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Bricks & Bytes Conference DVD

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On behalf of the ABA Section on Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar Law School Facilities Committee, I am happy to present the first-ever DVD containing conference presentations from the 2006 Bricks, Bytes, and Continuous Renovation Conference held in Seattle, Washington. The University of Washington School of Law and Seattle University Law School proudly co-hosted this important conference, the sixth in a series held every three years.

The materials on this Bricks & Bytes Conference DVD complement and do not duplicate the printed Conference Materials given to all registrants at the meeting in March. At the back of the printed materials is a pocket for this DVD.

The Conference Materials include outlines of most programs, prepared by the committee member who coordinated the program. These outlines are intended to provide a checklist for facilities planners of issues and concerns about that topic. The outlines do not necessarily represent the presentations given at the conference itself.

This DVD includes a complete guide to the conference proceedings with links to the media presentations given. To see the full array of programs presented, select "Sessions - Indexed by Date/Section" from the Table of Contents. Access is also provided by the presenter's name and by program title. The three plenary sessions helped set the tone for the entire conference, and you will find the audio and video presentations of all three plenary sessions within this DVD Collection.

Biographical information for all speakers is included with complete contact information.

And finally, we have included some excellent spreadsheets in Excel and pdf formats which were created by the ABA. These tables include information about physical facilities taken from the annual ABA questionnaire. These tables were included in the printed Conference Materials. However, an error was found in the tables, so we have included the revised tables on this DVD.

We hope that you will find these materials helpful as you build and renovate law school physical space!

On behalf of the Law School Facilities Committee,

Signature for Penny Hazelton

Penny Hazelton, Chair
Associate Dean and Professor
University of Washington School of Law
Marian Gould Gallagher Law Library

Committee Members:

John C. Deliso
Associate Dean
Suffolk University Law School
M. Kathleen Price
Associate Dean
University of Florida
Frederic G. Levin College of Law
Rudolph C. Hasl
Thomas Jefferson School of Law
Rayman Solomon
Rutgers University-Camden School of Law
Stephen Margeton
Director of the Law Library and Professor of Law
The Catholic University of America
Columbus School of Law
Jan Stiglitz
California Western School of Law
Pablo G. Molina
Chief Information Officer
Georgetown University Law Center
Kellye Y. Testy
Seattle University School of Law


DVD Credits: Jonathan Franklin, Penny Hazelton, Kathy Keithly, Theresa Knier, Damien Koemens, and Christine Tawatao
University of Washington School of Law and Marian Gould Gallagher Law Library