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International Environmental
Legal Research Guides

October 21, 1998

Prof. Bodansky, Law B511, Seminar on Problems in International Environmental Law

Mary Whisner, Head of Reference, Gallagher Law Library
Peggy Roebuck Jarrett, Reference & Documents Librarian, Gallagher Law Library

  1. Introduction: Types of information: laws, cases, and treaties from national and international bodies; scholarly discussions of the law; news; scientific and technical reports; policy studies.
    1. Types of sources: books, periodicals, microfiche and microfilm, locally mounted databases, commercial online services, Internet sites.
    2. How you get them: at this library, at other libraries on campus, through interlibrary loan, on library terminals, through your own computer, in the Computer Lab.
  2. Library Departments and Branches
    1. Gallagher Law Library,
      1. The Reference Department (2d floor; 543-6794) handles reference for United States law and the law of all foreign jurisdictions with the exception of China, Japan and Korea. The Reference staff also handles international law questions, and many indexes to treaty materials are kept in the Reference Office. Reference librarians can also help with electronic sources.
      2. The East Asian Law Department (6th floor; 543-7447; e-mail: wbmcloy@u, rrbritt@u) handles Chinese, Japanese and Korean law.
      3. The Circulation Department (2d floor; 543-4086) provides a variety of services with respect to access to materials. If a book you need is checked out, you can put a hold on it. If a book (or journal) you need is not available here in the law library or on main campus, Circulation may be able to borrow it through interlibrary loan. For more information, see the Gallagher web site.
    2. UW Libraries,
      1. Government Publications (543-1937 or is a depository for U.S. federal government publications and for United Nations and European Union documents. Collects selected documents from a variety of international organizations.
      2. Engineering (543-0741 or technical materials on the environment.
      3. Fisheries-Oceanography (543-4279 or has general scientific, technical, and international materials on marine affairs.
      4. Suzzallo/Allen Reference (543-0242 or serves as eference for the graduate library. Includes International studies, social sciences, humanities, general sources.
  3. Electronic Sources
    1. Many electronic sources are available to you from your home (or wherever you have a computer and a modem or a campus direct network connection). The software you need is in the UW Internet Connectivity Kit (UWICK). UW students and staff (with ID) may purchase UWICK at the University Bookstore for $17. UWICK includes software for email, two web browsers (Internet Explorer and Netscape), and WinWillow (an interface for using the UW's library catalogs and many periodical indexes).
    2. The University Libraries' Information Gateway, is an excellent entry point for a variety of indexes and databases available to UW users. Some of the databases it links to are CD ROM products owned locally; others are accessed via the Internet. Some of them may be accessed in more than one way (e.g., through a web interface or through telnet or through WinWillow).
    3. LEXIS-NEXIS and WESTLAW: UW law students have LEXIS-NEXIS IDs and WESTLAW passwords for educational purposes. For help, ask a reference librarian, a LEXIS-NEXIS or WESTLAW student representative, or Customer Service (LEXIS-NEXIS 1-800-543-6862; WESTLAW 1-800-WESTLAW or 1-800-REF-ATTY). The websites for law student access are at and (Note: this handout is aimed at University of Washington law students. If you are not a  UW law student, check with your parent institution to learn about access to these systems. For example, UW students from other schools and departments may use LEXIS-NEXIS Academic UNIVerse under the UW's license.)
