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Sources of Free Legal Information on
Washington State Law

Updated Feb. 14, 2007.
Prepared by Mary Whisner. Updated by Chris O'Byrne (2005-06).

This list identifies free Internet sources of information on Washington State law, organized by subject. This page supplements the content available at LawforWA and Washington LawHelp. Guides on those sites are not duplicated here. Instead, this page links to additional web sources of information on Washington law not found on either of those sites.

Additional sources include:

For Internet sources of Washington laws, cases, and regulations, see Internet Legal Resources > Washington.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (Arbitration, Mediation, Negotiation)

LawforWA > Arbitration and Mediation

Washington Courts >  Washington State Dispute Resolution Centers (a directory)

Washington State Bar Association > Alternatives to Court

Dispute Resolution Washington (a directory)

Animals & Pets

LawforWa > Animal and Pet Law (animal welfare, dangerous dogs, endangered species, estate planning for your pet, injuries caused by pets, leash laws, lemon laws, noise & nuisance, travel & transportation, and wildlife preservation)


Washington LawHelp > Consumer & Debt > Bankruptcy

Business Organizations

LawforWA > Business Law (contracts, corporate bankruptcy, employer rights & responsibilities, intellectual property, and interstate commerce)

Access Washington >  Doing Business in Washington (starting a business, changing business status, growing a business, licenses & permits, hiring & managing employees, taxes, doing business with the state, and finding laws & regulations)

Washington Attorney General > Antitrust/Unfair Trade Practices

Washington Secretary of State >  Corporations  (the registration process & fees for corporations, limited liability companies, nonprofits, partnerships & professional service corporations, and a searchable directory)

Washington Department of Licensing

U.S.  Small Business Association, Seattle Office > counseling & training, a startup kit, and information about financing & business opportunities. See also the Spokane Office website.

Seattle Office of Economic Development >  Doing Business in Seattle ( environmental programs, financial support, infrastructure, licensing, taxes, technical assistance, utilities & the workforce)

King County Bar Association > How to Form and Maintain a a Nonprofit Corporation in Washington State



Washington Attorney General >  Charities (disputes, fund-raising & registration)

Washington Secretary of State > Consumer Tips & Frequently Asked Questions

Civil Rights

Washington LawHelp > Civil Rights (Americans with Disabilities Act, discrimination, prisoners' rights  & other topics)
Washington LawHelp >  Housing Discrimination

LawforWA > Civil Rights and Liberties (guns, hate crimes, privacy, voting rights & the war on drugs)
LawforWA > Disability Law (Americans with Disabilities Act, education, housing, the Rehabilitation Act & Washington laws
LawforWA > Employment Discrimination (age, disability, equal pay, filing complaints, gender, immigration status, nationality, race, religion, Seattle city laws, sexual harassment & sexual orientation)

Washington Human Rights Commission > The Complaint Process

King County Civil Rights Commission

King County Office of Civil Rights (fair employment, fair housing, public accommodations & fair contracting ordinances in unincorporated King County)

King County Law Library >  Section 1983 Civil Rights Litigation Research Guide


Computers & Internet

LawforWA > Consumer Law > Internet (complaints, dispute resolution, and Internet purchasing & advertising)

Washington Attorney General > Internet Safety (spam, Internet auctions, file-sharing, and kids & the Internet)

King County Prosecuting Attorney >  Computer Crime Prevention (how to protect yourself & what to do if you suspect you are victim)

Consumer Information & Protection

Washington LawHelp > Consumer & Debt (contracts, credit denial, credit reporting problems, debt collection, fraud & unfair sales practices, and loans)

LawforWA > Consumer Law (complaints & dispute resolution, construction, contracts, day care, debt & credit, health clubs, Internet, investment, motor vehicles, privacy, safety regulations, small claims court & telephones)

Washington State Library > Find-It! Consumer (searchable)

Washington Attorney General > Consumer Issues A-Z (cell phones, contractors, franchises, identity theft, junk mail, pyramid schemes, senior fraud &  other topics)

