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Historical Newspaper Clippings and Photographs
Regarding Washington Attorneys and Judges

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Table sorted by LAST NAME field
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Last Name First Name Info Available Picture
Jackson Dillon E. Yes
Jackson Henry (Scoop) Yes
Jackson Henry M. Yes in folder
Jackson John R. Yes
Jackson Roy Yes
Jackson William H. Yes in folder
Jackson Willie E. Yes
Jacobs B.F. Yes
Jacobs Hiram J. Yes
Jacobs Orange Yes in folder
Jacobsen Christofer Yes see 1913 Seattle Bench and Bar
Jacobson Ross D. Yes
Jacques Robert A. Yes
Jaenicke Paul C. Yes
Jaffe Robert No in folder
Jahnke J.H. No in folder
Jamar Moses S. Yes in folder
James Frank Yes in folder
Jamieson David Yes
Jamieson Edward H. Yes
Jamison John J. No in folder
Jamison John J. No see 1913 Seattle Bench and Bar
Janicke John G. Yes
Jarvi Kenneth Yes in folder
Jarvis Peter Yes
Jasen Henry Yes in folder
Jaynes W.H., Jr. Yes
Jeffers Clyde G. Yes see 1927 Washington Bench and Bar
Jeffers Michael B. Yes
Jeffery Fletcher M. Yes
Jeffrey Frank R. Yes see 1927 Washington Bench and Bar
Jelsing Larry Yes
Jenkins David Yes in folder
Jenkins Peter Yes
Jenner Charles K. Yes in folder
Jennings Don Yes
Jennings Robert W. Yes
Jensen Everett Yes
Jensen Richard J. Yes in folder
Jensen Roberta Yes in folder
Jesseph Jerry G. Yes
Jesseph Merton E. Yes in folder
Jewett Doug Yes
Joab Albert E. Yes in folder
Johansen Helen M. Yes in folder
Johanson Stanley M. Yes
John Hunter Yes
Johns Don Yes
Johns Robert Yes
Johnsen Olif Yes
Johnson Andrew Yes
Johnson Arlis Yes in folder
Johnson Barbara Yes in folder
Johnson Bernice Yes
Johnson Bertil E. Yes in folder
Johnson Brooks K. Yes
Johnson Carl L. Yes see photos of the class of 1937 Reunion Party
Johnson Charles Yes
Johnson Cheryl No in folder
Johnson Dan Yes
Johnson Delbert W. (Bud) Yes
Johnson Donald L. Yes in folder
Johnson Esther J. Yes
Johnson F.N. Yes
Johnson Frank H. Yes in folder
Johnson H.V. No see 1959 Spokane County Bar
Johnson Harold D. Yes
Johnson Harvey L. Yes
Johnson James T. Yes
Johnson Jasper W. Yes
Johnson Jerome M. Yes in folder
Johnson Jerry Yes
Johnson Jim Yes
Johnson Larry Yes
Johnson Lewis H. Yes see 1959 Spokane County Bar
Johnson Linda L. Yes
Johnson N.S. No see 1959 Spokane County Bar
Johnson Ofell H. No see Rep. Judges and Lawyers of King Co. of 1932
Johnson Parish B. Yes
Johnson R.E. No see 1959 Spokane County Bar
Johnson Ralph Yes in folder
Johnson Roger J. Yes in folder
Johnson Smith Yes
Johnson Stephen L. Yes
Johnson W. Lon Yes in folder
Johnston E.W. No see 1959 Spokane County Bar
Johnston Elizabeth Yes
Johnston Elmer E. Yes
Johnston Frank H. Yes
Johnston John Yes
Johnston Joseph H. Yes in folder
Johnston Lee Yes in folder
Johnston LevyS. Yes in folder
Johnstone Walter Yes see 1913 Seattle Bench and Bar
Joiner George A. Yes in folder
Jones Bradley T. Yes
Jones Diane Yes
Jones George H. Yes in folder
Jones Gordon S. Yes in folder
Jones Harry B., Jr. Yes see class of 1937 Reunion party
Jones J. Will Yes in folder
Jones J.B. Yes
Jones Lewis N. Yes
Jones Madison R. Yes
Jones R. DeWitt Yes
Jones Ralph Yes
Jones Richard A. Yes in folder
Jones Richard A. Yes in folder
Jones Richard F. No see picture under Robert C. Hunter
Jones Richard S. Yes in folder
Jones Robert M. Yes see 1927 Washington Bench and Bar
Jones Roger W. Yes
Jones Seymour Yes in folder
Jones W.K. No see 1959 Spokane County Bar
Jones W.W. No see 1959 Spokane County Bar
Jones Wesley L. Yes in folder
Jones William C. Yes in folder
Jonson Carl A. Yes in folder
Jonson Mike Yes in folder
Jonsson Jon M. Yes
Jordan Llewellyn Yes
Jordan Marilyn Yes in folder
Jordan Thomas G. Yes
Joslin Falcon Yes in folder
Juarez Santiago Yes
Judd Edward Yes in folder
Judkins Vernon T. Yes
Judson C. James Yes
Judson John P. Yes
Judson Stephen Yes
Julin Axel C. Yes in folder
Jurey John S. Yes in folder
Jurkins Jacquelyn Yes in folder