edward P. Yes
Reed M.O. Yes
Reed Richard C. Yes
Reed Roger Yes
Reeder Levi B. Yes
Reeves Fred Yes
Reich Jay A. Yes
Reid Featherstone Yes
Reid Ray Yes
Reid Ross Yes
Reid Ross Yes
Reid Warren F. Yes
Reidinger Jeff Yes
Reiser Raymond Yes
Reisler Steven A. Yes
Reisner Hanna Yes
Reiter Bernard Yes
Reiter E.D. Yes
Rekow Kenneth E. Yes
Rene Elizabeth Yes
Reneau W.A. Yes
Reseburg Walter J. Yes
Reser Yancy Yes
Ressler Theodore Yes
Revelle George Yes
Reynolds A. Stewart Yes
Reynolds Allen H. Yes
Reynolds Charles L. Yes
Reynolds Lee J. Yes
Reynolds Lee R. Yes
Rhodes Harry A. Yes
Rice David Yes
Rice Fred E. No
Rice Fred L. Yes
Rice H.B. No
Rich H.W. Yes
Richards Richard J. Yes
Richardson Simon P. Yes
Rickard Lenos J. Yes
Riddell C.M. Yes
Riddell Richard H. Yes
Ridpath William M. Yes
Riedinger Jeff Yes
Riese John Yes
Riess Jerry B. Yes
Riley John Yes
Rinaldi Al Yes
Ripley G.G. Yes
Ripley Ted Yes
Ripple John J. Yes
Ritchie Craig Yes
Ritchie John Yes
Ritter Daniel B. Yes
Riviera Daniel J. Yes
Robb Samford A. Yes
Robben Paul Yes
Roberts Frank H. Yes
Roberts Frank H. Yes
Roberts J. Yes
Roberts John A., Jr. Yes
Roberts Ralph W. Yes
Robertson Bill Yes
Robinson John O. Yes
Robinson John Sherman Yes
Robinson Joseph Yes
Robinson Lelia J. Yes
Robinson Lloyd Yes
Robinson William T. Yes
Roche Eugene B. Yes
Roche James Yes
Rochester Junius Yes
Rochford Jared A. Yes
Roddis Richard Yes
Rodgers Mrs. Linda Yes
Roe Becky Yes
Roe Harding T. Yes
Roehl William Yes
Rogers Larry Yes
Rogers Ralph M. Yes
Rohls Richard M. Yes
Rohrer A. Corinne Yes
Rolfe James D. Yes
Rombauer Edgar Yes
Rons Happy Yes
Roper James D. Yes
Rosellini Albert Yes
Rosen Lee Yes
Rosen Michael Yes
Rosenberg Jess N. Yes
Rosenblume Theodore M. Yes
Rosenhaupt Hugh Yes
Rosenow Jack G. Yes
Rosner Jo Yes
Ross Erskine M. Yes
Ross Lawrence Yes
Ross Michael Yes
Ross Susan Yes
Rothschild John Yes
Rothschild Peter Yes
Rothstein Barbara Yes
Rotman Harvey Yes
Rourke William D. Yes
Rouvelas E.L. (Manny) Yes
Rowell Fred Rice Yes
Rowland Harry G. Yes
Royal Ralph H. Yes
Royce Tim Yes
Rubidge William Yes
Rubin Jerome L. Yes
Rudolph Wallace Yes
Ruff Frank J. Yes
Rumley Marjorie Yes
Rummens J. Orville Yes
Runkel Ross Yes
Rush William J. Yes
Russ Juckett Yes
Russell Osborne Yes
Russell S.S. Yes
Rutherford Frank P. Yes
Rutherford J.K. Yes
Rutherford Sam Yes
Rutherford William C. Yes
Rutter John E., Jr. Yes
Ryals Rembert Yes
Rae Felix No in folder
Raftis Edmund Yes in folder
Rakow Ross R. Yes in folder
Raleigh Marjorie S. Yes in folder
Ralls Alice O. Yes in folder
Ralston John M. Yes in folder
Ramey Henry M. No in folder
Ramsey Haswell J. Yes in folder
Randolph G.G. (Bill) Yes in folder
Rands Edward M. No in folder
Ratcliffe Robert Yes in folder
Rathbun John C. Yes in folder
Rawson Zephaniah B. Yes in folder
Rea Felix Yes in folder
Reading H.W. No in folder
Reagan F.C. No in folder
Reaugh Dan Yes in folder
Reavis James B. Yes in folder
Redden James W. No in folder
Redman Bob Yes in folder
Redman Eric Yes in folder
Redman Mike Yes in folder
Reed Edward P. Yes in folder
Reed John F. Yes in folder
Reed Thomas M. Yes in folder
Reeves Belle Yes in folder
Reeves Frank Yes in folder
Reid Frank T. Yes in folder
Reid George T. Yes in folder
Reilly Stephen M. Yes in folder
Reinhart C.S. Yes in folder
Rembert Adair No in folder
Remington Arthur Yes in folder
Remsberg Charles Yes in folder
Reno Don M., Jr. Yes in folder
Repeta Larry Yes in folder
Revelle Randy Yes in folder
Reynolds C.B. Yes in folder
Reynolds Charles A. Yes in folder
Reynolds Charles B. Yes in folder
Reynolds W.A. Yes in folder
Rice Alonzo E. Yes in folder
Rice Earl G. No in folder
Richards Dwayne A. Yes in folder