Washington State Department of Labor and Industries > Hiring a Contractor (searchable database of licensing contractors, electricians & plumbers)

Washington State Bar Association >  Signing Documents


Crime Victims

LawforWA > Criminal Law > Crime Victims

Washington Labor and Industries Dep't > Help for Crime Victims (victim compensation program & forms)

King County Prosecuting Attorney >  Victim Assistance (victim advocacy & rights, interpreters, notice, restitution & information for witnesses)

Criminal Law

Washington LawHelp > Criminal (expungement of criminal records)

LawforWa > Criminal Law (court records, crime victims, criminal procedure, dating violence, drugs & alcohol, evidence, police practices, prisons & prisoners, rights of suspects, traffic & motor vehicles, and the court & legal system)

The Washington State Office of Public Defense > Brief Bank (copies of appellate briefs filed for indigent clients; free, but registration required) 

Seattle Police Department > General Information & FAQ's (fingerprinting, filing complaints, and citizen & victim rights)

King County Prosecuting Attorney > computer crime, employee theft & insurance fraud

American Civil Liberties Union of Washington > Police Practices, What to Do If You Are Stopped by the Police & You and the Police

Washington State Bar Association > Criminal Law

King County Law Library > Vacating Records Research Guide.

Washington Courts > Criminal History and Criminal Records: A Guide on When and How to Challenge, Seal, Vacate or Expunge

See also Domestic Violence.



Washington LawHelp > Family Law (child support, divorce (called dissolution of marriage), do-it-yourself packets, parenting plans & relocation)

Washington State Bar Association > Dissolution of Marriage (Divorce) & Divorce and Parenting: The Parenting Act

King County Prosecuting Attorney >  Family Support Division

King County Law Library

See also Family Law and Marriage.

Domestic Violence

Washington LawHelp > Domestic Violence & Antiharassment

LawforWA > Domestic Violence (child abuse, elder abuse & spousal/partner abuse)

Washington Secretary of State > Address Confidentiality (victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking)

King County > Domestic Violence Information Page

King County Prosecuting Attorney > Domestic Violence & Protection Order Advocacy Program

King County Law Library > Family Law Research Guide: Domestic Violence

Washington Courts



Washington LawHelp > Youth Law & Education (public education & schools, school discipline, special education & student loans)

LawforWA > Education covers (discipline, records, student rights & testing)
LawforWA > Youth (student loans & student rights)

American Civil Liberties Union of Washington State

Washington Office of the Superintendent of Public Education

King County Prosecutor > truancy law (including "the Becca Bill")

Elder Law

Washington LawHelp > Aging / Elder Law (guardianship & power of attorney, kinship care, long-term care assistance, Medicaid & Medicare, medical & mental health issues for seniors, Social Security & Supplemental Security Income (SSI), and wills & probate)

LawforWA > Senior Citizens (age discrimination, elder abuse, guardianship, health care, power of attorney, Social Security, and wills & estate planning)

Washington Attorney General > Protecting Seniors (dealing with death, Medicaid and other fraud, prescription drug prices)

King County Prosecuting Attorney >  Elder Abuse Project

Washington State Bar Association >  Elder Law


Elections & Voting

LawforWA > Civil Rights and Liberties (election reform & voting rights)
LawforWA >  Elections (running for office, voting & voter registration)

Washington Secretary of State > Elections & Voting

American Civil Liberties Union of Washington > How Ex-Felons Can Restore Their Right to Vote in Washington & Restoring the Right to Vote in Washington

Family Law

Washington LawHelp > Family Law (child protection system, do-it-yourself packets, paternity & parentage, unmarried & same-sex couples, divorce, domestic violence, and marriage)

LawforWA > Employment > Family and Medical Leave Act
LawforWA > Family (adoption, child abuse, child custody, child support & alimony, domestic violence, divorce, gay/lesbian families, marriage, name change, parentage, and vital records)

King County Prosecutor > Family Support

King County Law Library > Family Law Research Guide (annulment, divorce, parenting plans, child support, relocation, nonparental custody, domestic violence, guardians ad litem, and family court procedures)

The Family Law Handbook for Washington State (prenuptial agreements, ending a marriage, community property, alimony, shared parenting, relocation, child support, domestic violence, child abuse & neglect, and community resources)

See also see Divorce, Domestic Violence, Marriage, and Minors.