    4. A wide variety of material is available on the Internet. Government agencies, IGOs, universities, businesses, and individuals load documents on websites. The Internet has become particularly valuable for international law researchers because some documents are now available on the Web that are otherwise very difficult to obtain. This handout lists many sites that are useful for environmental law researchers. See also the ASIL Interest Group in International Environment Law site, hosted by Prof. Dan Bodansky, at This site links to a variety of sources and is a great starting point. In addition, you can find other sites by using web search engines. For information about how to search the Internet see The Scout Toolkit at
    5. Email discussion lists enable people to communicate and share information quickly and easily. For a searchable list of law-related discussion lists, see For information about how to use listservs, see Jim Milles, Discussion Lists: Mailing List Manager Commands,
  4. Research Guides and Bibliographies--International Law
    1. Claire M. Germain, Germain's Transnational Law Research: A Guide for Attorneys, K85.G47 1991 at Reference Office or Quick Reference floor 6. Last updated in 1997. Very useful guide. Chapter 1, "Foreign and International Law: Procedural and Practical Issues," provides an excellent overview. Chapter II, "Foreign and International Law: Substantive Issues," discusses treaty research, unification of international law, EU law, and other topics. Chapter III is "Foreign and International Law Research Sources." Chapter IV, "Subjects," presents essays on how to research 39 subjects-- including Environmental Law. Chapter V, "Countries," includes sections on 17 European countries. Annotations throughout describe and evaluate the sources listed.
    2. George Washington Journal of International Law and Economics, Guide to International Legal Research, 3d edition. JX1297.G84 1998 at Reserve or Reference Office. Great place to start. Covers treaty research, international organizations.
    3. Peter I. Hajnal, ed., International Information: Documents, Publications, and Electronic Information of International Government Organizations, 2d ed. JZ4850.I58 1997 at Reference Office. Comprehensive research text on IGOs.
    4. International Law Video Course. Produced by Seton Hall University School of Law in cooperation with the American Society of International Law. JX1291.I58 1996 at Reserve. 10-part series. Not a research guide, but a good overview of the nature and sources of international law, law of treaties, international organizations.
    5. Bob Berring's Commando Legal Research, Tape 7: International Law, KF240.B374 Tape 7 at Reserve or Classified Stacks. 65-minute video from 1989--brief introduction to foreign law research in English; most of the tape concerns international law.
  5. Research Guides and Bibliographies--International Environmental Law
    1. ASIL Guide to Electronic Resources for International Law: International Environmental Law, Project of the American Society of International Law. ASIL also offers electronic resources guides for treaties, the United Nations, etc. at
    2. Virginia Evans Templeton & Howard J. Taubenfeld, World Environment Law Bibliography: Non-Periodical Literature in Law and the Social Sciences Published Since 1970 in Various Languages with Selected Reviews and Annotations from Periodicals, K3581.T46 1987 at Classified Stacks. Unique in its coverage, but unfortunately, it is not up-to-date.
    3. Research Strategy and Sources for International Environmental Law, 2 Colo. J. Int'l Envtl. L. & Pol'y 141-195 (1991).
    4. Alberto Szekely, The International Law of Natural Resources and the Environment Selected Bibliography, 30 Natural Resources J. 765-917 (1991), and Alberto Szekely, Julie Mauer & Amy Serrano, The International Law of Natural Resources and the Environment Selected Bibliography (Part 2), 31 Natural Resources J. 265-427 (1991). Lengthy, unannotated, divided into 10 categories.
  6. Directories
    1. Encyclopedia of Associations, HS17.G334 1997 at Reference Office. (1998 is in Collection Development Office) and Encyclopedia of Associations--International Organizations, AS8.E53 1996 at Reference Office. Well-indexed directory; includes descriptions of associations and organizations. Also available on WESTLAW.
    2. Yearbook of International Organizations, JX1904.A42 at Reference Office. Descriptions of IGOs and NGOs. Note: Gallagher has vol.1 & 3 of the set; Suzzallo Government Publications Reference has the full set.
    3. International Organizations, Alphabetical list of IGO web sites. Updated regularly.
    4. International Agencies and Information on the Web, Up-to-date list of web sites, plus links to other IGO sources.
    5. Green Globe Yearbook of International Co-operation on Environment and Development: An Independent Publication on Environment and Development from the Fridtjof Nansen Institute, Norway, HC79.E5G69, 1993-date, current at Reference Office. Part yearbook, part directory. Good way to find addresses for convention secretariats and NGO headquarters.