Richards Nathan Yes in folder
Richardson Charles No in folder
Richardson M.M. No in folder
Richardson William E. Yes in folder
Richey Jack Yes in folder
Richie William B. No in folder
Richmond W.A. Yes in folder
Riddall William R. Yes in folder
Riddell Charles F. Yes in folder
Riddle Charles A. Yes in folder
Rieke Luvern No in folder
Rieke Paul Yes in folder
Rigg Harry B. Yes in folder
Rindal Joel A.C. Yes in folder
Rinehart William V., Jr. No in folder
Ringhoffer Herbert Yes in folder
Ringold Solie M. Yes in folder
Rinker (family) No in folder
Rivers Ralph J. Yes in folder
Roberts John W. Yes in folder
Roberts Logan H. Yes in folder
Roberts Patricia No in folder
Robertson Frederick C. Yes in folder
Robinson Joan Yes in folder
Robinson Joseph W. Yes in folder
Rochester G.A.C. No in folder
Roddis (family) Yes in folder
Roderick John Yes in folder
Roe Willard J. Yes in folder
Rogers Bruce No in folder
Rogers John R. Yes in folder
Rohrback Pinckney M. Yes in folder
Romaine Jerome W. Yes in folder
Ronald James T. Yes in folder
Roney Ward Yes in folder
Root Milo A. Yes in folder
Rorick Michael No in folder
Roscoe Christopher Yes in folder
Rose John W. No in folder
Rosellini Hugh J. Yes in folder
Rosellini John M. Yes in folder
Rosling Eric E. Yes in folder
Roth Charles Yes in folder
Roth Joan No in folder
Roudebush Rex S. Yes in folder
Rowland Dix H. No in folder
Rowland H.G. No in folder
Rowland Melanie No in folder
Royal M.G. No in folder
Royal Raymond Yes in folder
Ruby W.N. Yes in folder
Ruckelshaus William D. Yes in folder
Rudkin Frank H. Yes in folder
Rulli James Yes in folder
Rummel Bartlett Yes in folder
Rummens George H. Yes in folder
Runner J.L. No in folder
Runstad Judith Yes in folder
Russell Greg No in folder
Russell Thomas B. Yes in folder
Russell Tom Yes in folder
Rutledge Ivan C. Yes in folder
Ryan Frank W. Yes in folder
Ryan John E. Yes in folder
Ryland A.S. No in folder
Rupp John N. Yes JD. Thesis in folder
Rayburn J.W. Yes see 1903 Seattle Bench and Bar
Randolph F.F. No see 1913 Seattle Bench and Bar
Rembert Adair Yes see 1913 Seattle Bench and Bar
Roney Ned No see 1913 Seattle Bench and Bar
Ramsey Henry M., Jr. No see 1917 Seattle Bench and Bar
Rader Gary M. No see 1927 Washington Bench and Bar
Remann F.G. Yes see 1927 Washington Bench and Bar
Russell Antone E. Yes see 1927 Washington Bench and Bar
Revelle Geoffrey Yes see 1927 Washington County Bar
Richabough Charles No see 1927 Washington County Bar
Richards W.C. No see 1927 Washington County Bar
Ritchie William B. No see 1927 Washington County Bar
Reid R.W. No see 193 Seattle Bench and Bar
Rayback John No see 1953 class picture
Reaber Carolyn No see 1953 class picture
Rees Merrifield No see 1953 class picture
Rousso Lou No see 1953 class picture
Randall C.D. No see 1959 Spokane County Bar
Redfield R.A. No see 1959 Spokane County Bar
Reiley E. No see 1959 Spokane County Bar
Rekofke J.J. No see 1959 Spokane County Bar
Repsold N. B. No see 1959 Spokane County Bar
Richard R.J. No see 1959 Spokane County Bar
Richter P.H. No see 1959 Spokane County Bar
Roberts E.R. No see 1959 Spokane County Bar
Rodgers W.R. Yes see 1959 Spokane County Bar
Rosamond J.R. No see 1959 Spokane County Bar
Rudolph K.M No see 1959 Spokane County Bar
Rickles P. Allen No see Rep. Lawyers and Judges of King Co. 1932
Roberts Fred M No see Rep. Lawyers and Judges of King Co. 1932
Robinson John S. Yes see Rep. Lawyers and Judges of King Co. 1932
Rode Alfred No see Rep. Lawyers and Judges of King Co. 1932
Romano Al Yes see Sawyer, Jack
Rotchford M. No see Spokane County Bar 1959
Rockefeller Philip Yes see Weyerhaeuser Magazine