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Historical Newspaper Clippings and Photographs
Regarding Washington Attorneys and Judges

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Table sorted by PICTURE field
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Last Name First Name Info Available Picture
Igl Jerry H. Yes
Iglitzen Lynn Yes
Ikeda Gary Yes
Immelt Jay Yes
Inglehart Ira P. Yes
Ingram Bill Yes
Inman Wiliam A. Yes
Inslee Even E. Yes
Inverarity Duncan G. Yes
Irwin James R. Yes
Irwin Mason Yes
Isham Alfred E. Yes
Iverson Lyle Yes
Ivie Robert S. Yes
Iwamoto Gary Yes
Ingalls Kenneth F. Yes in folder
Ingersoll Oliver R Yes in folder
Ishikawa Richard Yes in folder
Israel George C. Yes in folder
Ivey J.N. No in folder
Ingersoll M.H. No see 1913 Seattle Bench and Bar
Imus A.H. No see 1927 Washington Bench and Bar
Irwin P.H. No see 1959 Spokane County Bar
Iunker W.B. No see 1959 Spokane County Bar
Irwin Claude K. No see Class of 1937 Reunion Party photograph
Israel Allen No see photo taken at 1977 Law Review Orientation