    6. World Directory of Environmental Organizations, 5th ed. S920.W67 1996 at
      Reference Office. Handbook of national and international governmental and
      non-governmental organizations and programs. Includes a section "Who's
      Doing What," that organizes IGOs and NGOs by specific environmental
    7. The United States Government Manual, JK421.U57 current at Reserve or Reference Office. Organizational charts and descriptions of federal agencies. Also available on the Internet at
    8. Federal Web Locator Most comprehensive listing of U.S. government web sites.
  7. Library Catalogs
    1. The Law Library catalog and the UW Libraries catalog (which does not include the Law Library, but does include Fisheries-Oceanography, Engineering, and other branch libraries) are both available through several interfaces: on dedicated terminals in the library (WILLOW), via UWIN (available through the same account where you use email), and via WinWillow (a Windows-based interface).
    2. Searching is possible by author, title, subject, or a combination of words in any of these fields. You may also restrict your search to books published in a specified year or range of years, in a given language, or by a particular publisher. For help searching, use the online help screens or ask a reference librarian.
    3. Subject headings for international environmental law topics include the general , e.g., Environmental-law-International, and the specific, e.g., Global-Warming, Marine-pollution, Transboundary-pollution. Note that there are often closely related headings, e.g., Endangered-species, Rare-plants, Wildlife-conservation. Do not stop with your first search! The subheading Environmental-aspects is used with many unrelated headings, e.g., International-trade --Environmental-aspects.
    4. Geographic subdivisions of subject headings indicate the jurisdiction or geographic area covered. Examples: Antarctica, China, European-Economic-Community-countries, United-States, Washington-State. For international environmental law topics, you might often want to search for regions, e.g., Arctic-regions, Mediterranean-Sea, or Europe.
    5. Language may be searched in two ways: (1) use the "English only" box to limit the search to materials in English. (2) use the Language field to search for works in a given language. You must search by language code: Chinese = chi; English = eng; German = ger; Japanese = jpn; Korean = kor. To find other language codes, click on "Browse Language List" button.
    6. To find a book or other item in the Law Library, you need to know its call number and location.
      1. Call numbers arrange books by jurisdiction and subject area. For example:
        JX and KZ international law
        K jurisprudence and comparative law
        KD British law
        KF United States law
        KNX-KNY Japanese law
      2. Locations:
        Floor 2: Reserve, Reference Office, Reference Stacks, Reading Room
        Floor 6: Quick Reference Floor 6
        Floor 7: Periodicals (some periodicals are in Classified collection)
        Floors 4-6: Classified. Floor 4: call numbers A-KE5299; Floor 5: call numbers KE5300-KFW; Floor 6: call numbers KFX-Z.
      3. For more on call numbers and the layout of the Law Library, see
      4. Note: Many of the government documents available at Suzzallo/Government Publications (including United Nations and most older Federal documents) are not listed in the UW Libraries catalog.
  8. Periodical Indexes--Introduction
    1. For your research projects, you may need periodical articles from different types of publications--for example, U.S. law journals and international scientific journals. Consequently, you will use different periodical indexes.
    2. Be aware that the indexes may vary in their search language. For example, if you want to truncate the word "environment" so you will retrieve records with "environmental" as well as "environment," in Legal Resource Index you would enter environment$2, but in Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals you would enter environment#. For assistance, use the online help screens (including SCOPE on WESTLAW), read the Search Tips sheets (available from the Information Gateway's list of databases or in print.), or ask a reference librarian.
    3. The list below indicates whether each index is available through the UW Libraries Information Gateway,, through library terminals, on LEXIS-NEXIS, on WESTLAW, or in print.

  9. Periodical Indexes Useful for International Environmental Law Research
    1. Legal Resource Index: US, UK, Canadian, Australian legal periodicals, 1980-date. Information GatewayLEXIS-NEXIS, WESTLAW. Print equivalent: Current Law Index, Reading Room.
    2. Index to Legal Periodicals and Books: US, UK, Canadian, Australian legal periodicals, 1908, 1926-date. Print: Reading Room.