Freedom of Expression

American Civil Liberties Union of Washington >  Street Speech: Your Rights in Washington to Parade, Picket, and Leaflet

Gay Men & Lesbians

LawforWA > Employment Discrimination > Sexual Orientation
LawforWA > Family > Gay/Lesbian Families

American Civil Liberties Union of Washington > The Rights of Gays and Lesbians and the Work of the ACLU of Washington

Government Assistance

Washington LawHelp > Government Benefits (appeals & hearings, cash assistance for families (TANF) & people with disabilities (GA & SSI), child care, Dep't of Social & Health Services programs & problems, emergency & food assistance, benefits for immigrants & refugees, health care assistance (Medicaid & Medicare), long-term care assistance, public & subsidized housing, unemployment compensation, veterans' benefits, and energy assistance). See also Housing > Emergency Shelter & Assistance.

LawforWA > Government Benefits (food stamps, Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF))


Hate Crimes

LawforWA > Civil Rights and Liberties > Hate Crimes

American Civil Liberties Union of Washington >  Hate Crimes: Current Laws and Policy Recommendations

Health Care

WashingtonLawHelp > Health (basic rights of health care consumers, children's & seniors' medical & mental health care issues, obtaining & maintaining medical coverage, and the rights of the insured & uninsured)

LawforWA > Health (charity care & medical bills; files, records & information; insurance coverage; group plans; Medicare; and Medicaid.

American Civil Liberties Union in Washington > A Guide to Washington's Medical Marijuana Law and What You Should Know about Reproductive Freedom in Washington State

Northwest Health Law Advocates > Medicaid



WashingtonLawHelp > Immigration (becoming a permanent resident or US citizen, government assistance, issues for children & minors, visa petitions, and other immigration issues)

LawforWA > Immigration (deportation, employment, family & adoption, foreign students & exchange visitors, forms, immigrant rights, naturalization, permanent residency, refugees, seeking asylum, and visas & the visa lottery)


Washington Insurance Commissioner > consumer information page. Consumers with questions can call the Statewide Health Insurance Benefits Advisors (SHIBA) HelpLine at 1-800-397-4422 or the Office of the Insurance Commissioner (OIC) Consumer Hot Line at 1-800-562-6900.


Jury Duty

Washington Courts >  Welcome to Jury Duty (frequently asked questions, do's & don'ts, information for employers, links to local juror websites, a glossary of terms, and a juror's guide)

Labor & Employment

Washington LawHelp > Employment / Farm Worker Rights (discrimination, health in the workplace, pensions, termination, unemployment compensation, wage claims & workers' compensation)

LawforWA > Employment (family & medical leave, Social Security & unemployment insurance)
LawforWA > Employment Discrimination (age, disability, equal pay, filing complaints, gender, immigration status, nationality, race, religion, Seattle city laws, sexual harassment & sexual orientation)

Washington Human Rights Commission > (discrimination in employment, housing, public accommodations, credit & and insurance) 

Washington Department of Licensing > Professional Licensing


Landlord &Tenant

Washington LawHelp > Housing (evictions, housing discrimination, mobile home park tenants, public & subsidized housing, and tenants' rights)

LawforWa > Housing (pets, public & subsidized housing, and rented housing)

Washington Attorney General > Landlord - Tenan

Washington State Bar Association

King County Law Library > Landlord/Tenant Research Guide

Lawyers & Legal Services

Washington LawHelp > More Legal Information > Representing Yourself / Additional Court Procedures (depositions, in forma pauperis motions, obtaining a name change, preparing for a hearing or trial, sealing or vacating criminal records, subpoenaing documents & witnesses, and other matters)

LawforWA > Finding a Lawyer

Washington State Bar Association

Washington State Practice of Law Board (filing a complaint for the unauthorized practice of law)

Washington State Access to Justice Board > county-based lawyer referral services



LawforWA > Family > Marriage

Washington State Bar Association > Marriage in Washington State

King County Law Library >  Family Law Research Guide: Declaration Concerning Validity (annulment)

See also Divorce, Domestic Violence, and Family Law.


