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Historical Newspaper Clippings and Photographs
Regarding Washington Attorneys and Judges

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Table sorted by INFORMATION AVAILABLE field
(clicking on a column heading will sort the data by that heading in ascending order)

Last Name First Name Info Available Picture
Aaron Hugh No
Abbot W.H. No in folder
Abel George D. No in folder
Achramm Arthur No see Representative Lawyers and Judges, 1932
Ackerman W.A. No in folder
Agar Benn No see 1953 class picture
Albert Charles S. No see 1927 Bench and Bar
Albi J.A. No see Spokane County Bar 1959
Allen Charles E. No in folder
Allen Frank S. No in folder
Allen S. No
Allison H.D. No see 1913 Bench and Bar
Allison O. Jr. No see Spokane County Bar 1959
Allison P.J. No see Spokane County Bar 1959
Alvord Mary H. No see 1927 Bench and Bar
Amandes Richard No in folder
Anderson H. No see Spokane County Bar 1959
Apperson H.B. No in folder
Aramburu Richard No
Arnold G. Wright No in folder
Arntson Anthony M. No in folder
Ashen A.J. No in folder
Ashton Lowell G. No in folder
Askren Thomas M. No see Representative Judges and Lawyers, 1932
Astor John Jacob No
Avie E.H. No in folder
Axtell R.W. No see Spokane County Bar 1959
Abbey Vince Yes
Abbot Charles F. Yes
Abel Anthony M Yes in folder
Abel Don Jr. Yes in folder
Abel Don Sr. Yes in folder
Abel Robert Yes see 1927 Washington Bench and Bar
Abernathy Alexander S. Yes
Abernathy Jane Yes
Abraham Judge Philip T. Yes
Abrams J.B. Yes
Acheson Paul M. Yes
Ackley Norman B. Yes in folder
Acret George Yes
Adair Chester C. Yes
Adams Brock Yes in folder
Adams E. J. Yes
Adams Frank D. Yes
Adams Frank E. Yes
Adams Greg Yes
Adams Howard A. Yes see Representative Judges and Lawyers, 1939
Adams J.A. Yes
Admire David Yes
Agid Susan Yes
Agnew Dan Yes
Agnew Darla Yes
Agnew Henry Clay Yes in folder
Agnew W.I. Yes
Agranoff Efrem Yes
Aiken Wally Yes
Aitken Patricia Harber Yes
Akers George Yes in folder
Alberg Thomas A. Yes
Albers Ferris Yes
Albers O.J. Yes in folder
Albertson Robert Brooke Yes in folder
Albrecht Richard Yes
Albright Douglas A. Yes
Alcorn Richard Yes
Alderson Tom Yes in folder
Alexander Gerry L. Yes in folder
Alexander Joseph B. Yes in folder
Alexander Matt L. Yes in folder
Alger Arthur Yes
Alhadeff Jack J. Yes
Alkire John D. Yes
Allen Albert Yes
Allen Clay Yes
Allen David Yes
Allen Edward W. Yes in folder
Allen Frank J. Yes in folder
Allen Hiram Yes in folder
Allen Jay C. Yes in folder
Allen John H. Yes in folder
Allen Joseph S. Yes
Allen Stuart C. Yes
Allen T.N. Yes
Allen Walter B. Yes in folder
Allen William Yes in folder
Allison Daniel Boone Yes
Allison Joan B. Yes in folder
Allison Tom Yes
Allper Stanley B. Yes
Allyn Judge Frank Yes in folder
Alotto Samuel Yes
Alsdorf Robert Yes
Alston Guy C. Yes in folder
Alumbaugh JoAnne Yes in folder
Alyn Frank Jr. Yes in folder
Amacher Suzanne B. Yes
Anders Thomas J. Yes
Andersen James A. Yes in folder
Anderson Alvin A. Yes
Anderson Burroughs B. Yes
Anderson Butler P. Yes
Anderson Croil Yes
Anderson Ed Yes
Anderson Eldon W. Yes
Anderson Enoch W. Yes
Anderson Eugene Yes see 1927 Bench and Bar
Anderson Gene Yes in folder
Anderson George A. Yes in folder
Anderson J. Patten Yes
Anderson James J. Yes
Anderson James W. Yes in folder
Anderson Jerald R. Yes
Anderson Joan Yes
Anderson Joseph R. Yes
Anderson Leo A. Yes
Anderson Nathaneal H. Yes
Anderson Nelson R. Yes see Bench and Bar of Seattle 1913
Anderson Robert Yes see Spokane County Bar 1959
Anderson Roger Yes in folder
Anderson Stephen A. Yes
Anderson Wilbert C. Yes
Anderson Wolfgang R. Yes
Andrews J. David Yes
Andrews W.R. Yes
Annis Eugene I. Yes
Anschell Grosvenor Yes in folder
Appelwick Marlin Yes in folder
Appleby S.C.M. Yes
Applegate Bud Yes
Applegate F.M. Yes in folder
Aranov Boris Yes
Arctander John W. Yes
Arend Harry O. Yes
Arkell Robert Yes
Armitage Thomas Yes
Armstrong Grant Yes in folder
Armstrong James N. Yes
Armstrong Lewis S. Yes
Armstrong Ralph Yes in folder
Armstrong Seth Yes in folder
Armstrong Sharon S. Yes in folder
Arnold Nancy Tarbuck Yes in folder
Arnold S. Dean Yes
Arntson Anton C. Yes
Arntson John M. Yes
Aronson Henry M. Yes in folder
Arron Deborah Yes
Arthur Jesse Yes in folder
Ashley Paul Yes
Ashley Robert Yes in folder
Ashton James M. Yes in folder
Ashton James P. Yes
Ashurst Jackie L. Yes
Askren William D. Yes in folder
Atkinson John D. Yes in folder
Atkinson Robert Yes
Atwell Howard J. Yes in folder
Ault John B. Yes in folder
Aust George F. Yes in folder
Austin A.S. Yes
Austin Alan F. Yes in folder
Austin Albert D. Yes
Austin C.E. Yes
Austin Charles G. Yes
Austin John Yes in folder
Austin Mires Yes
Austin Philip Yes
Austin Russell Yes
Avery A. George Yes in folder
Avery Alexandar G. Yes in folder
Avraham Leah Yes
Aycock Steve Yes
Ayer Charles H. Yes in folder
Aylmore Reeves Jr. Yes see Bench and Bar of Seattle 1913