    3. Current Index to Legal Periodicals: Weekly current awareness service--mostly US law reviews (published by the Gallagher Law Library). Print: Reading Room. WESTLAW.
    4. Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals: Non-Anglo-American legal periodicals, plus some comparative and international articles from US and Commonwealth journals, 1960-date. Information Gateway (links to web interface). Print: Reading Room.
    5. European Integration Current Contents,, allows you to search or browse the tables of contents of 104 journals relevant to European law, human rights, economics, history, and political science. Service began in spring 1999.
    6. Public Affairs Information Service Bulletin and PAIS International: Indexes periodical articles, books, and government reports from around the world--6 languages, incl. English. Information GatewayWESTLAW.
    7. Public International Law: A Current Bibliography of Books and Articles: Indexes articles in journals and other collected works, 1975-date. Since 1990, also lists newly published books. Published by Max Planck Institute. Several languages, incl. English. Print: K3150 .P8 at Reading Room.
    8. NTIS (National Technical Information Service): An index of U.S. government-sponsored scientific and technical research and worldwide scientific, technical, and engineering information. Information Gateway.
    9. Dissertation Abstracts: Indexes and abstracts dissertations from North America and Europe. The web version includes options for ordering copies of the dissertations (for a fee) (recent UW dissertations are available online free to UW users). You can also use the information you find to request a dissertation through Interlibrary Loan. Information Gateway; WESTLAW.
    10. Geobase: An index to the international literature of geography, ecology, earth science and marine science. Information Gateway.
    11. BIOSIS: The world's largest database in the life sciences, covers a wide range of topics, including ecology. Information Gateway.
    12. Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts: Indexes and abstracts journals, monographs, conference proceedings and technical reports, 1978-date. Information Gateway.
    13. Oceanic Abstracts: Indexes and abstracts technical literature on marine-related subjects, 1964-date. Includes citations to some FAO documents. WESTLAW.
    14. Water Resources Abstracts: Covers water resources as treated in the life, physical and social sciences, plus related engineering and legal topics, 1967-date. Information Gateway.
  10. Full-text Sources
    1. Both LEXIS-NEXIS and WESTLAW have the full text of many legal periodicals available online. Remember that both only include selected periodicals, generally starting in the mid-1980's, and that until recently WESTLAW only included selected articles from most periodicals it covers.
    2. Both WESTLAW and LEXIS-NEXIS also have the full text of many news sources, including major newspapers and wire services, both U.S. and foreign. WESTLAW has a number of newspaper databases from both Dialog and Dow Jones.
    3. World News Connection (WNC), formerly called Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS), is a collection of translations of newspaper articles and radio and television broadcasts from foreign countries. The emphasis is on political, socioeconomic, scientific, technical, and environmental information. WNC is only available via the World Wide Web at This is a subscription service; to obtain the password go to the Reference Office. Please note that only one person at a time can use WNC with our password. Currently, WNC has the latest two years of information available. The main campus also subscribes to WNC at Suzzallo Government Publications and the Microform and Newspaper Collection. The librarians do the searching. For early news stories, before WNC, use the FBIS microfiche located at the Suzzallo Microform and Newspaper Collection.
  11. Periodicals and Yearbooks
    1. Green Globe Yearbook of International Co-operation on Environment and Development: An Independent Publication on Environment and Development from the Fridtjof Nansen Institute, Norway, HC79.E5G69, 1993-date, current at Reference Office. Part yearbook, part directory.
    2. Yearbook of International Environmental Law. v. 1- (1990-date). Gallagher Law Library, K3584.4.Y42 at Classified Stacks.
    3. Global Environmental Law Annual. v.1- (1993-date). Gallagher Law Library, K3581.2.G56 at Classified Stacks.
    4. Colorado Journal of International Environmental Law and Policy. v. 1- (1990- ). Gallagher Law Library, Periodicals Fl. 7.
