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Historical Newspaper Clippings and Photographs
Regarding Washington Attorneys and Judges

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Table sorted by INFORMATION AVAILABLE field
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Last Name First Name Info Available Picture
Nappi J. No see 1959 Spokane County Bar
Neal F. No see Wash. State Attorneys Photos file
Neal Frank C. No see 1917 Seattle Bench and Bar
Needham D.J. No in folder
Neff J.L. No see 1959 Spokane County Bar
Nethercutt G. No see 1959 Spokane County Bar
Newton H.R. No see 1959 Spokane County Bar
Newton J.Ambler No see Rep. Lawyers and Judges of King Co. 1932
Nicholson C. No see 1959 Spokane County Bar
Noble Frank A. No see 1913 Seattle Bench and Bar
Noble Osee W. No see 1927 Washington Bench and Bar
Noland H.B. No see 1927 Washington Bench and Bar
Nourse W.B. No see 1959 Spokane County Bar
Naimy Mikhail Yes
Narodick Daniel M. Yes
Nash Lucius B. Yes in folder
Nathanson Nathanial Yes
Navarre I.A. Yes
Navarro Linda Yes in folder
Navoni Donald L. Yes in folder
Naylor James Yes in folder
Neagle John L. Yes
Neal C.H. Yes in folder
Neal Edgar E. Yes
Neal Jerry R. Yes
Neaville John A. Yes
Neeley J. Patton Yes
Neely Michael Yes
Neergaard John H. Yes
Neergaard R.J. Yes
Neibel Oliver Yes in folder
Neil Daniel O. Yes
Neill Marshall A. Yes in folder
Neill Thomas Yes in folder
Nelson Edwin S. Yes
Nelson Israel Yes see Rep. Lawyers and Judges of King Co. 1932
Nelson James Yes see 1953 Class picture
Nelson Leonard J., III Yes
Nelson Lewis Yes
Nelson Michael Yes
Nelson Nels Yes see 1953 class picture
Nelson O.M. Yes
Nelson Richard C. Yes
Nelson Thomas Yes in folder
Nesmith James W. Yes in folder
Neterer Jeremiah Yes in folder
Nethercutt George M. Yes
Netzky Gerald Yes
Neukom William H. Yes in folder
Neville Thomas G. Yes
Nevin C. Brent Yes
Nevins W.M. Yes in folder
Newbould A.L. Yes
Newell William Yes
Newman Andrew Yes
Newman Lee Yes
Newman Thomas G. Yes
Newsum Hartley Yes
Newton Arthur M. Yes in folder
Newton Henry T. Yes
Nicholl Edward H. Yes
Nichols David A. Yes
Nichols J.W.A. Yes in folder
Nichols Ralph Yes see 1903 Seattle Bench and Bar
Nicholson John A. Yes in folder
Nicholson V.O. Yes in folder
Nielson Eugene R. Yes
Niemi Janice Yes in folder
Niemi Preston Yes
Nightingale Pauline Yes
Niles Donald M. Yes in folder
Niles Margaret Yes
Nixon Clay Yes
Noe James Yes in folder
Nolan Paul J. Yes
Noland B. Yes see 1959 Spokane County Bar
Noland Frederick Yes
Noland Jane Yes in folder
Noll Jonathan B. Yes
Nollette John P. Yes
Nollmeyer Edward M. Yes
Nolte Grover C. Yes in folder
Noon Henry S. Yes in folder
Norcross Frank H. Yes
Nordenbrook Ruth Yes
Nordquist Dale Yes
Nordwall Brian Yes
Norman Maryalice Yes
North Doug Yes
North Jane Yes
Nourse Stephen L. Yes
Novack Edward J. Yes see 1953 class picture
Novak Paul Yes in folder
Nowitzky Richard B. Yes
Nowogrosk Marilyn Yes
Nulle J. Yes
Nuxoll Jay Yes in folder
Nuxoll Wesley Yes
Nuzum Nulton E. Yes in folder
Nuzum Richard W. Yes in folder