Washington Law Help > Youth Law & Education (emancipation, foster care, homelessness, immigration issues, juvenile offenders, medical & mental health issues, public education & schools, school discipline, special education, and student loans)

LawforWA > Domestic Violence > Child Abuse
LawforWA > Youth (age of majority, at-risk youth, health care, student loans, and student rights)

King County Prosecuting Attorney >  Truancy

Child Advocacy Central

American Civil Liberties Union of Washington >  Student/Youth Rights

King County Bar Association >  On Your Own: Your Legal Rights (driver's rights & responsibilities, jobs, tenant's rights & duties, money & credit, freedom of expression, crimes, marriage & children, your day in court, and working with a lawyer)

See also Education and Family Law.\


Motor Vehicles

Washington Law Help > Consumer & Debt > Auto: Purchasing, Repairs, Towing & Insurance and Drivers and Professional Licenses.

LawforWA > Consumer Law > Motor Vehicles (complaints & dispute resolution; insurance; lemons, warranties & service contracts; purchasing & leasing; repair; and repossession)

Washington Attorney General > Lemon Law

Washington Department of Licensing

King County Law Library > Traffic Infractions Research Guide

Name Change

Washington LawHelp > More Legal Information > Representing Yourself / Additional Court Procedures > Name Change

LawforWA > Family > Name Change

King County Law Library >  Name Change Research Guide


Native Americans

Washington LawHelp > Native American Issues (discrimination & economic development, government benefits, the Indian Child Welfare Act, treaty rights, tribal acknowledgement, tribal law, and tribal land issues)

Open Meetings & Public Records

Washington Attorney General > Open Government (open meetings, public disclosure and records)

The American Civil Liberties Union has 2 versions of a guide on How to Get Government Records: HTML version and PDF version.

King County Law Library > Washington Public Records Research Guide


Power of Attorney

See Washington LawHelp > Health > Guardianships & Power of Attorney.

Real Estate

Washington LawHelp > Consumer & Debt (buying & selling real estate, buying a manufactured home, filing complaints against contractors, foreclosure, forfeiture, predatory lending, quit claim deeds & reverse mortgages)

LawforWa > Housing (buying, construction, deeds & selling property)
LawforWA > Neighborhood Issues and Disputes (animals (pets and wildlife); noise & other problematic behavior; property lines; street repairs; and trash, water & foliage)

Washington State Bar Association >  Real Estate


Small Claims

Washington LawHelp > Consumer & Debt > Small Claims Court

LawforWA > Consumer Law > Small Claims Court

Washington Courts > An Introduction to Small Claims Court

Washington Attorney General > Disputes (small claims court, arbitration)

How to Win the Small Claims Game by Mark Rahner, Seattle Times (Jan. 26, 2003).

King County Bar Association > King County Small Claims Courts: A Guide on How to Use the Small Claims Courts and How to Collect Small Claims Judgments

King County Small Claims Court


Washington LawHelp > Consumer & Debt > Energy Assistance, Utilities & Telecommunications

Washington Attorney General > Utilities

LawforWA > Consumer Law > Telephones (complaints & dispute resolution, telephone sales & telemarketing, telephone service & billing, unfair & deceptive practices, unsolicited goods & trial offers, and warranties & service contracts)


Wills, Probate & Estate Planning

Washington LawHelp > Aging / Elder Law > Wills, Probate & Alternatives

LawforWA > Wills and Estate Planning (estate planning, trusts, wills & probate)

Washington State Bar Association

King County Law Library


American Civil Liberties Union of Washington State > What You Should Know about Reproductive Freedom in Washington State

King County Dep't of Adult and Juvenile Detention > A Guide for Women: Meeting Basic Needs in King County (women leaving detention & returning to the community)

See also Divorce, Domestic Violence, Family Law, and Marriage.


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