    5. Georgetown International Environmental Law Review. v. 1- (1988- ). Gallagher Law Library, Periodicals Fl. 7.
    6. International Environmental Affairs. v. 1- (1989- ). Gallagher Law Library, Periodicals Fl. 7. Suzzallo Periodicals Stacks, HC79.E5I56, current at Suzzallo Periodicals Display Shelves. Not a law review.
  12. Sources of International Law: (1) international conventions (treaties), (2) international custom, as evidence of a general practice accepted as law, (3) the general principles of law recognized by civilized nations, (4) judicial decisions and teachings of the most highly qualified publicists of the various nations. Article 38 of the Statute of the International Court of Justice.
  13. Environmental Treaty Compilations
    This is just a selection of environmental treaty compilations available at the Law Library and on the Internet.
    1. Bernd Rusto & Bruno Simma, International Protection of the Environment: Treaties and Related Documents, first and second series, K3585.4.I575 1975 and 1990 at Reference Stacks. Quite comprehensive, but not well-indexed.
    2. Wolfgang E. Burhenne & Nicholas A. Robinson, International Protection of the Environment: Conservation in Sustainable Development, K3585.4.I577 1995 at Reference Stacks. Updates the Rusto and Simma set, post-UNCED. Reprints both policy and legal documents.
    3. International Environment Reporter: Reference File, K3585.4.I57 at Reference Stacks. v.1 of the International Environment Reporter prints selected treaties, bilateral agreements, and European conventions; includes section on UN and other international organizations.
    4. Environmental Law Treaties of the United States, K3583.2.U6 1997 at Reference Stacks. 2 v.
    5. Richard L. Wallace, The Marine Mammal Commission Compendium of Selected Treaties, International Agreements, and Other Relevant Documents on Marine Resources, Wildlife, and the Environment, K3897.U55 1994 at Reference Stacks. 3-volume base set, plus 1997 update. Valuable source. Also on WESTLAW.
    6. Multilaterals Project, An "ongoing project designed to make available the texts of international multilateral conventions and other instruments." Subject divisions include "Marine and Coastal," "Flora and Fauna-- Biodiversity," and "Other Environmental."
    7. Center for International Earth Science Information Network (CIESIN), Environmental Treaties and Resource Indicators (ENTRI), Complex site that allows you to search the text of more than 169 environmental agreements.
    8. Pace Virtual Environmental Law Library, Straightforward collection of documents listed by topic, alphabetically, or chronologically.
    9. W.E. Burhenne & Marlene Jahnke, International Environmental Soft Law: Collection of Relevant Instruments, 1993-date. K3583.I58 1993 at Classified stacks. A "collection devoted exclusively to guidelines or decisions relating to the environment which, while generally accepted, are still in the process of further development, but nonetheless acknowledged to be at least morally binding: so-called 'soft law'."
  14. Treaty Indexes
    1. Treaties in Force, JX236 1929.T7 (annual), current at Reference Stacks or Reference Office. State Department list of U.S. treaties and other international acts.
    2. Igor I. Kavass, United States Treaty Index: 1776-1990 Consolidation, JX231.U58 1991 at Reference Office (includes 1995 revision). Updated by Current Treaty Index, JX 231.K392 1998 at Reference Office. Multi-volume set includes subject, country, chronological, and geographical indexes.
    3. Igor I. Kavass, Hein's United States Treaties and Other International Agreements Current Service, JX231.K394 at Reference Office. Updates United States Treaty Index. Includes microfiche of treaties and agreements not yet published in TIAS. Fiche is located at JX231.K394 at Reference Stacks.
    4. M.J. Bowman & D.J. Harris, Multilateral Treaties: Index and Current Status, JX171.B68 1984 at Reference Office (includes 1995 supplement). Useful little index since it includes important treaties regardless of participants.
    5. Multilateral Treaties Deposited with the Secretary General, JX171.A46U45 current at Reference Office. United Nations list of signatures, ratifications, accessions, reservations, and objections.
    6. Peter Rohn, World Treaty Index, 2d ed. JX171.R63 1983 at Reference Office. Unique index. Useful, although dated. 5 v.
    7. United Nations Environment Programme, Register of International Treaties and Other Agreements in the Field of the Environment, K3583.R44 current at Reference Office (latest received: 1993)
  15. Treaty Collections
    1. United Nations Treaty Series, 1946-date. JX170.U35 at Reference Stacks. Also available as United Nations Treaty Collection, This Internet service of over 30,000 treaties and agreements is currently free, but users must register.
    2. United States Treaties and Other International Agreements, 1950-date. JX231.A34 at Reference Stacks. Series began in 1950; before that, treaties were published in United States Statutes at Large, KF50.U5 at Reference Stacks. Updated by Treaties and Other International Acts Series (TIAS) pamphlets, JX231.A34 at Reference Stacks.
    3. C. Bevans, Treaties and Other International Agreements of the United States of America 1776-1949, JX236 1968.B4 at Reference Stacks.
    4. International Legal Materials, 1962-date. JX68.I543, current at Reserve or Reference Office. Publishes text of treaties and other international documents, often years before official sources. Available in full from 1980 to date on LEXIS-NEXIS and WESTLAW. Current issue's Table of Contents available at
    5. USTREATIES database on WESTLAW. Includes U.S. Treaties (TIAS) from 1979 forward, Senate Treaty Documents from 1993 forward and some State Department documents.
  16. Updating U.S. Treaties

    U.S. Department of State Dispatch, 1990-date. JX232.D57 at Classified Stacks. Continues Department of State Bulletin, 1939-89. JX232.A33 at Classified Stacks. Current information on the status of various treaties. May reprint text of treaty. Also available on WESTLAW, LEXIS-NEXIS, and the Internet at

  17. Custom, Principles, Teachings
    1. See secondary sources (treatises, yearbooks, journals). Use the periodical indexes and library catalog. Consult annotated bibliographies and research guides, such as Germain's Transnational Law Research.
    2. For U.S. perspective, see:
      1. Restatement of the Law, Third, the Foreign Relations Law of the United States, KF395.F67 1987 at Reference Stacks. Also available on WESTLAW and LEXIS-NEXIS.
      2. Digest of United States Practice in International Law, 1973-date. JX21.D54 at Classified Stacks.
      3. West's Federal Practice Digest 4th (current) at Reading Room.
      4. West's Federal Practice Digest 3d (1975-beginning of 4th) at Reading Room.

  18. International Cases
    1. International Law Reports, JX68.A65 at Classified Stacks. Commercial publication that covers decisions of a variety of courts including the International Court of Justice. See especially Consolidated Indexes.
    2. International Court of Justice:
      1. Pleadings, Oral Arguments, Documents, JX1971.6.A26 at Classified Stacks.
      2. Reports of Judgments, Advisory Opinions, and Orders, 1947-date. JX1971.6.A27 at Classified Stacks. Also on WESTLAW.
      3. Reports of International Arbitral Awards, 1948-date. JX1991.A25 at Classified Stacks.
      4. Yearbook, JX1971.6.Y4 at Classified Stacks.
      5. International Court of Justice, Includes full text of cases since 1996, and the Court's current docket. See also unofficial site at Cornell,
      6. World Court digest / prepared by Rainer Hofmann ... [et al.], 1992-date. JX68.W57 1992 at Classified Stacks. Also at
      7. Rudolf Bernhardt. International Court of Justice. Digest of the decisions of the International Court of Justice, 1959-1975 = Repertoire des decisions de la Cour internationale de justice, 1959-1975 = Handbuch der Entscheidungen des Internationalen Gerichtshofs 1959-1975, JX64.F6 Ser.A-1 v.6 at Classified Stacks.
      8. Rudolf Bernhardt. International Court of Justice. Digest of the decisions of the International Court of Justice, 1976-1985 = Repertoire des decisions de la Cour internationale de justice, 1976-1985, JX64.F6 Ser. A-1, v.7 at Classified Stacks.
  19. United Nations
    1. Generally
      1. Basic Facts about the United Nations, JX1977.A37B3, current at Reference Office.
      2. Edmund Jan Osmánczyk, The Encyclopedia of the United Nations and International Relations, JX1977.O8213 1990 at Reference Office.
      3. Yearbook of the United Nations, JX1977.A37Y4 at Classified Stacks. Official publication; slow to publish
      4. Max Planck Yearbook of United Nations Law, 1997-date. KZ21.M39 at Classified Stacks.
    2. Documents
      1. The UN produces an overwhelming number of documents each year. There are several types of UN documents, most notably sales publications and mimeograph/masthead ("working") documents. The Law Library has most sales documents on international environmental law and law of the sea.
      2. The Government Publications Division of the Suzzallo/Allen Libraries is a UN depository; they receive most of the working documents. These documents are invaluable to the researcher, but can be difficult to access and slow to arrive. They are not accessible through the online catalog, but through a variety of print and electronic indexes, in particular AccessUN, and are organized by UN call numbers. For more information about the UN working documents, see United Nations Documentation Research Guide,
      3. Index to United Nations Publications, 1983-date. At Suzzallo Government Publications. Commonly called the "Readex" CD ROM (after the name of the producer), this is an index of UN official records, resolutions, reports, proceedings and studies, and documents from selected specialized agencies. Suzzallo subscribes to a microfiche collection of documents indexed on the CD ROM. The microfiche is housed in the Microform/Newspaper Division.
      4. AccessUN, 1991-date. This is the Internet version of the Readex CD ROM.
      5. UN Info Quest (UN-I-QUE), Provides quick access to symbols and sales numbers of tens of thousands of selected UN documents from 1946 to date. Does not give full bibliographic citation. Created by the UN Reference Librarians to answer frequently asked questions.
      6. The United Nations Environment Programme has two websites: Headquarters ( and the Geneva Executive Center (
      7. Many Convention and Conference Secretariats have websites with the full-text of documents. See for example, the Conference on Climate Change at or the Convention on Biological Diversity at To find a particular convention or conference website, try one of the directories listed in section 6.
  20. European Union
    1. Guides
      1. Researching the European Union,
      2. Bob Burns, Everything's Gone Green: A Brief Guide to Sources of Information on European Union Environmental Law and Policy, 25 Law Librarian 61-64 (June 1994).
      3. A Selective Bibliography of Environmental Law in the European Economic Community, 16 Hous. J. Int'l L. 423 (1993).
    2. European Union Law Reporter (CCH), KJE925.5.C65 at Reference Stacks. Looseleaf service with selected texts, digests, and commentary. Selected case reporting from 1989-date can be found in companion service, European Community Cases (CCH) KJE925.5.E9 at Reference Stacks.
    3. Official Journal of the European Communities. Legislation (L-series). KJE908.L43 at Reading Room Microfiche.
    4. Official Journal of the European Communities. Information and Notices (C-series). KJE908.I53 at Reading Room Microfiche.
    5. Reports of Cases Before the Court, 1979-1989, KJE924.5.R46 at Classified Stacks. Reports of Cases Before the Court of Justice and the Court of First Instance, 1990-date, KJE924.5.R46 at Classified Stacks. 1958-1978 is at same call number, but decisions are in French.
    6. Suzzallo Government Publications is a depository for official European Union documents.
    7. Official web site is at
  21. Researching Foreign Law
    1. Guides
      1. Thomas H. Reynolds & Arturo A. Flores, Foreign Law: Current Sources of Codes and Basic Legislation in Jurisdictions of the World, 1989-date. K38.R49 1989 at Reference Office. Excellent multi-volume set; very thorough.
      2. Claire M. Germain, Germain's Transnational Law Research: A Guide for Attorneys, K85.G47 1991 at Reference Office or Quick Reference floor 6. See Chapter V, "Countries."
    2. Overviews
      1. Martindale-Hubbell International Law Digest, KF190.M34 at Reserve or Reference Office. Summaries of the laws of most countries. Good starting place. Also on LEXIS-NEXIS.
      2. International Association of Legal Science, International Encyclopedia of Comparative Law, 1973-85. K530.I58 at Reference Stacks.
      3. Kenneth R. Redden & William Emerson Brock, Modern Legal Systems Cyclopedia, K530.M63 1984 at Reference Stacks.
    3. Foreign Law Compilations
      1. J. Andrew Schlickman et al., International Environmental Law and Regulation, K3585.4I573 1991 at Reference Stacks. 2 v. looseleaf. Reviews and summarizes environmental laws and regulations and enforcement of these laws and regulations. Covers 23 countries at present. Most country chapters include citations to primary sources.
      2. International Environment Reporter: Reference File, K3585.4.I57 at Reference Stacks. v. 2-4 reprints many European Union decisions, directives and regulations; v.4 also includes summaries environmental laws of 32 countries, with directory of environmental agencies.
      3. International Digest of Health Legislation, v. 1-32, 1948-81; v. 49, 1998-date. K3569.2.I57 at Classified Stacks. (A complete run is available at Suzzallo Health Sciences Reference Serials 614.05 IN.) Includes environmental protection and hazardous substances legislation.
      4. European Community Environment Legislation, KJE6242.A42 1996 at Classified Stacks. 7 v., divided by topic.
    4. Selected Foreign Law Databases and Internet Sites
      1. Environmental, Health and Safety Regulations (current), compiled by ERM Computer Services, Inc. LEXIS-NEXIS and WESTLAW.
      2. European Communities--CELEX database, produced by the Commission of the European Communities; coverage varies depending on document type. LEXIS-NEXIS.
      3. Canadian statutes and cases. LEXIS-NEXIS.
      4. Australian statutes and cases. LEXIS-NEXIS.
      5. French law--cases, treaties, laws, regulations. In French, including French connectors (e.g., "et" instead of "and"). LEXIS-NEXIS.
      6. Mexican law--legislation and cases. In Spanish. LEXIS-NEXIS.
      7. FAOLEX Legal Database Index and abstracts of treaties, laws, and regulations taken from official gazettes of member nations. Subjects include environment, fisheries, forest, and wildlife & biodiversity.
      8. Environmental Law Around the World Produced by the Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide's U.S. office in conjunction with IGC/Econet. Links to country and intergovernmental organization sites. Full-text searchable.
      9. Foreign Governments Current and comprehensive alphabetical list of foreign government websites.
      10. Guide to Law Online: Nations of the World (Library of Congress) Annotated list of links to the law of jurisdictions around the world.
      11. U.S. House of Representatives Internet Law Library Links to laws of other nations.
      12. ForInt-Law (a web site maintained by Washburn Law Library) Links to law-related sites around the world.
      13. Foreign Governments: Strategies for Locating Foreign Government Information on the Internet Describes several approaches to finding foreign government information on the Web (produced by the international documents librarian at Penn State).
  22. Federal Legislative Materials
    1. The Law Library has a strong collection of Congressional documents, which may be helpful in researching the United States position on international agreements. Some documents are in paper, some in microfiche, some of the older materials are at Suzzallo, and some newer material is on LEXIS-NEXIS and the Internet.
    2. Congressional documents (reports, prints, hearings) are not individually cataloged, but can be identified using the CIS Congressional Universe ( or the CIS print indexes (KF49.C62 at Reference Stacks). Congressional Universe indexes documents from 1970 forward. Older material can be identified through the print indexes (KF40 and KF49 at Reference Stacks).
    3. For a quick overview of an act's legislative history, check US Code Congressional & Administrative News, KF48 at Reference Stacks. If you are looking for a compiled legislative history of an enacted law, check Sources of Compiled Legislative Histories, Z673.A54P8 no. 14 at Reference Office.